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  1. I posted in the BK forum sometime ago and we have met with a BK attorney, we are a little high on the means test for our State, but once you backed out our living expense we passed the means test, I may not be using the correct terms, so I apologize in advance if I am not. Our Attorney said we were good to go for a chapter 7. Our biggest problem with a BK is we own a small business; it is our only source of income. We have put a lot of our personal cash into the business. So on paper it looks like we are hiding our assets and this is absolutely not the case, but I sure in the heck not want to take the chance on trying to explain that to a BK trustee or a BK judge. I am looking at a possible DMP, but I am concerned this may be an issue too, does anyone have any input or suggestions. I apologies in advance if this is a dumb questions, but once you are in a DMP is BK still am option later on, if you find that the payments are too high or you have additional lost of income. We have horrible health insurance, but (at least we have health insurance) but these days I am trying to consider everything...since we are getting any younger. Several years ago we went through a DMP, later I found out this was actually as second mortgage. We were just clueless back then or did we get involved with one of the less the reputable DMP? I would really appreciate any input or suggestions, Thank-you!

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