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  1. Are you at your exposure cap with NFCU? High limit and cashback are possible there. Product change to CB card (if necessary), ask for CLI, boom.
  2. It's not even a World Elite? It's nice that they didn't bother to try; it won't hurt when they fail, I guess.
  3. I used it to snag the fiancée's ring. *shrug* I like having pay-over-time options when it costs me nothing in interest.
  4. Sell and rent was my first idea. Fiancée and I are in separate houses, so I could sell, rent, and bide my time. I just can't see housing NOT retracting soon. No one will be flush...prices can't go up.
  5. My house is approaching its all-time high value, and I need to sell soonish to buy bigger to accommodate the family. While I understand the timing to sell is basically "Right Now or Soon", I'm also trying to maximize my gains by buying during whatever crash may be coming. I think there will be at least an across-the-board reduction once people have to start paying their rent/mortgages again, and many find themselves unable to do so. Does anyone have any insight on when that day might come?
  6. Huh. BB Americas currently has some 0%/12mo offers for BTs, and while they have a 3% fee, it caps at $100. That's not the worst deal in the world.
  7. brainchasm


    Las Vegas
  8. I've been steadily working thank God (we make supplements, so our immune-boosting products are going gangbusters!), and while some sort of deferment somewhere would be niiice, I've not pulled trigger or clicked Yes on anything at any of my financial institutions, because I kept hearing about stuff like this. Do I need a deferment? Nah. Would it help probably a bunch? For sure. But I won't sacrifice my credit on the altar of an easy 90 days or whatever to catch up on some CC bills.
  9. So, I need to sell my place now so I'll have cash-in-hand for December. Got it.
  10. Yeah, I don't see the offer anywhere for my SYW card. Mine is admittedly fairly fresh, from a refrigerator purchase in April.
  11. I make rather good money considering my bills and such, and I got my $1200. (I also just got a 15% raise in situ, and I love it so much that I can't be bothered to feel guilty) Ya know where my $1200 went? And most of the rest of my money? Keeping my fiancée and her three kids fed, because her restaurant closed hard, fast, and ugly. ((though she needs to ease off the Amazoning a bit...I know she's bored, but dang, woman!))
  12. If they got caught, they weren't very Pro. And to be fair, hiding it at all wasn't Pro. Putting in the legwork to find a financial institution that would work with you would have been Pro. (speaking as a Director of IT)
  13. They stopped making Double Decker Taco Supremes. Just...stopped. Off the menu. So I don't go anymore. All I wanted was my DDTSes.
  14. Yeah, I got $25k with them and it'd be sad to see it go, but not too impactful. Upside is, I can dump their AAdvantage and then attach my AAL account to a Barclays Aviator! Don't even have to let my miles go fallow.
  15. Fat no it was. No actual increase requested; same exposure before and after. Declined, because balances to high. I'm going to zero out these cards and close them. Citi is farking stoopid.

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