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  1. It's a tactic used by poker players sometimes (and IIRC, specifically disallowed in UK poker rooms).
  2. Did we stop doing these? Anyway, small moves for me considering two and a half years have gone by... $41k NFCU $30k CSP (hidden TL) $30k Discover
  3. Even though the BT is large, it's down by about 20% as of 12/2020, and it's letting me get my house in order... (there are three more zeroed cards below the bottom edge)
  4. This looks retarded. I'm on the waitlist. Mostly so I can just tell them no when the time comes, if they last that long.
  5. $10k basic card with BofA from a previous BT. Requested a CLI because cv91915 told me to. $9k bump, total now $19k.
  6. Another separate note, only tangentially related to anything: I'm currently right at 5/24 (assuming installment TLs don't count). I will be 4/24 on 2-5-21. Not that JPMChase has anything I want right now, but it's always nice to have that corner pocket, just in case. (oh wait, I might be 6/24 if that Apple card starts reporting like a normal card. Does anyone know if they report? I have to think they do.) If I am 6/24, then I won't be 4/24 until 8-2-21.
  7. Ah hell, I DID ask them for the big card to go to $50k, while having the little card already at $5k. I'll ask smarter next time. Thanks!
  8. Yeah, it's nowhere near that critical. I was looking at this - https://grandreserverewards.com/ because I am a wine nerd, but Las Vegas has zero coverage, partners, or participation in the valley, so it's a big fat non-starter for now. I realize there are cards for fancylads & fancyladies out there, but it's too bad there isn't something more targeted...I dunno, I'm just palavering. But like a card (or hell, even just a receipt program) that rewards you for buying fancy/imported cheese, wines from anywhere, better/prime cuts from high(er)-end butchers, etc. Not true fancylad (read: actual wealthy) but more aspirational. Like a Treat Yo Self rewards card. Just spitballing. *shrug*
  9. Minor notes to add to clarify my mindset: I would combine the Citi cards, but they don't do that, so meh. I would combine the AMEX cards, but they are both from the age of D*, and that would be awful to lose a 20-year card. I already lost my ZYNC when they discontinued that program. My poor, poor sparkly-white-Twilight-Edward-Cullen card. I would combine the WF cards, but the one I would give up is the older one, and the one I would keep that already has the much larger limit is the Propel, and thus the newer one. I suppose I could ask them to combine the Propel into the older card, and then convert the older card TO a Propel, but I'm afraid they would just look at me sideways and tell me to go away with my weirdo requests.
  10. BofA luv button from $10k to $19k, asked for $50k. At PenFed, I have nothing available under the Other Offers box except a TurboTax "discount", and car shopping or some such. 7-10 day message on AMEX, so I'm guessing they'll want a HP and my reports are frozen ofc. A quick check of the Altitude Reserve shows their current offering is expiring on 6/30/21. I'll look at it again after that, since travel may be back on the menu by then, and they may re-cycle the offer after 6/30, so I could catch it fresh.
  11. I'll hit up BofA for a CLI, thanks! I don't really care to do business with them as I think they are a shite bank, but I needed them at the moment back then. I've been checking PenFed, but I'll check more closely. I mainly keep that card for the relationship, and hoping for a decent offer for something someday. I'll research and heavily consider the USBank Altitude Reserve, and see if it's a fit. USBank is another one that I kind of roll my eyes at them as a bank in general, but rewards don't have to have a face...I looked at the Cash+ for other people/reasons before, but it was largely useless to me (my streaming is free, my ISP is free, I don't do cable, and my utilities are low). I've always been blech about CapOne. Their products just aren't that interesting to me, and their triple bureau check just offends my sensibilities. Petty I know, but I'm in a place where I can choose to be petty. Getting from boned to rebuilding/recovering to borderline to headed towards fat-cat/monocle-money has definitely been a journey, and I appreciate your acknowledgement. I owe the vast majority of my recovery and my skills learned in that process to creditboards! ❤️
  12. Here's the current card loadout with limits, for informational purposes: Alliant VISA Platinum / $15k - from rebuilding days, empty/unused AMEX BCP / $28k - current primary CC for groceries and gas AMEX Everyday / $5k - from rebuilding days, empty/unused BofA MC Platinum / $10k - recent BT use, empty/unused Citi MC AAdvantage / $23.9k - previous default CC, empty/unused Citi Diamond Preferred / $3k - empty/unused Discover IT / $30k - previous BT, empty/unused JPM Chase Sapphire Pref / $30k - current default card, hidden TL JPM Chase Freedom / $8k - regularly used card by fiancee JPM Chase Amazon / $1k - regularly used on Amazon by both of us NFCU cashRewards / $41k - current BT card PenFed Power Cash / $12k - empty/unused Sears SYW / $4k - small balance from freezer purchase, otherwise unused JTV (Synchrony) / $10k - small balance from jewelry purchase, otherwise unused USAA VISA / $16k - CC with primary bank, empty/unused USAA RateAdvantage / $17k - checking OD protection, empty unused Wells Fargo AMEX Propel / $25k - empty/unused Wells Fargo VISA / $7.5k - empty/unused Apple / $5k - empty/unused And I think that's about it. Basically, all but three cards have no rolling balance, and of the three that do, the BT is at 1.99%, and the freezer and jewelry are at 0% and can be zeroed at any moment. Couple of car notes with NFCU, VA home loan with WF. Hopefully that informs any recommendations or thought processes, and thanks in advance!

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