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  1. I predict the consumer banking experiment by GS will die or be dead by/in 2022.
  2. I can't find this feature on my Synchrony-powered JTV card. It's a fairly new account, so maybe it's not a thing anymore?
  3. I just did the prequal link. All my reports are frozen, and they noticed and complained. They tried to pull Equifax, as a data point. I have to assume it was an attempted soft pull, but the prequal app said I was authorizing a credit check, but this won't affect your account(!). I do not trust them to know the difference, and I don't really need an HSBC card, I just wanted to see if it would offer anything.
  4. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3067274/table/t1/?report=objectonly
  5. I was hitting the LAS one pretty regularly before it went Plat-only, and it never seemed over-full. I was sad when my BCP couldn't get me in anymore.
  6. Converting URs into Hyatts and buying some Hyatts and staying at PH NYC with a free top-floor upgrade looking at Central Park (well, at the JW Marriott, and CP beyond) was the best use of points I've ever pulled off. It was magical; the fiancée still talks about it.
  7. New AMEX Delta Platinum CC gets you Centurion Lounge access... Meanwhile Ameriprise apparently stopped offering their platinum AMEX, so that one is defunct.
  8. Hyatt is selling points at 25% off until 2/29 $990 gets me 55,000 Hyatt points. I did this last year and between it and my spare points, we got two extra nights at the Park Hyatt NYC. Tempted to do it again, but I don't have travel plans as of yet...
  9. How so? That's (unfortunately) my favorite game...
  10. NFCU 33k -> 41k, with reports frozen. Total available is now $287,400 + $15k CLOC + $1600 Affirm Shooting for $300k in revolvers, which would put me at about 4x income.
  11. Wells Fargo Rewards VISA Signature 5k -> 7.5k soft pull through freeze. Had option to accept incremental, or go to underwriters for full amount and likely hard pull, so I took incremental.
  12. Discover 23k -> 27.5k. Nice, since I just put a fat BT on that card.
  13. SO just applied (on her own, sigh) for an Apple card with a dirtyish report, and got approved. Right after I got her a Target Redcard that is actually useful for her. I'm gonna freeze her reports before she goes nuts.
  14. Oof. Looking at the website, it looks like they are just done with AMEX, period. I only ever had the Power Cash card, but still, that's a bold move Cotton. Let's see if it works for them.

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