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  1. Hi Bob, is it 12AM EST or PST? Are we sure that it's 12AM not 1AM/2AM etc? I'm down to 1 now and planning to pull USAA + EC at 9PM PST(12AM EST) to get rid of the last one.
  2. What's the planned C* date for Nov? I'm down to 2 INQs on EQ and really want to finish it before C*. btw: I'm in California.
  3. Hi, I want to do phone application for some BOA credit cards (Hawaii and Alaska), but I don't see any phone number listed on the webpage. Anyone knows how BOA phone application works? A single 800 number for all BOA apps, or different products have different phone app number? thanks
  4. Can someone share what's the expected chop date for June? Any theory right now for the chop date? Thanks
  5. Just report back, I opened Wells Fargo checking and savings today in a local branch. Seems no hard pull (banker told me it's a soft), I pulled my reports afterwards and it seems it's an EQ soft, so it's YMMV. Company Information:AR-WELLS FARGO BANK NA Date of Inquiry:05/14/11 Check WFC's ATM and they don't need envelope for cash/check, it'll be convenient for me since WFC/BOA has many branches. So Citibank is the only one in Big4 (BOA, WFC, JPM, C) that can't deposit cash/check at ATM without envelope now (at least in California)?
  6. Can you elaborate on what is EWS? Which agency does WellsFargo use? EQ/EX/TU? Also, can someone with WellsFargo checking account tell me their daily/monthly bank-to-bank (i.e. ACH) limit? Thanks
  7. I am thinking about opening a Wells Fargo checking account, seems their reviews are generally negative? But they have some branches near my home/work, so may want to give them a try. Anyone knows if they pull HARD if I just open a checking account? Or ChexSystem only? Any difference doing it online or in branch? Thanks
  8. I applied and got instant approval for $7.5K limit, they did pull all 3 credit bureaus. Reserved 100K miles and should get $1100 credit. But Mrs got a "will let you know in 10 days". My main concern is the Experian pull since it'll affect AMEX applications. For TU, seems no one except Barclays/CapitalOne will pull my TU. I can bump off Equifax, so not too worry. Deciding whether to do Venture Biz application now, another triple-pull for $1100, hmm. I'd rather do it on same day if I knew Biz Venture also has this "Match Your Miles" promo since the inquiries may be merged if pulled on sa
  9. Thinking about Capital One's Venture 110K points promotion. I have lots of(10+) Experian inquiries and about 4 Equifax inquries,5 TU inquiries in last 2 years. Any experience with Capital One?
  10. Thanks for your information. So this is for PSECU checking, right? I'm thinking about opening checking only for the free EX FICO. Is it a EQ hard-pull just to join PSECU? Any hard pull on checking account? Thanks
  11. Saw lots of posts about PSECU/NFCU, etc. I looked at their credit card offering and don't see anything special compared to PenFed? I got Penfed's 5% Airfare AMEX and 5% Gas VISA and think I'll be actually using these cards for airfare/gas. Penfed's CSRs are really great(not some clueless robots like Citi's) Like USAA, I got their VISA, but with tier-ed rewards system, I'm not using it at all. I know PSECU can get free EX FICO, but besides this, any other good benefits for PSECU/NFCU? I'm more interested in rewards, etc, generous credit limit, etc is not really appealing to me.
  12. Thanks hbomb174! I applied for AARP and Chase denied it withoug even pulling a report saying I applied for another Chase card in last 6 months (UA 50K offer). Talked to recon and offered CLR, agent pulled Experian and then CLR $7K from UA card and I got approved. After AARP showed up in chase.com, called recon(i.e. Lending department?) again and I was able to CLR another $25K from my old Biz Ink, $32K on AARP, good. Usually Chase always pulls EQ for me(or EQ+EX), don't know why AARP pulls EX. My next target will be for my SO's Chase: either Ink Bold/Plus 25K CO miles, or Ink 30K p
  13. hi hbomb174, Can you share what CreditBureau Chase pulled for Ink Biz and AARP card? I'm thinking about applying for Ink Plus(25K pts which may be able to transfer to Continental miles), but I got many INQs on EX due to AMEX churning. Also, can you share your number for CLR from Ink to AARP? Is that the standard lending department backdoor number? Thanks
  14. It seems the 888 number(1-888-201-4523) is useless, those CSRs are not "real" credit analysts like Chase and they are NOT nice at all. I was being denied not for FICO score(I'm at 760+) or INQ(only 1 on Equifax), but on my credit utilization. Anybody knows any other way to do Citi recon? Like send a mail to somewhere? Would recon trigger another Equifax pull (if so, it may not worth it). Thanks a lot.
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