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  1. About a month and a half ago they said no and sent me stuff about credit and scoring, lates, etc Then I asked again after Hurticane Sandy and they gave me 3k from 900
  2. I like bill pay through my bank but I noticed Citi is funny. My payments are still in a not cleared status but the money has disappeared from my account. PNC was not like this. Payments posted at midnight when I put it through billpay that day Some sites like Cap1 are quick....but sites like Walmart....it's day 3 and I'm still waiting for it to post And be taken from my account
  3. I got approved for a Delta Skymiles with 5k and Citi Amex with 3500...EQ score was 658 but shot up the next day to 670.... I think they showed me with 670 and it just took FICO Awhile to update. Many many inquiries. 1 cap 1 charge off. I think my util is pretty good though. I was surprised
  4. I wish Express would give me a card.....I went bad with them in college and although i paid it off after charge off, they want nothing to do with me
  5. Is Santander that bad? I have my auto loan with them. Although i do not care for 15%, im glad they took me because i got approved at first with 25%....No ma'am. I want to refinance next month though
  6. I work for Comcast in Maryland. Id def return the box. After that, collections can be updated and the balance taken down on whatever the amount u owe. I have never seen an instance where we declined a box being given back.
  7. Wow, im actually a hater they never sold your debt because the sicced the dogs on me, some law firm in Louisiana. I paid them off, the two cards that is, and i have a recent Cap 1 card with $500 limit. They offered me a secured after i applied for another card and got denied, but then they denied me for a secured
  8. I doubt they give me anything. Havent had it long enough and it holds a balance. I swear i wish someone wouod give me a higher limit besides store cards in case of emergency.
  9. I got approved for CapOne too after i paid them off and the account is still on my report as transferred too. I then tried to app for a secured and they said my income was not high enough. I was like WTF???? Seriously?
  10. I didnt think they gave limits that high. Scores must be amazing. I wish i had more than $500, but i guess its better than $100 JCpenney upped my limit from $250 to $1800. S0 maybe these other cards will follow suit.
  11. Im going to call and see if they can increase me. I hope they dont do a pull of my report though. I got a few balances that need to report down. They gave me an increase to 500 i think back in December. Nothing else yet.
  12. Thats just like Newport news pre-qualified me for ANOTHER card at 500, instead of my little 200 dollar limit they gave me last year. Weird
  13. No, they'll just ask for a deposit You always have that option. I dont think reps like to tell them that though. But customers need to have that option
  14. Yup, my company will screw u over. Id call and complain about that hard. I remember i had a lady on the line yelling at me because of it. Thats when i told people you can listen to what they tell u all u want, this woman was livid and she was NOT lying. It was a hard. Also, i saw it with my own two eyes on someone else's credit report. I had to tell this one dude to not run a credit screen for everyone when we begin using the POSI ID system. I told him use the POSI ID screen, verify they are who they are and if u run it, You better ask them. Folks do NOT play when it comes to that. Myself
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