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  1. yes. but you may not have to wait 10 years. 10 years is for BK. I settled with them and waited 6-7 years and got back in. and they gave me my 2005 membership date without issue. So....the account was cancelled in 2009.....and the collection stopped in Sept 2013 so is it ten years from 2009 0r 2013?
  2. Thank you for the advice...I have not really been into trying to get more revolving credit....is it something I should be doing? My FICO always gives me an 'F' for not having more lines open. If Amex forgets my CO in 2019...will they re-instate me? Will I get my original membership date from 06? What card do you suggest? Thanks again...
  3. Greetings, I haven't been around in a while...have been trying to keep my head above water and so here's my story. Had some trouble for about 5 months in 2009 which resulted in a few late payments and the closing of an AMEX Blue. High Balance was $11K and they cut it in half when I gave them $5K. Then they subsequently called in the line 30 days later...and I fought it which turned into a dispute that resulted in the account going to collections so I could no longer even deal directly with AMEX. I played hardball even though it was affecting my score and let the collection agency chase me with offers for the balance which was $5K at the time. They made offers every couple of months until they were down to about $1500. When the time had elapsed where they could no longer collect....the calls and letters stopped. My wife accepted an American Express Plat and added me as an AU to see if it would pass but it was declined. When I called AMEX to see how I could re-instate my membership..the agent told me I could either pay the $5K in full 'or' settle for $3250. I then asked if I would automatically be re-instated and move forward and she said that because she was in the recovery department, she could not confirm that I would be automatically re-instated....whether I settle or pay in full which was what started this whole thing in 2009. What would you as experts suggest...should I settle or pay in full in order to re-instate? My credit is now in the mid 700's and I have a car with BMW Financial as well as about $15K worth of credit cards which are all at $0 balance. Any suggestions, advice or experience would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance. best.
  4. Hello mstrublvr, Thank You for the advice...I have been away for a year and managed to accomplish only one thing...paid off a 5k Cap One card and they reduced my CL to $1100. Paid off my BOA card for $1100 and they reduce my CL to $600. I got caught up with real life and never took care of the AMEX CO so am back here to regain my momentum. I will pull the files with my FICO/FAKO scores and start back again. Let me know how life in your new home has been and how it has affected any other credit issues?
  5. While working on my score....I paid off a $1000 card and they reduced my limit to $600 on next statement. I've had this card for 5 years....what a joke.
  6. I can tell you that the OASIS offer still works even when the payment goes to their retained thir-party...had a friend that got the program after she was sued by AXP. The original age issue seems to be something that is different from what others in the program actually report seeing take place. Would not be the first time that a CSR did not always know what another section of the Bank was doing... hmmmm...I see what you're saying but I'd be going from a Blue to an Optima Card....two completely different products and different CL. But in the end....all that doesn't really matter as much as making good with Amex and then deleting all derogs on my CR.
  7. Well they also explained to me that Oasis"Optima" is by invitation (by the CA) lolol......so you have to find the last CA that had your account if you really want to speed things up.... I used all 4 numbers that you had and added the following; 800.528.4800 800.843.2273 877.354.8148 877.621.2639 800.700.7619
  8. Well, I've just finished dialing "10" 800 numbers and they've all told me the same thing; - you have to deal with CA. - you will receive CL equivalent to half of what you paid off, up to a maximum of $5K. - this is a starter card that will never CLI. - you need to work the card for 1 year before being able to apply for any other "un-restricted" Amex product. - TL will start from new card and will not accrue original TL age. So basically...I'm going to bite the bullet and call CA unless anyone else has anything to add?
  9. my $0.02 get your education first... and work on building or repairing your credit.... trust me....today with no education is very hard on the job market.
  10. The charged-off accounts are what OASIS was basically intended for...it is their attempt to get people to pay what is owed in order to get back into good standing with AXP. In some circumstances (ie. BK), the consumer has to specifically request the program. In other instances, the consumer might receive an invitation to the program. Interesting... Amex credit department CSR (not Amex Oasis program) told me that I only qualified for a $1500 card if CO was PIF and that the only way I wouldn't qualify was if I had a Bk or another delinquent account with Amex.... I will contact them tomorrow if they're open or on Monday.
  11. AMEX CO'd in June 2007. I am in FL and I think it's 4-5yrs here as well? Don't quote me I would have to check on that... Since I would like to buy a house in or around September of 2010 it would still show on my CR. Interestingly enough I had my wife on that account and it shows a perfect TL that abruptly ends in August of 2007 but with no derogs on her report....wonder if this will awaken something negative for her? They don't mention "Oasis program" but instead offer an Optima card that starts with a $1500 LC. And you're 100% right about getting rid of "Accurate Baddies" this is why I want to PIF, get the new card and take care of the baddy after... Completion of the OASIS program (you won't find it on the AXP website) generally results in a card that is a minimum of $500 or half the old balance that is paid in full. The old negative information used to be removed in exchange for the payment in full with the new tradeline retaining all of the age of the old account. In some respects, it was akin to the manner of reporting in a Rule5000 reaging... Search for OASIS on this board and you should get some contact numbers for the program... Centex! Thank You for this detailed description....the Oasis program sounds alot better than what I am being offered. I hope it works with CO's. I will research this contact info and keep you all informed.
