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  1. When I log into my chase, it tells me that there is currently no offer at this time. What can I do?
  2. Hi, Even though I don't currently have an balance transfer offer on my business card, I'd like to know if there are any options for me to transfer this debt that I have on my personal. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  3. Hi, my accounts were closed 6 months ago after FR because apparently my w2 did not satisfy the analyst. I'd like to know when I could get amex again? Thanks for your help.
  4. Any help would be appreciated. I had USAA, but I canceled them.
  5. Hello, Just wanted to ask if combining amex cards will trigger FR if it goes over 25K? I have one card @ 21K and another at 6K. Thanks for your input.
  6. I'm being transferred to a different state. Same job. Even though I have enough money for a down payment and proof of employment, would it be wise for me to rent for couple years then apply as others have mentioned? I just couldn't get back in the work force for many years because I didn't have enough "experience" in my work field.....It was only 2 years after graduating from my school then i got laid off...
  7. you should expose the fako so that people like "us" wouldn't go through that painful procedure. =)
  8. Hello Everyone, Here is my story. I am currently 30 years old single man living in Washington State. I am planning to move to Georgia in 6 - 8 months and would like to buy my first home since I plan to live there for a long time. I am a first time home buyer with no mortgage history with credit score of 730+. ( no derog) I currently have a job where I've been working for only 3 months and my annual salary is $75,000 After losing my job in 2009, I've been unemployed with very little documented income. I helped my mother with her business and did manage to save $30,000 (undocumented income). I did file tax return for the past 5 years ever since I was laid off, but my documented income was reported less than 5K for each year. I've heard from others that lenders request for proof of income and last 2 years tax return. I could provide proof of income with no problem, but I'm afraid that I may not qualify for a loan because my last 2 years income was reported less than 10K. I would like to get an advice from experts here about what my options are. Also, if I'm not able to qualify for a conventional loan, do I have any other options? Thank you all
  9. Hi, I have only financed my car all my life,but just recently leased a vehicle. Can I pay more than the minimum payment or will I be penalized for doing so? TIA
  10. Ridiculous!! It sure is none of their business! If we don't try to gain access through BD for quite some time do we automatically get removed from being blocked, or is this something that needs to be taken care of by speaking with someone from experian?
  11. Well, front door costs money. Seems like EX is temporarily becoming like TU, blocking people from accessing BD
  12. Hello, I've been having problems accessing experian's backdoor for quite some time now. I was wondering if anyone here was also experiencing same issues. Also, if not, what can be done? I kept getting error message saying that the system was having difficulties..
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