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  1. Mine is in. Took 2 business days on top of 6 week to come in. Either way, I don't think it will be too much longer for those waiting. They told me 12-16 weeks for my amended and it wasn't nearly that long.
  2. I just called and bugged the lady and she said the check should be going out on Friday. I sent an amended return on March 23rd. So it took a little over 6 weeks counting the rest of this week. She said the check takes up to 14 days depending on the carrier and mail. Did anyone wait that long? I'm having a medical ordeal that I need to take care of so I'm a little impatient right now. Hopefully this woman was correct. I feel like I've been waiting forever! ETA: I should add for anyone who is unsure, the Where's My Refund thing never showed anything on mine because its an amended apparently. That's why I called instead.
  3. I mailed my amended on the 23rd of March and its still saying the same for me. I'll check back in a week
  4. Same. Score dropped and now waiting or the recovery.
  5. I bought my house this past December with a decent credit rating. The middle score was 648. I believe I first applied for a security system and was told I would need to put up a huge deposit due to credit rating. How long is my credit going to be in the dumps or is this not the usual? I started paying my mortgage the first of this month. Thanks guys!
  6. Its definitely nerve wrecking but worth it. My house was my first accomplishment too. Its a big one. Hang in there! You'll be home in no time.
  7. I paid nearly 3.5 of my FHA closing costs (seller paid some also) everything was included other than the inspection and appraisal, if I can remember correctly.
  8. All very true for me. Thats how I got my house at 23 this past December. Roommates for a while, not having to buy stuff, no kids. My student loans didn't get in the way and it helped that I was in school then and before. We used that for one year of job history and I had only been on my current job a little over a year. The only challenge I had was the length of credit history but somehow that all worked out. Can't remember how but I think we just found a mortgage company that took a simple explanation on a few things. I bought my house with kids in mind cause I have no plans to jump through those hoops again for at least 10 years and one mortgage down. It went smoothly at the end but that was a tough year.
  9. I'm getting mine sent out soon. Hopefully it wont take 4 months let alone 6 weeks. One can only pray... and include every bit of paperwork possible.
  10. Just wondering. I hear it takes month. I'm looking for personal experiences here. Thanks.
  11. I didn't low ball mine. My seller paid a good bit of my closing, put in for repairs and had lowered it from 90 to 79,9. It had been on the market long enough and wasn't perfect but to me. My agent wanted to go lower but I didn't. It was priced well enough. I would go with the old saying that a house shouldn't be more than 2 and half x's your income but its a little harder in your case due to variables. Your agent should be able to help you out a bit more.
  12. I only read the first post asking if it was possible. Yes it is possible. I just bought my house a week or so ago and I only paid most of my FHA downpayment. Wasn't even much over 2800. My seller paid everything else. umm.... carry on.....
  13. G.W.01

    First Time Buyer

    I would say wait as well. I had to and didn't want to at all but in the end it was the best thing for me. I would look at your credit report and see whats on it, what can be changed. The forums here help with that. Get all other information together. I had to have copies of drivers license, social security card, pay stubs (though mine was a copy of the contract and bank statements since its direct deposit) diploma since I was in school. Try to get as much as you can ready so when you think you're ready to head in to get a full check over, you'll have everything on hand. Save up a good amount of money. You need inspection, appraisal, down payment ( I think FHA is going to 5% of house cost. Right now its 3.5%) and earnest money. Save up as much as you can so nothing will be a surprise. It took me the better part of this year to get my middle score from a 619 to over a 645. Last year it was even worse. Time does help but this board helps more. I got in contact with a loan officer once I thought I was ready this past August and she gave me a bit of information that helped me to get to where I needed to be. Mortgage scores are not the same as consumer scores, I've heard, so do as much to improve your score as you can and then when you're ready get with an LO who will let you know what more to work on. I can't think of what else to tell you and you'll probably get better answers on this board but good luck! Buying a house is fun and stressful and so nice once it's done and you've put your all into it. You'll appreciate the waiting and the work when its all done.
  14. We closed! ...... OMG! Your story nearly had me in tears! I know what its like to be from a poor family and finally getting the keys but my gosh, you have such a story to tell your children to add to it. After all that work just on closing day, you totally deserved this. You and your husband are an awesome team and I'm super happy for you!! It's over now!!

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