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  1. How old are they? Personally, I think I'd be inclined to keep them both for a while (maybe even try to PC the platty to a QS, grow that card, then combine). I'm seeing credit issues that would prevent you from getting approved for a Venture. I'd get the credit steps increases and then combine the newest card into the oldest card. Right before you combine, try for a normal CLI on both cards. Once combined, try to have the one remaining card PC'd to a QS. they are about 7 months old , POtO do you mind pointing out which issues could possible keep me out of the venture race thanks my oldes is the barclay card fingerhut second oldest
  2. hi folks , for those with experience i have two caps 1 card in credit step with zero balance 1300 each looking at my profile should i combine them or let them grow for another year or so
  3. ibowfish is right , i called and i was told the card i need to close and move need to be at zero balance , and since i have two credit steps card she advice me not to do that because next credit increase instead of 300 or 500 x 2 it will only be one increase i m thinking about it we ll see
  4. hey guys i have two start up card with capital on with 1300 each i wanna combined them do i need to pay them off first ? 155 and 200 balance
  5. maybe during x mas you never know
  6. yeah i m gonna relax for now i also got the walmart mc card for 6k, i think that s enough for one evening , i was suppose to be gardening damn that s hard to do ,
  7. approved for 4k called asking for 8k they countered with 6k so i m happy thanks to you all and kudos to PotO i did forget about this card it should have been my first before the discover it , thanks again
  8. applied for this card got approved for 4k called asking for 8k they countered with 6k so i m happy thanks to you all
  9. A few things come to mind. Without knowing your profile, I'm wondering if you could combine the two CapOnes into one card and apply for a new one. You seem in with Synchrony Bank, so maybe you can apply for their Marvel MasterCard and get that to $6,000 and / or their PayPal MasterCard. Have you ever tried Chase or Bank of America? i thought about it , my caps 1 card were born in January so i have to wait another month to combine, i m worried about account age that s what i really dont want to keep adding new cards , plus i have 1 baddy with the devil premier falling off this October i took your advice i pulled the trigger on the marvel card and i did get the card but i could not find what was my credit limit since i did it through the marvel website will call syncb and let you you guys know
  10. i wonder how long i have to wait before i can repeat the process again , so far the feed back i got it s been good,
  11. discover is my highest with $ 5500 , amazon is there too but that s a store card
  12. forget about credit karma, useless only good for selling ads, what your fico score and how is your credit overall with late payment , baddies and charge off ,
  13. my experience with barclays is i have the rewards card for a year , when i ask for a cli i got denied , and i went and apply for the arrival and got approve for $2500, when i called and ask how i got denied for a cli and approved for a new card , i was told i can move the new limit to the old card and close the new one , so i did just that , i m not sure if that is a good thing to do but it cost me two hp , but i consider myself still in the rebuilding process, 1 baddy left to fall off this october
  14. yep it is way for them to sneak peak at your file lol but hey it s free, experian for free from discover , transunion for free from barclay, , how do i get equifax for free anyone knows, thanks?
  15. i know this topic isn't about pre approval but i pull amex tools on the site they game pre approval for amex every day and blue cash every day , with the score below should i follow through or wait another six months,

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