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  1. I know which CRA they pulled but I just closed on my house and had to pull the trigger. my housing scores was 659, 637,663 a month ago....I have CO on my report that the co-signer is paying which is killing my score from 2006 and some lates on some student loans back in 2006, 2007...I also have a ton of positive credit with a lot of inquiries
  2. thanks I have been reading everyone approval with amex and I have been denied several times... finally got my credit together to shoot
  3. I took a chance and applied for American express blue cash anf was approved but dont know my limit. I dont know which cra they pulled.. is there anyway I can find out my limit???
  4. closing today at 9am even with the disputes on my credit report Thanks to everyone's on creditboards for the help
  5. thanks everyone for the replies..
  6. So yesterday I got approved by usda walk thru scheduled for today. Then Midlands mortgage LO called to tell me that she don't think I can go to closing because she pulled a soft inquiry and my report showed two disputes that was placed in 2012 and completed before even applying for this mortgage. it didn't show up on the hard pull she did. So now she want me too call the CRAs too get them taken off.... Suppose to close by the end of the month.. Always obstacles....
  7. thanks dallasloanguy and bradgrubbs....
  8. Just wanted to ask a question about how long would it take to get an approval from usda underwriter? Midlands sent my file to the usda underwriter on Friday after asking for every possible information I could possibly give them. Just was wondering since it's been a stressful few months. Hopefully it's an approval on their end. Thanks in advance
  9. I used my paypal smart connect credit for my backup to the paypal debit mc. it put my account into collections. so it doesn't work anymore when you use your credit limit for the debit card. Pissed
  10. I activated my PayPal debit mc and I connected it to my smart connect account used the debit card today with success. thanks cb
  11. whychat if the repo is due to fall off next year but the co-signer started repaying the debt via collection company. What steps can i take to pay in full for delete or get it removed without paying the rest of the balance?
  12. My scores are 657, 657, 617 per mortgage application. I think my AAOA is 3 years. I don't know what my utilization is. I opened up some new accounts earlier this year and I just got some increases on some of my cc
  13. I have a charge off from a repossession back in 2006 with a co- signer. It works have dropped off this year but the co- signer started paying on it. What should I do to get it of of my credit? my credit score is stuck and I feel if I pay in full for delete my scores will jump drastically. Any advice is helpful. Thanks in Advance
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