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  1. Sorry it took me a little while to respond (about 3 years) but yes I found the check!! Check Deposits/ Withdrawals/ Ending daily Date Number Description Additions Subtractions balance 12/23 585 Check 825.00 It was paid to US Coast Guard and THEY cashed the check! This should never have shown up on my credit report as collections because it never went to collections!
  2. My question is based upon this: https://help.equifax.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/32/~/correcting-errors-on-your-credit-file "We will notify you of the results of the investigation within 30 days of your request (45 days if your dispute is based upon your free annual credit file disclosure)." So they will respond in 30 days UNLESS it is based on my free annual credit report? So then the best idea is to dispute WITHOUT including your free credit report right? I am trying to limit the timeframe so they have less time to respond, so they are more likely to not be able to respond on-time. So my main question is how are you guys disputing without including the free annual credit report? Does this mean if I buy a credit report instead of using my free annual credit report, then I will offer them only 30 days to respond? Because I would definitely be willing to pay extra. Or what if I just write down the items that I am disputing, without including any credit report at all. Does this still mean they only have 30 days? My main goal here is to get rid of that 45 day timeline. Thanks for all the help here guys. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
  3. I probably do because it was paid through Wells Fargo and they have everything online. I will check right now.
  4. US Coast Guard gave me a ticket and its showing up on my CR as -63 points. It is only showing up on 1 of the CRs. It's not showing up as late, its just showing up as it went into collections. I never paid it late. I paid it the first day. I sent the check to the US Coast Guard, and never heard about it again until I realized it showed up on my CR recently(on ly EXPERIAN). What kind of dispute letter should I send?
  5. "if I may offer this bit of advice. If that's what's on your reports, then your problem is not the negatives, it's the length of credit history. You should get a card, a retail account, or whatever folks are getting nowadays to build these days. Use it a little to beef up your history Really, 3 year old 30 day lates just aren't worth the effort with that short, thin history PS: I heard this from a very good friend of mine. " I currently have 2 credit cards. I believe the reason why my credit is reporting so badly is because my utilization ratio was incredibly high. I am paying them off quite quickly now that I am working. if I already have 2 CCs, does this mean I should open up a 3rd card or should I get a small student loan? is a mix of different kinds of credit important at all? or does it not matter?
  6. I think my main problem was that I owed 85% of a 10,000 limit card for along time... and another card that I owe 2.4k with 2.5k limit. (will take another 2-4 weeks...) I paid the 10k one down to 1,600... and will be paying it off completely in 2 weeks. How long would this take to affect my credit report once I pay them off? Does it change the credit score instantly if I paid them both to 0? or will it take a very long time to change?
  7. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18802 None of these seem to make sense in my case because I have already paid it. How can I ask for debt validation for something I have already paid off...?
  8. Can anyone link me to some SAMPLE Nutcase letters? I'd like to give it a shot. Would calling the CA and asking them to remove it be a possibility?
  9. "This is what Nutcase Letters are for, especially if you have any violations you can use as leverage. " I don't have any violations now. But I can go make some if you would like....? maybe that will get me some leverage!! /me fires up the old boat for one last run..!
  10. "OP, so do you have or can you get the cancelled check from your bank? Hopefully the Coast Guard deposited instead of just forwarding it to the CA. " I paid this off a long time ago. I never knew it was going to appear on my Credit Report.
  11. "Not necessarily. The trick is to make it more damn trouble to keep their TL than it's worth. " I'm not sure what TL is. Do I write or call the Collection Agency and ask them to stop reporting this to my creditors?
  12. So I guess there is no reason for me to be doing anything now? I should just wait this all off?
  13. "Did you really pay the Coast Guard? By what method? " I mailed them a check.
  14. "Once you've given them your money, you've pretty well give up your bargaining chip. " So theres no way to get it removed now?
  15. They said my fire extinguisher was not up to regulations and some sticker was not on the correct side of the boat. I dont remember right now.. it was years ago. I didn't know much about boating laws at the time. Now adays I do. ...Thats why I dont drive boats anymore

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