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  1. We have been working with the Federal Loan Services to correct late payments showing on my husbands credit reports in error for my daughters 3 student loans. They have updated the information to show the loans are Paid, closed with a $0 balance, and showing You've made 97% of your payments on time for this account but each loan is still showing 3 late payments. The payments were never late the loans were deferred and no payments were due which the person we have been working with has admitted that no payments were due when they reported them as late. She does not seem to know what she has to d
  2. I am trying to help my Mom and stepfather they signed a contract with the Debt Settlement Co, J Haas. They have paid them thousands of dollars almost all towards fees. My Stepfather just had a quadruple by-pass and my mom is trying to piece together the finances that he always took care of. They are paying J Haas almost $400.00 a month. They only get Social Security and after paying J Haas they do not have enough to buy food for the month. My mom went to the bank today to stop the payments to J Haas and she sent them a certified letter to stop the settlement services. They have almost $1
  3. I mailed my amended 2009 tax documents for the $8,000.00 credit on February 12 and the IRS website shows it will be direct deposited into my account April 16.
  4. kmkb

    Rate Lock

    To lock today would have been 5.375 for 45 days. We were also told if we lock at 30 days it would be 5.25 at today's rates. I am going to call the broker tomorrow at 11:00 when they get their daily rate sheet to see if anything has changed and to let him know if we want to lock. Thank you for you advice.
  5. kmkb

    Rate Lock

    After many months of working on our credit we were preapproved for a VA mortgage last month. We were told we were approved via the Automated Approval process. The mortgage broker keeps telling us everything looks good and he would not be moving forward if he thought there would be a problem. He also told us last week that they are keeping our loan in house. They are walking our file to underwriting and we will know if we have the final approval this week. We are trying to purchase a spec home that we were scheduled to close on Feb. 24. We were notified by the builder that the house will b
  6. We live in Ohio and are hoping to apply for a VA mortgage within the next couple of months. In June we contacted a VA lender in Missouri we found online who has been providing information and answering questions for us over the past several months. We recently looked at a couple model homes and when talking to the realtor for the builder were told it would be better to work with a VA lender in Ohio. Does anyone have input or advice on this we have waited too long to be in the position to purchase a home and I want to make sure we make the best possible choices.
  7. I have been a devoted reader for a couple of months but this is my first post. I wish I found this site at the beginning of my mission but I was able to use what I learned to resolve some of the more difficult items on my report. I started working to correct the errors on our credit reports for both my husband and me in May. Highlights were getting a Midland, Portfolio Recovery, and 2 Capital One accounts removed which I credit to the information provided on this site. Here are the numbers summing up my story: Negative Items: TransUnion - started with 19 now =0 Experian - started with
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