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  1. He'd have had a shot at getting some money back, but if he asked for all of it and immediately issued a chargeback before even discussing it, I'd have sent him to collections, too.
  2. If you make less than $12k per year, 5% of your income can go toward the lottery.
  3. Cool toaster, but I'll stick to my $30 toaster oven. The people who can't afford $400 will buy that, though.
  4. That's sadly an improvement. The last time I heard this story 3 years ago, it was close to half. Bad budgeting. They know they can overdraft and pay $35 per instance or put it on a 20% interest credit card. I used to be that way. That's how I found CB.
  5. Being a woman? No. Career/life choices that result in lower income? Apparently the answer to that is just barely.
  6. Still worth it for me. Might reconsider if they bump it again. That Citi card looks decent, although I still have a completely useless card with them post-Forward.
  7. I just drink what's at work. The people complaining that life is too expensive aren't doing the little things to try to live within their means.
  8. I mostly only ever have to go to a teller because the ATM won't take foreign checks. There is never more than one other person in there. Once every few years, something else will pop up that will require me to talk to someone. I moved most of my savings to online banks because they have better rates, but I still keep an account with the bank next to where I work for convenience.
  9. The moral of the story: don't stick around for two decades because eventually you're going to get caught. Flee to a foreign country, and leave your complicit wife who will rat you out behind.
  10. Probably seems that way at first glance to people who can't afford $400 for an emergency. No way those people keep it in savings for long.
  11. I didn't get an outright denial, but they did want a 4506-T.
  12. My first card was a store card. I don't think I have actually been to one in 15 years, but I use it once a year online to buy some clothes and keep it active, then immediately pay it in full.
  13. I don't know about Walmart, but I never wait in lines when I shop. With ample self checkouts, people flow through pretty smoothly most of the time.
  14. Half of Americans can't even afford a $100 emergency. When it inevitably happens, they rack up credit card debt and keep paying exorbitant interest rates. Rather than try to break the cycle, they keep it up. A 10% raise at work means 10% more money to spend, not money to put in the bank. I used to have just one bank account even up until about two years ago, but I also diversified and put it into a few different ones.

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