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  1. Thank you for replying, So i don't feel I owe this money because my insurance paid a substantial amount and this doctor claims his staff may have forgot to apply this last bill. Also will WhyChatt's HIPPA dispute letter stop the collections action?
  2. Hello, Appreciate the help! I got a 1,500 bill from a private doctor, he sent it to collections ( IC systems), then IC systems sent it Schlee & Stillman, LLC. I sent a DV letter to IC systems and they validated with a original bill from the doctors office. I have not heard from the situation until I got a letter from Schlee & Still man that reads as follows Schlee & Stillman, LLC Attorneys at Law 50 Tower office Park Wodburn, Ma 01801 Our Client : IC SYSTEMS inc Current owner of the debt: Dr JOHN JOHN MD PA Account # 1234 BAL 2556.00 Dear John Doe We have been hired by IC SYSTEMS inc to collect on its behalf a debt owed to Dr. JOHN JOHN MD PA. As of this day Dr. JOHN JOHN MD PA asserts that you owe this balance. Also we have been asked to contact you contact you to determine your intentions with respect to repayment of this debt. We HAVE NOT been retained to file a lawsuit against you. Further, at this time, no attorney with this firm has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of you account. Unless with in thirty days after receiving this letter , you dispute the validity of the debt this office will assume debt is valid. if you do notify us in writing debt is disputed, we will obtain verification of the debt or a copy of the judgment if any an we will mail you such copy of verification or judgment. Also upon written request we will provide you with the name and address of the original creditor, if different from the original creditor. Sincerly Schlee & Stillman This correspondence is from a debt collector, This is an attempt to collect a debt. END I am wondering how to proceed? Again, greatly appreciated!
  3. Amazing post! This is right up my ally as I have the FINAL phase of my 6 year battle with credit repair. Next month 11/2014 it all falls off due to SOL. 4 mortgage accounts and 1 Charge off! I'm just really hoping an online dispute will work even though I have the certified mail slips and templates right in front of me. I mean its on month away, what the heck. Once again GREAT POST & Thank You!
  4. I have always had success with CLI when I can get a AU.
  5. I would check the county web sight then subscribe to a credit monitoring service to keep an eye on things, Also Nexis Lexis is the company that may have this info reported so I would get a free copy of your file from them. Search them, their on here much.
  6. First off conrads to EVERYONE but other then bragging rights IMO, 6 figure credit limits are risky and quite frankly scarry.. Is it just the feeling of being able to spend it or is there another reason for having all this available revolving credit?
  7. I would suggest an instalment loan such as a car loan. American Honda Finance does these loans on small purchases such as their scooter line or even their mini dirt bikes. CRF 50 starts at 1100.00 and they hold value rather well as they have a bulit proof reputation. Good Luck.
  8. WOW, thanks for posting about Nasa, I never thought about them until your post. Congrads!
  9. Barclays seems to be in lending mood, great job!
  10. I was calling around for a mortgage that works well with a self emplyd borrower that WRITES OFF everything and then gets turned down..... Then this broker sent me this info regarding the lender they use for these types of mortgages....HAS ANYONE heard of these yet? General Requirements Self-employed borrowers are eligible to utilize bank statements to document earnings. All parties listed on each bank account must be included as borrowers on the loan. Standard ratio requirements apply. Refer to the applicable AOD Program Matrices for credit score and LTV restrictions. See below for documentation requirements. Income Calculation for Bank Statements (No Tax Returns or Transcripts Required.) We are going to average the deposits over the last 24 months. You can use multiple accounts and if an account was opened less than 24 months ago, we would average those deposits from the date the account was opened. NOTE: Perfect for ALL those Borrowers that Write-Off Everything, then gets turned down for Regular Financing. Bank Statement Average The following requirements apply when calculating qualifying income using bank statements: • Personal Account Statements: Average the deposits over the last 24 months. *** Income Based On Average Bank Deposits over 24 Months. • Business Account Statements: 100% gross deposits minus withdrawals, Net Deposits used for Income. *** Total Deposits: $5,000 *** - Withdraws: $3,000 *** = Net Deposits: $2,000 Net Income will be used for that particular month. • Multiple bank accounts, either personal and/or business, may be used • Statements must be consecutive and reflect the most recent months available • Transfers between personal accounts should be excluded • Transfers from a business account into a personal account are acceptable • Unusual deposits must be documented • If bank statements provided reflect payments being made on obligations not listed on the credit report, see Undisclosed Debts for additional guidance.
  11. Totally agree.... I attend a U in Miami, FL and we get wicked thunder storms almost all the time, Im sure parking tickets get blown away almost always !
  12. Wow, totally amazing store, enjoy the moment!
  13. Always great news, congratulations.
  14. First off, Thank You for the replys I am going to go with the certified mail option, but wanted to know what to ask for in the letter? Is there a template? I guess I could make it short and simple but figured maybe I need to include some thing important to get the CRA's to remove it.

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