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  1. CEOs are typically so detached from reality, I wouldn't trust them to teach me how to wipe front to back.
  2. I'm about to app with Affirm for an engagement ring. I could easily put it on any of my cards, but assuming I can get 0% for 12mo, I would prefer the cash-flow-friendly version. It looks to be a personal loan, and likely shows up as such. They (soft) pull Experian, and from what I hear, report to EX as well.
  3. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Legit service, use it often for myself and my company.
  4. Adobe just had a(nother) nice leak... https://threatpost.com/adobe-creative-cloud-users-exposed-hackers/149563/
  5. Just noticed that I joined ten years and two months ago. Been a pretty good ride, all things considered. I could wish my debt load was down, but it's all at 0%. *shrug*
  6. Congrats! I attached mine to my USAA checking as free no-fee overdraft protection.
  7. Sure, why not? They were running Fabulite (strontium titanate). It's too soft for rings and bracelets (5.5 Mohs) but it can serve in no-impact stuff like necklace charms and earrings. It's got ~4x the fire of diamonds, and it's cheap af.
  8. I got a JTV.com store card. :3 Approved for $2500, Synchrony. (I bought cheap shinies for the GF)
  9. Frankly, I'm surprised it's free. Nothing else at CreditOne is... Some months back, I got headhunted by a recruiter for a higher-level sysadmin job. For CreditOne. I told them yes, I am looking for work, and yes, a bigger paycheck would be nice, but I'll set myself on fire before I work for someplace that gross and predatory. They had no idea about any of it, so I let them know. They just saw it as local-bank-in-las-vegas-needs-person
  10. Just to offer a counterpoint: I had 33k in open credit with Chase. I didn't ask for a CLI, but app'd a Slate. They approved...for $500. Which is the same thing they did when I app'd my Freedom some time back, and also I think the Amazon. You can definitely run into their exposure limits, likely based on income.
  11. It's sooo worth it! We did this in April of this year. I converted UR points to Hyatt, and then bought some points too to get one more night. We did six nights at the Park Hyatt, and then a couple nights at a cheapie (but clean and new) place in Queens, just to make the trip to JFK at the end a bit more bearable (and I had run out of points). The Marriott or whatever is in the way of the Central Park view, but it's whatevs. Everything at the Park Hyatt was perfect for us.
  12. 15k -> 17.5k on a Barclaycard Ring after a little chitchat with them. (they prefer TU)
  13. It's been just under a year, so I hit it again. +2k for zero effort. I'll take it!

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