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  1. If they got caught, they weren't very Pro. And to be fair, hiding it at all wasn't Pro. Putting in the legwork to find a financial institution that would work with you would have been Pro. (speaking as a Director of IT)
  2. They stopped making Double Decker Taco Supremes. Just...stopped. Off the menu. So I don't go anymore. All I wanted was my DDTSes.
  3. Yeah, I got $25k with them and it'd be sad to see it go, but not too impactful. Upside is, I can dump their AAdvantage and then attach my AAL account to a Barclays Aviator! Don't even have to let my miles go fallow.
  4. Fat no it was. No actual increase requested; same exposure before and after. Declined, because balances to high. I'm going to zero out these cards and close them. Citi is farking stoopid.
  5. Oh hey, forgot to post... Citi Diamond Preferred, approved $3k back on like...the 12th maybe? Hit up the EO office for a CL reallocation from my AAdvantage to the DP so I can do the BT I need.
  6. I just app'd the Diamond Preferred for the BT offer, and got a shite $3k limit. My AAdvantage has a $23k limit. Called to ask for reallocation; gotta wait until card shows up. Called with card in hand; front line CSRs can't do. Would you like to request a CLI? :eyeroll: Called back and asked for credit analyst department; sorry sir, we don't have such a thing. :eyeroll: Like seriously, FMITAWABRD. CTSoxFan, can you share that EO contact info please? I'm about to cancel both of these cards and blow them up on social media for shits and giggles, because they are such noot noots. [eta] Disregard, found the EO numbers above. [addendum] Aaaand Wendy at the EO CC number was able to help, took my info, and will send it to whoever to get processed. Closest thing to a valid attempt I am going to get from Citi, so I'll take it.
  7. I predict the consumer banking experiment by GS will die or be dead by/in 2022.
  8. I can't find this feature on my Synchrony-powered JTV card. It's a fairly new account, so maybe it's not a thing anymore?
  9. I just did the prequal link. All my reports are frozen, and they noticed and complained. They tried to pull Equifax, as a data point. I have to assume it was an attempted soft pull, but the prequal app said I was authorizing a credit check, but this won't affect your account(!). I do not trust them to know the difference, and I don't really need an HSBC card, I just wanted to see if it would offer anything.
  10. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3067274/table/t1/?report=objectonly
  11. I was hitting the LAS one pretty regularly before it went Plat-only, and it never seemed over-full. I was sad when my BCP couldn't get me in anymore.
  12. Converting URs into Hyatts and buying some Hyatts and staying at PH NYC with a free top-floor upgrade looking at Central Park (well, at the JW Marriott, and CP beyond) was the best use of points I've ever pulled off. It was magical; the fiancée still talks about it.

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