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  1. The July offers marked my 2yr 1mo with PenFed. Still haven't seen an offer. Have checking and savings (obv empty), and a $12k CC that I don't bother using anymore. If complacency wasn't so easy, I would close them out for the sake of housekeeping, but eh. :effort:
  2. Only two that I can think of, and while I can't remember one, the other is Wisconsin. SOL expiration in WI squashes both the right, AND the remedy.
  3. Got myself under 5/24 (I think I was actually 3/24, or would be tomorrow or the next day). App'd a Slate, approved for $500 (lol). Methinks I am income-capped. Moved $19.5k from my non-reporting CSP to the Slate (CSP used to be a JPM Select, hence the non-reportingness). I'll wait for the new CL to reflect online, and do a BT off my Propel to the Slate, in what should be just-in-time.
  4. Another $3k from Discover, just for asking. Nice to break 20k ($22500)
  5. I'll probably get my SO to app one of these for giggles.
  6. I drive a CPO 2017 Hyundai Elantra (admittedly top trim level, but that's what was available). My score is routinely over 800. Anecdote != data, but a plethora of them might.
  7. All I do is half-hearted gardening, and maintaining my BTs.
  8. "No." is a complete sentence, when you're an adult. Alternately, "Can't."
  9. Called to get new cards for me and SO. Mentioned casually that they used to do it, and it was a shame that it went away. CSR then offered to D* the SOs card to 2012 (from 2017, when I added her as an AU). New card arrived, says Member Since 2012. Still waiting to see if the bureau reports update...
  10. I know AirBnB got hit recently. That was less of a breach and more of a hack that started stealing from people, but it was somewhat recent.
  11. I have yet to talk to one that sounds sultry. And this coming from someone that had hot-and-cold-running Filipina girlfriends in Okinawa for three years.

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