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  1. Finally out of popup jail with AMEX (something that MEAB posted about), sooo... Approved! Bonvoy Brilliant, $5000 (lol, adorable)
  2. Pressing LUV buttans... BOFA with the surprise bump from $37,100 to $40,000 (asked for $50k). AMEX denied my BCP CLI (asked for $50k from $28k). WF makes you call, and I don't wanna. JPMC does the same last I checked. NFCU is maxed out until I upgrade the card. DSC said no this time. Same for Apple/GS. USAA wants hard pulls, and I am disinclined to acquiesce to their request. Oh! JTV/Synchrony went from $3750 to $5650! Be still my beating heart!
  3. *sigh* Dammit, no. That's not how it works. And your client should know better. https://xkcd.com/936/
  4. Nothing here...keeping my head down until I'm under 4/24 on May 1, then we'll see what the world looks like.
  5. Citi said hell no the first time around; I'd imagine they're patting themselves on the back for dodging the bullet. Can't see them putting the gun in their mouth this time around.
  6. Other details from here as well: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2023/11/report-apple-and-goldman-sachs-are-breaking-up-over-money-losing-apple-card/
  7. Apparently the Apple card does some similarly clever virtualization work, for as long as that card exists though I guess. Otherwise you need to get into some SMB level third-party companies like Ramp.com There are likely others, but I haven't done any digging.
  8. Virtual credit card numbers. I use them to deal with sketchy sites, or to sign up for trials that require a CC (so they can bill you later). Or any of a half dozen other reasons I wouldn't want to expose my actual live card number. Orthogonal to this, it's an issuer I don't mind pissing off/burning for any reason, should a reason come up. I can give the virtual cards specific dollar limits, down to even just $1, or have them expire in a day or a week, or expire after they are first touched by the vendor for any reason, etc.
  9. Eh. It's a $34k account for me whenever I need it, and it's handy for making virtuals on the somewhat rare occasions I need to do so. But yeah, I cashed out those rewards a long time ago, and didn't bother chasing them after that.
  10. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/creditpulls/
  11. Correct. [eta] It may also stop actual "softs", but if they pull from their own internal info (ex. AMEX), they'll do whatever they're going to do.
  12. True, but you glean less info with an online request than a phone one. CSRs will tell you (often) why your request didn't work; I think I've seen one online request that said "nope, and this is why...". They typically just go black-box and say they'll send a letter IME.
  13. Re: worrying about CLIs and hard pulls and who does what... Just freeze your reports, then ask everyone for a CLI via phone. The ones than can, will. The ones that want a hard pull for a CLI, won't. When they say oops, your stuff is frozen, you can just ask them, oh, which one do I need to unfreeze? and they'll either tell you the specific one(s), or they'll say they're not sure, how about just all of them. With that info, you can check the creditpulls database to inform your decision, and then you can make the call as to whether to unfreeze and ask again, or defer. I'm in a somewhat similar boat as hdporter at this point; had trash credit because of dumb young(er) stuff, realized it was actually important, came here, learned everything, and then went to war. That was 2009/2010 I think. Now I'm rolling a couple dozen cards, a half dozen car notes (all closed but one), a few multiples of my annual income in limits, etc. I've scored LOCs, a hidden tradeline, a few high-limit cards, and the game is largely over for me. It's just gardening now. Slow and steady, make bold moves, and be smarter than the system. That's all it takes.
  14. My 10yo knows he needs money, he knows he has a debit card and that it looks like a credit card, and he knows he never has enough Robux, so I could totally see him going ooo, I'll just get a credit card with dad's info, then I'll have money! Or I could see his little friends at school or online talking him into it. So yeah, I'm implying that there's an age where kids know they need/want money, but not what it really takes to earn it, so sometimes they do dumb stuff.
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