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  1. Chase balance-chased me on a CSP back in the day, from like $20k down to $5k. I called them immediately and asked why, and they said a bunch of new hard pulls. I started barking at them a bit, because it was all from buying a car. They gave me my limit back immediately. And they've never done it again.
  2. I asked for a CLI. They bumped me from $5000 to $5500. I nearly swooned.
  3. App'd in branch and approved last Saturday with a phone call for another CSP. Obviously just doing it for the SUB. $38k total exposure with Chase, but they still required me to move some limit from my $30k card instead of extending me more. No biggie, I was expecting that.
  4. You don't have to ask for a swap. You can adjust the credit limit by hundred dollar increments easily with just a call. You have 59.4k of total Chase limit; you can divvy that around however you like.
  5. Gonna pick up an Aviator now? That's probably my next Stupid Human Trick. That said, Barclays is getting touchier and touchier about my total available credit. Also, getting under 5/24 seems impossible these days, le sigh.
  6. BCP, $95 (I get my money's worth consistently) Citi AA, $99 (glaring at this one ಠ_ಠ ) CSP, $95 (primary for most things, happy enough) Pretty sure that's it.
  7. "Credit one is saying that if I dispute a late payment they will automatically close accounts. Don't threaten ME with a good time! Hah!
  8. Tangentially related: Ew. USAA is using Fico 3 scores, or at least that's the one they show to customers online.
  9. Another $11k CLI, this time from Sears ShopYourWay (a Citi-powered Mastercard). Did online CLI request, card was at $4k, asked for $26k more. Filled in the usual blanks, hit the checkbox that auth'd Citi to pull my reports... but my reports are all frozen. 10-15 second response - we'd LIKE to increase your credit limit, but we can't do $30k, yadda yadda, would you like $15k instead? Yes please. Yoink!
  10. Agree with CTSoxFan. At the end of the day, what was the goal in keeping the card open? If it was AA miles, you can always try for one of the Aviator cards from Barclays.
  11. If they don't give you the CSP, go for the new Freedom Flex. It's the rotating category Freedom reborn, but with 3x UR for dining/takeout. I can't even get 3x UR on my CSP, only on the CSR. I just called and did a PC for my Freedom to the Flex. Also, it's a MC World Elite, not a VISA Signature (I got enough siggies in my wallet).
  12. Just a note for OP, since they mentioned it... Hyatt status gets you mlife (MGM, big ol' pile of hotels in Las Vegas, some elsewhere) status. Also vice versa. It doesn't suck.
  13. I had 8-10 balances scattered about, including two or three expiring BTs. I consolidated all the BTs and large running balances into a single new BT, and zeroed all the cards (and continue to do that), except for a jewelry card with 0% terms currently. In the few months since I've done that, my FICO is up 50-60 points. Color me pleased!
  14. Chatted to them today. Program disco'd, not accepting new apps, existings are grandfathered, no hint of forced PC or anything on the horizon. But that's coming from a CSR who hasn't hit their 2yr mark yet, so who tf knows. She did state that many CCs have been disco'd in the past at WF, and people who had and kept those cards still have full use of them to this day. I'm just remembering AMEX cancelling Zync, and how sad that made me.
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