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  1. I need to bump this back up. Apparantley Computer related technology companies are deemed high risk. Is there any way around this? I thought for sure a field like tech would be low risk but apparantley I got a letter from synchrony that this field is deemed high risk of default
  2. So how does NAV know that I have business credit? Lets say I have a Seton account and they dont report anywhere. How would NAV know that I have a SETON account if they never ask which accounts that I have beyond what is on my NAV report? I need those accounts like Demco and MSC etc that do not report anywhere to be reported on my credit.
  3. Does Bank of America Secured Business report anywhere?
  4. SETON, MSC do not report either. I wish I had known before spending money at these places.
  5. How does NAV do this? Do you need to send them anything?
  6. I know this is old but it's still relevant. My lawyer filed and I have a corp. There is no reason why my personal bk should be connected to my business. My biz credit is literally showing as if the business filed for bk which is incorrect. How can I get this updated correctly? This is showing on experian and Equifax
  7. FYI Gemplers does not report as of January 2019. Also their "New" process requires purchases in the amount of $2500 to get Net30. Not sure what their issue is but they have to know people wanted them for credit reporting. Since they don't report and they required $2500 in purchases Id say they are a waste of time and money. Bad decision by their CEO
  8. These websites seem very similar in look and process for net 30 accounting. The good thing about their reporting is they report your entire approved credit line rather than just the amount you spend. Also they automatically approve you without any silly hoops to jump through aka SupplyWorks spending money for 4-6 months before approval. Are there any other similar sites like these that you know of?
  9. It is confirmed. Gemplers no longer reports as of January 2019.
  10. Id like like to know this too. How much do you need to spend for them to report if they do
  11. I did this in dallas texas. I talked to the fleet manager and she seemed new as she deferred everything to the finance manager who said I need to be in business two years to get a lease without a PG. Which is false as ive read some got a lease with 6 months of starting a business. So my issue is still finding compentent managers finance and fleet. So this thread can be helpful if people are willing to share which locations across the country actually work with you and are competent to push deals through.
  12. Did they change 3 posts down from yours someone said gemplers reports to d&b
  13. So i called fedex to sign up a net 30 account and the lady said it was done through my local district. So the local district calls me and leaves me a message yesterday and says they only give net 30 accounts to government and companies with 1 million in revenue. I did not call her back as something didn't sound right. So for those that do have a net invoice account with them how did you get it
  14. This does make alot of sense. I dont see how multiple $60 reported tradelines will help anyone build any reasonable business credit. Yes some may give you $50k in credit but none of that is being reported so how does that help your business obtain high LOC's?

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