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  1. Hi there, I applied for an auto loan 3 months ago it was showing a collection on one of my reports from a hospital bill of $52. I didnt know about it so I was pretty irritated. Well, yesterday I decided to pull my reports from annualcreditreport.com and none of them showed a collection. I then signed up for MyFico today and none of those show a collection either. (I know the annual report is official but wanted to check myself). Is it possible the collection was removed or does the auto lender see some other type of report?
  2. I wasn't interested in a debt management program for these cards
  3. I have one 30-day late payment in Sept of 2012 on all three of my reports. Other than that, never missed a payment on anything. Report is clear beyond that (No public record, collections, etc) other than high utilization. FICO is low 700's. Should I dispute this and hope they'll remove it early? I had disputed it in Feb of 2015 with no luck.
  4. Hey guys I just took out a loan with SoFi to pay off my credit cards. The loan is for $30k. My question is, once they deposit the 30k into my account and it report to the CRA's, how do they look at that? Is it the same as a maxed out credit card? This is more for curiosity than anything. I took the loan out to take advantage of the lower interest rate.
  5. After doing some research, it seemed like Greenpath was the right place to start. I spoke with them last Monday for approx. 30 minutes in which reviewed my debt, my spending habits, etc. A couple of hours later they emailed me pages of my entire financial situation in writing. Along with several ideas for a plan. Im current on every card/loan I have, no lates on anything and zero collections. FICO right now is 705 (TU) with one card maxed out. I have one card in particular that is maxed out at $38,000 that I just needed some help. Making the minimum payments wasn't get
  6. My next focus may be keeping only my prime cards Amex, Citi and Chase
  7. My goal when I started my credit repair journey back in 2009 was to get an Amex card. Well, in 2015 I was approved for Amex green charge card. It was an incredible day and a feeling of accomplishment. I still could not get approved for their credit card. For some reason today, for the first time in a couple of years, I decided to give it a shot. Approved for Amex SPG with a CL of $8,000. What a great day!
  8. Long story short, I got myself into some serious CC debt. I owe about $38k on one card and $7k on another. Annual income is just over $100k. Any suggestions on how I could approach this debt. I feel like after making my regular bill payments, my minimum CC payment and stuff, I just dont see an end to this. Is there a way to negotiate these debts without completely ruining my credit for 7 years?
  9. Hey Guys I remember when I bought my first car through these guys, it threw me off because they used the same credit model as a mortgage company, not a traditional FICO. I don't remember though, is that the FICO 04? If so, where can I get this score online (even if I have to pay for it)?
  10. +1 Mine started at 5K in 2016 I'm at 25K now. Are they auto or at least soft?
  11. 2,500 is where I'm starting. Its a joke in comparison to some of 35-45k limits I have, but I'll take it.
  12. When I turned 18, I burned BOA on a $500 CL card. Ran it up in a matter of a couple of days and never, ever paid it. I've tried to get back in with them a half dozen time or so since then, which was 12 years ago. This week I received a pre-qual offer in the mail. I decided to give it a shot and BAM, I'm back in. I thought I was blackballed for life. I really dont need the card and will rarely use it, but wanted to get in for future opportunity.
  13. Do this list this as the reason in a denial letter?
  14. Are these all going cmrr? even to the CRA?
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