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  2. In 2017 at my annual exam there was some question as to whether or not my insurance would pay Planned Parenthood, but they just took my copay. The next year I asked to make sure they were getting paid and they said don't worry about it unless you get a bill from us. I never did. I moved in July of 2019 and they must have finally sent a bill to my old address, but it was never forwarded to me. It showed up as a collection on my credit reports this month and I went to the clinic and paid them directly and got a statement with a zero balance. But it has been a long. long time since I've had to de
  3. And that means interviewing lenders. I get that the learning curve is high buying your first house, so I'm trying to ask as many relevant questions as possible before I decide to apply with anyone. Please let me know what I am missing! Thank you! What kind of mortgage products do you offer? Do I have to decide which one I want when I seek prequalification? I have cash savings, but I anticipate needing some of that money for closing costs and moving expenses. Do you have down payment assistance programs? Downpayment minimums? If I do apply, how l
  4. I waited six years from discharge, which I read somewhere here was my best bet, and had no other apps/inquiries for 12 months prior. I've also read your EX FICO needs to be over 700, not positive about that but mine was. The great thing about AmEx though is the prequalified offers page on their website, so you don't have to blow an inquiry with your fingers crossed. Good luck!!
  5. Thank you for being candid. I don't think it will take me longer to buy a house that isn't a fixer upper, but I like things the way I like them and I thought being involved in the fixing would be more rewarding than settling for someone else's vision and making changes over time. Maybe not.
  6. Since you are a contractor...I'm looking at a place that needs the kitchen and two bathrooms completely renovated. My best friend is a house painter and her husband is a handyman and they've spent the last year renovating an income property. Between the three of us I think we can handle flooring and cosmetic issues. I would be happy rescuing old cabinetry from the Habitat ReStore and getting butcher block counters from Ikea. My ultimate luxury would be an old claw foot tub, so I'm not expecting to end up with an HGTV dream house. The Homestyle loan requires you to come in with contractor bids
  7. I've been here working on repairing my credit since my BK7 six years ago and I've achieved all my modest financial goals but one: becoming a homeowner. I'm low income, but I also live where there are affordable homes. My ideal scenario, I think, would be to buy an older home with good bones that needs renovation. I've researched Fannie Mae Homestyle Loans a bit and I will have saved more than the required 5% by September, but it seems more complicated than applying for a traditional mortgage. So many questions. Does anyone have experience with Homestyle Loans? If so, how do you fin
  8. AmEx BCE $4,000 instant approval! This is my first American Express card and I'm 6 years and 1 month post BK7, so I've been waiting patiently to apply and I'm delighted.
  9. I tried calling several numbers, found here and elsewhere, over the last week and they all lead to the same automated menu reporting 90 min to 2 hour wait times. Tuesday night I waited 2 hours and 20 minutes to get a live human...who told me the system was not generating security questions to confirm my identity and I would have to mail or upload ID docs. I'm trying to lift a security freeze I never received a related PIN for, so YMMV, but I then waited another 20 minutes for this story to be confirmed by a supervisor. They said it will take 3-5 days to process the uploaded docs. Good luck
  10. UPDATE: I can't figure out how to post the screen grab, but my EQ FICO 09 went from 674 to 783 today!! Obviously this was years in the making, but a 109 point bump is thrilling any way you slice it. I was 5 years post BK7 as of February, but I think the big difference is my bad student loans finally fell off my report. I long suspected they were more damaging to my score than the bankruptcy and had been disputing the accounts for years. Initially they weren't set to come off until 2019, but disputing the DOFD worked and now all four of them (with 10+ 120 day lates each) are gone. Halleluja
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