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  1. I have no idea what this charge-off is even about. It appears only on my Equifax Report and absent on the other two. What's terrible about it is that it seems to be for only $21 on a returned check. I have no recollection of this and have never received anything in the mail regarding this so I'm clueless. I tried calling their number to try and take care of this and hopefully pay it to get it removed, but I sat on hold for 30 minutes and gave up so I don't waste my cell phone minutes on this. Am I going about this the right way or what should I try to do to get it off? Thanks. Here's what show's up on my report for a better understanding. Current Status: CHARGE-OFF Account Owner: Individual Account. Date Opened: 06/2003 Balance: $0 Date Reported: 02/2005 Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 10/2004 Activity Description: Transfer/Sold Charge Off Amount: $21 Type of Loan: Returned Check Date of First Delinquency: 06/2003 Comments: 81-Month Payment History
  2. Newb here, hello. I have an average credit score of 578 from the three credit bureaus that I'm trying to repair. I gather all my reports and the negative information on them is 7 school loans I took out while in college that I went into default and sold to another company in January 09 which went into default is well, so now everything is doubled up on my credit report for a total of 14 negative items for the original 7 loans. I've been paying back my loans for 6 months with the company that took over my loans called EdFund and they said after I complete 3 more months they will delete the negative information from the credit reports, but that I need to dispute with Sallie Mae (original lender) in order to get the other 7 negative items removed. I haven't called them yet because I'm trying to determine the best way to go about this. Before finding this forum I was considering filing a dispute with the three credit bureaus saying that these accounts are no longer active because they were purchased by another lender who I am now paying back. However, from reading the stickies here, it is my understanding that I'm screwed and must now wait 7 years? Is there anything I can do in my situation? I read a credit repair FAQ on another website and they said I must dispute everything no matter what because it's worth a shot. And also to keep disputing because if you hit on the right dispute, the listing could get completely removed from your report. I've attached an image on one of their negative reports on Equifax case that helps. Thanks for the help!
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