  12. AMEX CO'd in June 2007. I am in FL and I think it's 4-5yrs here as well? Don't quote me I would have to check on that... Since I would like to buy a house in or around September of 2010 it would still show on my CR. Interestingly enough I had my wife on that account and it shows a perfect TL that abruptly ends in August of 2007 but with no derogs on her report....wonder if this will awaken something negative for her? They don't mention "Oasis program" but instead offer an Optima card that starts with a $1500 LC. And you're 100% right about getting rid of "Accurate Baddies" this is why I want to PIF, get the new card and take care of the baddy after...
  13. As I know many look at these boards for advice, I should be a little more detailed... Before I was able to provide account number they were looking for... a CSR at AMEX said they would look at my file to see if it qualified. I jumped the gun and took it for granted that this was a sign that they could actually do something for me because they were willing to "look at the file". I explained to the first CSR that it was charged off but that I wanted to PIF, was there anything he could do? And he replied "yes but I need the account number". After providing the account number I was advised that they could only delete if the account was delinquent for no longer than 120 days and that because it was CO it wouldn't qualify. I am studying PsychDoc's Seminars. I want to pay this off and re-establish a business relationship with them and have the CO removed from my CR.
  14. I was also told that they don't send out anything in writing...? So how do I know I will be guaranteed a new line of credit as they suggest? Should I keep trying or PIF and try to dispute or GW after the fact? I would really like to see this CO cleared from my CR. Any helpful replies would be greatly appreciated !
  15. I don't mind the PIF....what concerns me is that when trying to purchase a home next September/October this CO from AMEX will severely hurt the outcome and possible decline of the application, even if our FICO's are in the 650's right?
  16. ok....found the info I needed by calling EQ @ 1.866.238.8067 pressed #2 to speak about disputes and the CSR was kind enough to give me account numbers for all 3 of the accounts I needed. called back AMEX credit bureau dept. and robot at the other end kept repeating that CO's have to stay on my CR for 7 years. I asked the following to her... Right now, the last letter I recieved was for 70% off and I am offering 100% PIF in exchange for PFD. What you are advising me...is that I am better off waiting for this to fall off of my report after SOL than accept a deal at 100% PIF? She again repeated that the derog has to stay on for 7 years... Should I try another operator or dispute this later after it's paid? I was advised by CA that if I PIF I am "guaranteed" an Optima unless I have another delinquent account with AA or a BK7 which I don't? I've read here that acquiring more credit is part of the re-building process.
  17. I too keep everything.... I have a paper report somewhere that I'll have to find....and I had one recently saved on my desktop that I'm having trouble trying to retrieve... BTW this is not the CC account number...this is a unique number from the CRA. (I'm sure you guys know that but I just wanted to make sure I was clear...)
  18. Amex just told me that they are willing to look at my file but needed an account number from either of the CRA's. I purchased from myfico.com my two reports and these numbers have been hidden. I can't find a contact for live CSR at myfico and the CRA's that I managed to find live rep keep sending me back to the "would you like to order a copy of your report" numbers for the CRA. Do I now have to purchase a copy of my report from one of the agencies to get this information...? Had I known this I would have dealt directly with them in the beginning.... please advise? Thanks!
  19. If anyone has "working" contact numbers or links to threads for Cap1 and Amex(Oasis) it would be much appreciated. I am scouring the threads but with so much information it is a bit overwhelming. Also....any credit experts able to answer my questions in the quote?
  20. OK! Just got off the phone with Capitol One, very pleasant conversation. I called CSR number on rear of card trying to avoid CA (Allied Interstate) and ended up being automatically re-routed right back to Allied Interstate speaking with an agent in Canada. Made it all the way to 'floor manager' and played dumb...trying to achieve the ultimate goal of PFD offerred by them but no bites. I eventually brought the subject into the conversation by asking how this will affect my credit and what would I have to do in order to have this derogatory information completely removed from my CR. Here are the alternatives offered - Card CL - $5K last balance was $4700 current balance $6000+(all interest accrued and penalties etc.) Pay us $4700 and Cap1 will report you current in 25 days with your account active again. (I'm certain the CL will go to $500) (keep in mind they are in Canada and might not fully understand what I was asking for because he outright said that it was "impossible" to have this info removed from my CR) Asked for his direct contact and told him I'd get back to him...not sure I'll be able since he gave me the general number that is calling 50 times a day....? How should I approach to ask for PFD? Is there a recent and working contact for CAP1..? I am prepared to PIF. Thanks!
  21. buyahome


    Good Question... If an account is with a CA...are the OC's the one benefiting from the interest accrued or is this just another way for the CA to amass more profit? Are these fees a legal obligation? I'm sure if I took the time to read the small print it is in their somewhere but I'm betting someone with the knowledge can answer much quicker... Thanks.

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