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  1. I know AirBnB got hit recently. That was less of a breach and more of a hack that started stealing from people, but it was somewhat recent.
  2. I have yet to talk to one that sounds sultry. And this coming from someone that had hot-and-cold-running Filipina girlfriends in Okinawa for three years.
  3. How Zelle Is Hurting People, And Leaving Them With No Recourse https://old.reddit.com/r/personalfinance/search?q=zelle&restrict_sr=on
  4. Just called and requested one each for me and SO. I don't mind getting away from clear cards...they're kinda 2000s.
  5. The person that wrote that article...needs more/better things in their life to worry about. jfc
  6. Penguins projectile-poop. Sometimes on each other. There; that's a thing you know now.
  7. Welp, I guess it was worth a shot, from the hacker's perspective...
  8. Yup, approved. Unknown amount. [eta] Finagled the phone system - limit is $10k. That was barely even worth doing.
  9. App'd Chase for a Slate, turns out I'm still 5/24 for at least four to six months, depending on how you count. So, I had to swallow my pride, and app at BofA for a Bankamericard. It's in review.
  10. Might go here eventually: App'd a Bankamericard for the BT offer. NFCU BT is expiring, but here's the real rub: I'm 5/24 by FOUR MONTHS! So I couldn't get the Slate I wanted. Didn't even realize...so annoyed. (also, didn't know Chase stopped doing phone apps, like two years ago!)
  11. I was more referring to Kat58's recommendation of the store card as a solution for IndyPoolPlayer's DW, and then his possible misunderstanding that there are two possible Amazon Prime cards (which we know his wife can't get the Chase one). Anyway, Happy Friday!

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