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  1. NFCU does this. I owed them like $160 dollars for like, 10 years or so. When I called, they were a bit flabbergasted; my account was deactivated, but I could still log in, and it was somehow still alive. Paid them off, and have been rolling car loans through them ever since. Just hit my 25th year with them, and they give you a little interest rate kiss on your next major thing that you finance with them for that.
  2. Mine's going fine. It's my primary for most of the small stuff I do through a day.
  3. We done with this masturbatory bullshit yet?
  4. Hmm, 17 real cards @ $324,100. CLOC @ $15000 Two "store" cards at $7500 I'm just a little shy of $350k. Or $26k shy if you wanna get exclusionary. Guess I got some work to do! 🤑
  5. Less an approval or CLI, and more like a kick in the teeth... I had a USAA CC that had a very small, weird keyhole for applying. But I ended up with unlimited 2.5% CB. Ok, cool. Checking statements today, noticed the reward language got replaced back in May with 1.5%. Called to check, and yeah, card got neutered in April, they'll do a courtesy extra 1% (totaling 2.5%) until EOY, and then FML. CSR had the gall to read the part of the letter where USAA said "to remain competitive, and make way for new exciting products, we're reducing your cashback..." Bunch of clowns. USAA hasn't been "competitive" in the dozen years I've been with them, they ain't gonna start now.
  6. I just called NFCU and got pre-approved on a Sunday evening. Check showed up quickish, and now I'm ready to go shopping (pre-approval is good for 90 days). Now I'm gonna go beat up the local Kia stealership for a Kia Telluride Nightfall with all the trimmings. They want $6k over MSRP, and that's hilarious to me. 😂
  7. I have an Affirm account, and it was great for financing an engagement ring. Buuut, then she died. Anyway! I've looked at them for a few things I would splurge on, but I won't accept any of their offers with an APR. If I got 0% on that ring, they can give me 0% anywhere else too.
  8. Just asking, because you all are the smarties, and arguably a Diner's Club card is the last interesting thing I could get.
  9. I didn't have any of your issues. Luck of the draw I suppose. I got $34k. I use it as a daily driver if I don't have a better rewards card available.
  10. Every three to six months (on average) I do bad math or fat-finger the calculator or just plain forget a pending bill (it's usually the car insurance). Vital bills are set to autopay anyway, so my mistake is in the not accounting for them, and thus sending my checking into the negative. The redundancy? A credit card that covers overdrafting of the checking, with no fee, and only the normal cash advance interest rate, which doesn't really matter when I typically sort it out in 12-72 hours. The only real significant oopsie of late was not paying the car notes on time because my fiancée had died. I was only a week late or so, and NFCU was above and beyond with their understanding and gentleness.
  11. I waited 20 years to make NFCU whole. Totally worth it! They have both of my car notes, they are my largest CC limit, hell I'll push my mortgage over there the moment WF pisses me off.
  12. I just spend a bit of time and log into everything every payday. Could I be more efficient? Yeah probably. Could I be more sure? Nope. I can think I know what date which card or bill is due, or I can just check. Trust, But Verify.
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