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  1. In other news, Authorized User feature is now active. Just added my girl.
  2. I app'd a SYW card in I think April 2020, to buy the fiancée an upright freezer for the garage. Price was good, supply at all other stores was non-existent, and the 12mo 0% payoff deal was extra nice. Fiancée went and died last month, so yeah.
  3. https://x1creditcard.com/ They say no credit check, approval and limit based on income. You have to attach your primary bank accounts via Plaid, so they can look-see. Careful adding a bank where you have both checking and savings...they may make the savings the primary account for card payment...which is then all sorts of effed. I was able to just delete all bank accounts added by Plaid, and manually enter the checking I wanted. Let me know if you want an invite to skip the line - I get a 4x bonus for a month and so do you, on approval, and my last bonus month is just about over.
  4. Well, in a way, you're now a safer bet. It's not like you can BK again anytime soon...
  5. Oh, JTV approved me (again, since I closed it a little while back) for like $2500, womp womp. And then jacked up the price on the earrings I was looking at by 50%, before I got my card and could use it.
  6. Almost forgot to post it here: X1 invite finally came, did the whole thing on my phone laying in bed, Approved with a $34k limit.
  7. Aaand finally got the invite. They soft (so they say) through Experian - because that's the one they asked me to unfreeze. Easy $34k limit, app is decent, and already plugged it into Mint. Whee
  8. Broke through my ceiling! I was stuck at $30k, basically for not using the card. They gave me 12mo at 0% on everything without asking, so I've been using it to hold my watch purchases. Luv button gave me $2k more just now, so yay!
  9. This particular brand yes, does an entire army of interchangeable bands. The website has a configurator and such, and lets you pick between dozens of bands in various leathers, canvas, even silk. I was thinking about a red band that matches the face, but I felt that's seems more like something that happens with womens' fashion, and not for men. But yeah, loooots of straps. Even some specifically matched bracelets!
  10. They aren't here yet, but a couple more watches inbound, one from NY, one from Japan. Should arrive Monday and Wednesday, respectively.
  11. Saying something is a rule, doesn't make it a rule. Enforcing it, does. Is anybody surprised any time the CC companies say X but do Y?
  12. Since it came USPS, I'll post this: New addition to my collection! Tribus TRI-03, in gold and cream (unavailable color pair). Soprod (Swiss) C115 movement, automatic, with power reserve, GMT, and COSC (that means it been tuned to be waaaay more accurate than normal). 150m WR, double-domed sapphire top and bottom, and it even has a screw-down crown. I needed a pure dress watch in the collection, and now I have one! Arrived yesterday from a private seller, never worn, has box and papers. Paid less than half retail.
  13. It's here! It's here! Sized and programmed, and already loving it.
  14. Got an email from Team Orange a few days ago, to the following effect: We are pleased to provide you with a promotional Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on your Discover® card. The promotional rate of 0.00% will apply to new purchases made during the promotional period between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. After February 19, 2023, your standard purchase APR, currently 14.99% variable, will apply to any remaining balance. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.* Please note that purchases that post to your account after the promotional period will be subject to your standard purchase APR. I mean, I HADN'T been using the card...and it HAS a $30k limit...so...well damn, I guess I'm gonna put a couple biggerish wants on there! Oh and groceries for now I suppose. Wait nm, BCP is still 6%.
  15. Once you get past April 2022, it's beyond SOL...
  16. "Deputies cited the person's honestly as a reason for the leniency." Honestly!
  17. I wonder if I'm not getting my invite because my reports are frozen...
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