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  1. Four tries, four fails. Reports are frozen ofc, and I may have hit my exposure limit with them on the last Chase card I picked up, so I'm not a perfect data point.
  2. *checks on CLOC* Phew, still $15k! My recent experience that keeps Navy up there for me was getting a car loan pre-approval completed over the phone and check sent to my branch...on a Sunday night at 8pm PST.
  3. Not an approval or CLI (yet), but I shot across the bow with AMEX, now that I have a Platinum (which really doesn't have any bearing on things, but, just so): Asked for a CLI on my BCP, from 28000 to 50000, for grits and shins. They asked to connect to my bank (which failed at the last step), or three statements from my primary checking. I got no secrets, so I uploaded them. Again this is for funsies; I have neither the income nor the usage to justify a $50k AMEX TL, but whatever...I waaaant it. (mostly because I totaled up all my revolving TLs, and I'm still only at $321k, ever since I closed down my relationship with Citi, because they are pathetical)
  4. Good. Good g-d, good grief, good riddance, good for her, just good.
  5. I'm waiting on a pile of points to come in May from Rakuten, then I'll probably get a Saks GC and have the SO use it and the credit on something for her.
  6. You're not the customer they want. Your reports have been good for a long time, you don't carry CC debt, and you have extensive limits. You're not their target. I've got two dozen cards I keep active, multiple car loans, a mortgage, good income, and flawless history. They won't approve me for anything. I'm not their demographic.
  7. The impression I got was, "lemme see if I can make an article without having to get off my couch."
  8. I get the point of the article (and I wince to call it that), but if that's journalism...well damn, I think we're doomed.
  9. Call and ask. They let me settle up on stuff that was like 20 years old, and now they're my preferred lender. Just call.
  10. Just wanted to chime in here, since I just got the Platinum: While the annual fee is a bit breathtaking, it's pretty easy to earn most of it back without changing much, if anything. It pays for my Disney+, which I already was paying for. There's $15 a month. That's $180 in a year ($240 if you count the additional Peacock below). It pays for Peacock, which means now I have a new service, ostensibly free. It pays for Walmart+, which does nothing for me yet, but that gets me Paramount+, so another TV service for free. It gives me $15/month UberCash. I dont Uber, but I do order from DoorDash, and now I order from UberEats once a month. It'll be like $35 or so in December, so there's $200ish a year. We're at around $450, for stuff I was already doing. I made the GF an AU, and she already had a flight for a funeral, where she was able to hang in the Centurion Lounge twice on that trip. You can argue the value on that, but years ago when I was flying for work, I happily paid the $50 each time to be in that lounge, drink their free booze, and eat their good food. They didn't have time limits, so I would go for lunch, do some work, take a nap, wake up for dinner, get some drinks in me, and THEN fly out. That $50 every six months Saks credit isn't terribly hard to use, so there's another $100. We're at $550. All that and I haven't traveled yet. There's more that's a bit more travel-oriented, but I'll easily clear the annual fee in givebacks. Oh, also made the parents AUs, so now when they travel they can hit the lounges too. It really can/does work out; you just gotta get in there and maximize it.
  11. I'm having a grand old time with Rakuten and MRs. Since I buy the computer stuff for my workplace, I just make sure I'm Rak'd, and the points flow in. 77k points coming in May, and I'm not even done yet.
  12. There is definitely a consistent low hum of Zelle fraud posts in the personalfinance reddit. People are, in bigger groups, largely dumb. And unfortunately young people have definitely not received the critical thinking attribute, by and large.
  13. They were so worried about whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
  14. This. I was ignoring my Discover and just pressing the luv buttan for a good long while, and they finally said nah, you don't use it. Shortly after they sent me an odd email saying hey, we know everyone had a rough year, have some straight up tiny APR for like a year or two. So I beat the heck outta that card, and now my luv buttan works again. But yeah, DIscover is actually paying attention.
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