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  1. Probably seems that way at first glance to people who can't afford $400 for an emergency. No way those people keep it in savings for long.
  2. Shane1

    Denied "unable to verify income" LendingClub

    I didn't get an outright denial, but they did want a 4506-T.
  3. Thanks for the rewards and increased savings rate.
  4. My first card was a store card. I don't think I have actually been to one in 15 years, but I use it once a year online to buy some clothes and keep it active, then immediately pay it in full.
  5. I don't know about Walmart, but I never wait in lines when I shop. With ample self checkouts, people flow through pretty smoothly most of the time.
  6. Half of Americans can't even afford a $100 emergency. When it inevitably happens, they rack up credit card debt and keep paying exorbitant interest rates. Rather than try to break the cycle, they keep it up. A 10% raise at work means 10% more money to spend, not money to put in the bank. I used to have just one bank account even up until about two years ago, but I also diversified and put it into a few different ones.
  7. Shane1

    US Bank Cash+ Categories for 2Q2018

    Some of those categories are still a little useful. Not very. Usefulness for utilities depends on what qualifies.
  8. People still require the assistance of cashiers?
  9. Shane1

    Excel - What do you track?

    Similar to cv. Net worth with projections with the specific goal of tracking when I can retire and not worry. I have no interest in that 67 nonsense or close to it. Also mortgage amortization with historical payment data. I hadn't played around with putting any sort of projections into that, but that is an interesting idea. Currently I just drag some numbers down every once in a while, but an at a glance simplification of that may be worth adding.
  10. I've been occasionally looking at it for years. I thought I missed the boat when it was at $1,000, which wasn't that long ago. Now I still think it's too late. But if I were to enter, the most sensible advice I have heard is to not bet anything you can't afford to lose. If you have to sell your possessions to enter the market, it's hard to feel sorry for you if you lose that.
  11. Most of my spending is non-category, so this works well for me even with the fee, though I have not been particularly impressed by Alliant the few times I have had to deal with them.
  12. Shane1

    Frozen credit and CLI

    Had to thaw for Penfed. I don't remember doing that for anyone else. That's why I only ever bothered to ask them once so far, but it was enough of an increase to be my new highest limit.
  13. Shane1

    Who pulls TRANSUNION only for personal loans ?

    LendingClub will likely soft TU if you want to go that route.
  14. Shane1

    freeze reports?

    Innovis is the fourth. That was the only one I hadn't had a freeze on until now.
  15. Shane1

    CNBC: 78 percent of workers live paycheck to paycheck

    I'm a cheapskate, even though I don't need to be, which allows me to not need to be.

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