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  1. I probably should have been more clear. I'm looking for either a year at 3% APR with no BT fee or 0% APR with a 3% BT Fee. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am looking to roll over 10k to a new credit line that offers 0% with no balance transfer fee to save some money on interest. Any ideas? Thank you! List of CU I am already a member of: Alliant NFCU PSECU Nasa Penfed DCU SDFCU First Tech CU
  3. Huntington Beach
  4. I just logged in to my FIA account and looks like they didnt steal any CL from it. My question now before I call is how much of the FIA credit limit can I move to my new BOA card? All of it or $12,500 so that $500 of it remains on FIA?
  5. But I don't have any other BofA cards to move it to...
  6. Hello gang, long time no talk! I looked for an answer to this and couldn't find anything. I will now have two cards as I have received and activated my Elan version and it is my understanding that the FIA will be canceled at the end of the month. Is it possible to do a product change? I've read that you can move the CL to another BofA card, but I don't have any other BofA products so can I apply for one and move it? its 13k I dont want to lose... Thanks!
  7. Hi, long time no talk, you don't even write anymore! Anyway, just got off the phone with BB for an increase on my BBRZ (dont think its called that anymore) and it was a great success in going from $2,500 to 10k. I originally tried for the cli online and it sent me a message that I needed to call in. I called in and got a low level outsourced csr who then transferred me to a manual reviewer because it was too much of an increase, who asked me a couple questions. I said I wanted to do some mad xmas shopping and I wanted to use this card at BB because of 5x points! haha She said she completely understood the need and approved For those that don't know this and for you rebuilders, this started off as an HSBC BBRZ $100 limit club and the oldest card in my portfolio! Opened in 2010 and been passed around through three banks haha TU hard pull in So Cal, so pretty much a freebie cli
  8. Just got my letter from Nordie's today to let me know of this depressing change. Truly a sad day. Hopefully they keep the free alterations reward as that's all I really cared about.
  9. Nope, this is what they see: SYNCB/WALMART DC DC stands for discover I guess but its not even a discover anymore
  10. I'm just came here to agree with the thread title
  11. I decided to stick with Navy and didn't haggle for .25% as they have done so much for me. Anyway, here are the pics of my new ride. Thanks CB!!!!
  12. I just hit the luv button and got a 1,500 cli, bringing me up to a 4,500 CL
  13. I can drive to the nearest LAFCU (40 miles away) and they will beat it with a rate of 1.75%, but I am not sure if its worth the drive to save 0.24%. Do you guys think I can tell NFCU that I am going to go with LAFCU to see if they will match it so it saves me a trip? Anyway, I am picking up this bad boy after work:
  14. If they bring back 3% cb restaurants I will shed tears of joy.
  15. OMG, I finally got my new FICO score!!!!!! As of January 3, 2015 Your Experian FICO ® score is: 786 I went up 100 POINTS!!!
  16. I have 200k so guess that puts me in the credit slut category!
  17. They also pulled EX waiting to got my updated score to add to CP
  18. I finally got mine! What should I do with it?
  19. Penfed Thrifty Loan (what?) on accident...
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