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  1. brainchasm

    USAA CLI strategic guidance

    I just didn't want to suffer two hard pulls in the same five minute period, if there was no reason to.
  2. brainchasm

    Is there such a thing as too many CCs?

    I'm still very solidly a CW. My new (after my moments-ago CLI spamfest) quiet pride is having $250k+ purely in revolving, CC lines. I used to have to add in CLOCs and so on for that number. Of note: Chase said no, AMEX said no, I'm not asking NFCU again; it's gotten...awkward..., last time I asked WF they just took it from my other card (dammit!), Alliant finally said yes, Citi soft said no (but it's not been long enough), Discover routinelyish says ok, I'm not asking PenFed, USAA finally said yes quietly and yes loudly, and Barclays...I dunno if I care enough. [eta] Woooow! Barclays actually dug into my report by hand, asked about high balances (BT at 0%) on my NFCU card, why I wanted a CLI, etc. And then said no. Current balances too high. (I should stash all of them over onto my non-reporting JPM line, re-app, and then pull them out of the closet again, and cackle maniacally)
  3. brainchasm

    USAA CLI strategic guidance

    Rolled dice, based on historical information I found that doing two CLIs on the same day resulted in 1 HP. Anyway, $15k card went to $17k. I mean, I guess. $5k card went to $16k. I'll take it. I dunno if that was potentially worth two hard pulls, but I've been gardening pretty well, so it's not the worst thing that's gonna happen in 2019.
  4. brainchasm

    USAA CLI strategic guidance

    Ok, so... I have two USAA credit cards. A RateAdvantage providing OD protection, limit is $15k. A PowerCash Rewards or whatever, for normal use, limit of $5k. These are the least competitive cards (wrt limits) I have today. If I do a CLI request on one card, and it is denied, will I then suffer an additional hard pull if I try on the second card? Does anyone have data or anecdotes on this? Because calling in and asking them, the answer was Yes, so my answer was nevermind. I'm only looking at this because I temp unfroze my reports to hit up CardMatch.com to see if there was a 100k AMEX offer for me. Nothing there, but anyway the reports are unfrozen until tomorrow, so I thought I would try to make some sort of hay while the sun was shining, so to speak.
  5. brainchasm

    The Master Why We Complain About Discover Thread

  6. brainchasm

    What un(der)advertised cards are you watching/apping?

    Yeah, I glanced at that one, but giving them $100k to hold just so I could app a card is a non-starter for me. I'd go Chase Private Client first.
  7. brainchasm

    Ever wanted a GACKT credit card? You’re in luck

    Unfortunately, without even clicking the link, I know very well what GACKT is... So no. *exasperated sigh*
  8. So I'm pretty firmly in gardening mode, but it occurred to me...what ever happened to HSBC? To Santander? What about Sabadell's US footprint, or IBERIABANK's? So I check em out, and hey, they apparently still service US markets, they just don't...advertise. Now, none of the offerings were compelling, but it begs the question: What unadvertised or underadvertised cards are you keeping an eye on, or have app'd recently? What other banking institutions are being quiet these days? Any international ones we can crack into without special tricks? This post brought to you by credit boredom, and a desire to do the odd thing.
  9. brainchasm

    Discover luv button fixed: Your credit line has been increased.

    +$2000 the other day. Woo.
  10. brainchasm

    PenFed 1Q19 Offers are Up

    Nothing for me. Zip, zero, nada, bupkiss.
  11. I didn't know the Hyatts could go that high! 🧐
  12. brainchasm

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Another $2k from Discover (soft). Now at $19500. Tried Citi soft, but no go (I got my last one in September, so not totally surprised). HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Looks like a gardening year for me, unless something amazing pops onto my radar.
  13. Watch until at least like 3:30. Millenials are problematic, but only because we made them that way.
  14. brainchasm

    PenFed 4Q18 Offers are Up

    Gotcha, thanks. I wonder if my reports need to be unfrozen?
  15. brainchasm

    PenFed 4Q18 Offers are Up

    It's bottom right, under Other Offers, right? If so, still nada for me. 785 FICO from 9/11

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