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  1. From the Message Center: We made this decision for the following reason(s): The income you provided is insufficient relative to your overall debt obligations as reflected in our records or on your credit report. I mean, I guess. Six other banks had no problem. Hell, that AMEX isn't even in the top three of limits anymore. /shrug
  2. Worked for me. My normal static link disappeared some time ago, even CSRs were mystified. Did the chatbox thing and asked for $40k, got 7-10 day message. But whatever, the process works.
  3. Ope, one more! USAA RateAdvantage (I use it for OD protection), from $17k to $23k! +$6000 for the price of a hardpull? Sure why not. I'm done asking all the hardpull places anyway for a while. (well, I still gotta bother Chase I think )
  4. To add a continuing data point: My JPM Select has been through multiple product changes now, from JPM Select, to CSP, to Freedom Unlimited. It is STILL not reporting.
  5. Apple card from $5500 to $6000, lolololol That's a total of $15.6k for the day of new limit, so not a bad piece of work. I'll bother Chase later, since they'll almost undoubtedly say no, and will undoubtedly need me to have whichever card in-hand, and they're all at home. And yeap, that officially puts me back over $310k total, after falling below $300k when I closed out all my Citi, Synchrony, Sears SYW, and Alliant. Didn't even have to count my store accounts (JTV and RC Willey), nor my CLOC this time. So a good day! On to $400k...
  6. BofA, currently at $30k, asked for $80k, got +$7100, new total of $37.1k, I'll take it *shrug*
  7. Lord in heaven, we must truly be in the end times! USAA did a CLI (initiated online by me, not automatic) on my cashback card, from $16k to $22k!
  8. I just start talking about watches. Dinner wraps up pretty quickly after that.
  9. Discover, +$2000 From $32k to $34k, for the asking.
  10. Looks like a bill from a lab for my blood tests. But...insurance? Ugh. We'll see in 30min I guess.
  11. AAA members get a rate at most hotels. If you're a hoteling-type person-human.
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