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  1. The crazy thing is, I have the ORIGINAL DV that I sent them in 2009 saved on my computer. Crazy huh? OK I will get that out, CMRRR. Let's see what happens.
  2. This was my "Dream Card" when I first started with CB. I got it in February 2010 with an initial limit of $5K. At the time it was my largest limit by far. I'm now sitting at an $8K limit. Yes, I still love the card. I love airline miles.
  3. So back in 2009 when I cleaned up my credit, I fought and fought and fought to remove an old item from my "collections" part of my credit. It was something erroneous, showing that I owed money to an old apartment complex (that I moved away from in 2006 or 2007!) For YEARS I kept this history of the letters I sent and where it was finally removed from my credit report. Now it's 2012 and I have a letter in the mail from Fair Collections and Outsourcing on this same stupid thing. I don't have any old credit reports, so I can't even tell how old this item is or anything. Help. What do I do? What kind of letter do I need to send them to go away? They called my phone last night, to add to the annoyance. I don't know if this is actually on my credit report again (I last pulled it a few weeks ago) but I definitely don't want it to get there.
  4. what were your stats at the time of app? My score was right at 700. The only baddies I have are really old lates (2007 and beyond) and a State Tax Lien (paid) from 2010. Several new accounts. I got approved for $5K Hilton HHonors, which is issued by Citibank (I already have a CitiAAdvantage card that I opened about 2 years ago).
  5. I actually ended up getting a Hilton Citibank card, thanks for all of your help guys! I opened it in November, I think. I LOVE the Starwoods properties but as someone mentioned, Hilton seems to have more availability and I travel a lot for leisure.
  6. I am so sorry to read this, it absolutely breaks my heart for your Mom. I'm sure she feels so betrayed and lied to. Your sister's car lease seems like something that can be eliminated to me, is that possible to get out of? And yes, if your parents are renting, they definitely need a place that isn't so expensive. My thoughts are with your family right now, I'm sure this is so difficult.
  7. I have had my card for over a year now, I received one credit limit increase at the 6 month mark (that I asked for on their website) from $500 to $1000. I'm just wondering will I ever see a higher limit? I spend a LOT with them (their clothing is fantastic and amazing customer service)-- usually my bills will be from $50-250 and I PIF. If you have a VS card, what is YOUR limit?
  8. Score when I first applied - probably very low 600s. like I said, I had to call and beg for it after I received a decline letter. They started me with a $500 credit limit and now I have an $8K one just 2 years later. **HAPPYDANCE** I use it pretty regularly and only carried a balance for a few months. I think Barclays likes it when you pay in full.
  9. I opened my Carnival FunPoints card from Barclays in October 2009. At the time, I was declined and actually had to call in for a manual review (this was at the very beginning of my credit journey). As you can see from my signature below, I called them every 4 months or so for a CLI. Now they have the lovely LOVE button for CLIs. I hit it last week or so, and got the "You should get an answer in the mail in 7-10 days). I forgot all about it, thinking I was declined for my request to move from $5K-8K (to match my other higher limit card, Citi). I logged in today to look at my bill....and it was showing an $8K credit limit. This card has been SO good to me. I heart you Barclays!
  10. Your post made me go look at my credit reports that I pulled last Friday - and I noticed Macys doesn't even SHOW UP on either of them - EQ or TU. Weird, yes?
  11. I love my GAP Visa also....everytime I get a bill, I also get a store gift certificate, it's awesome. JCP, Macys and Kohls - for the coupons and % off cards they send me.
  12. Congrats jjclark! That's awesome!
  13. BOA is difficult. I sent them multiple letters about my (really old) lates, and they kept writing back "As we already said..." Bah!
  14. Woo hoo! Worth the $40 I spent pulling my scores. (Stupid myfico, not giving discounts anymore).

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