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  1. I clicked your link thanks for sharing CB list of lawyers.
  2. Citi just did that to me too. It's a card I've had for 4 years and I use 10% of the credit limit and PIF. The interest rate doesn't affect me, but still bothers me.
  3. You designed the whole thing for yourself but felt it would be quite useful to many members out here so ask the CB mods to post it. I agree with you.
  4. Banks market it as overdraft protection, and the fees it generates have become an important source of income for the banking industry at a time of big losses in other operations. This year alone, banks are expected to bring in $27 billion by covering overdrafts on checking accounts, typically on debit card purchases or checks that exceed a customer’s balance. Thanks for sharing this information.
  5. Thanks for sharing Credit Card "Pre-Selector" sites? this forum post

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