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  1. Why bother having if the creditor (AT&T) isn't reporting it. Then it may report paid closed account with the negative history, if not already being there. Is it past SOL? Wait full reporting cycle 30 days. You kinda gotta know when IC reports to bureaus. Just wait 30 and u should be good.
  2. you did do all the prep work....freezing LN, sagestream, ARS, Innovis before starting your original dispute right?????? I've been trying to freeze LN for the last 9 months. They won't budge even with documebtstion from FED GoVT about OPM BREACH. Idk what else to give them to make it happen. Geezus I will do others tomorrow.now i see there are others
  3. So. I disputed on all 3, 2008 BK7. Came back verified used short form bk dispute letter found on CB. Indicating withiut admitting BK is inaccurate and Court shows no record of such as I have the ltr from Court which I really dont. *no reason what to them* As expected, they all verified. However 2 of which have inaccurate File number (missing letters). Each response for me to provide them info. Im thinking next I need to actually get real letter from court stating they dont verify. My addresses associated with bk have been deleted. But i do have many old positive tradelines tied to it. Called all old creditors, but they seem to not push this update to bureaus on old closed accts. Im so close to 700 club. I seriously want to hit it end of 2016!! Major goal for me. This is a major factor on my reports And
  4. Applied for 5k CLOC with Navy. Instant Approval. Think I'm done for next week months. Don't need anything, just want to recreate some diverse credit lines. Well, If i find a decent card for airline points accumulation, I hear that Discover It & Chase Sapphire preferred is good. But to wait on good time for their sign on Pt accumulation is high
  5. Ok. I have been with CB since I filed my bk back in 2008 and took all I have learned to TRIAGE my reports slowly but steadily. I read every damn post, tips, someones elses journey and implemented for myself. I have BK7 on my reports from 2008 - due to fall off next March of 2018. I have several crazy lates on all reports from FedLoan this year *they deleted many and considered them in forbearance to help me. I have no other credit reporting with balances due. This would be my first inquiry in several years - I've been laying low. I have been disputing in past. Now gonna pick it back up to get these student loans lates to get deleted *crossfingers* I do have upcoming court case on a old medical that has never been reported but settling to pay them right away and hope to keep judgment off reports. My Scores EQ - 660* TU - 639 EX - 604* However this from my Myfico monitoring my EX hasn't been updated since May 2016 WTF so who knows my score. Also my EQ hasn't updated since June 2016. I may cancel this chocolate and find another monitoring system. I've had NFCU for a very long time. Had CLOC in the past with them and it was great experience. Did over the phone application. CashRewards 1.5% on all purchases. I was gonna do CLOC but I desired extra kickbacks. I called in Wednesday and got update this morning via phone. Called in for amount approved. 5k. Ill ask increase in about 6months i think. Now I want more!!!!! Insert >>>>BIG EYES<<<<< hahaa but Ill build from here. I'm so overjoyed. I have been laying low for some years before i dodged back in the credit game. My had issue with student loans b/c of months payments amounts they calculated me to pay it was unreasonable and I could not financially do it at the time. My loans were reconsidered based on some real 'work' to get them down to reasonable monthly payments. SOme what fast progress I get it. But its not till we learn from our bad ones, when we are REALLY ready to go forward with a fresh start.
  6. I remember when I thankful stumbled upon this Forum before/after filing my BK back in 2008. This forum has been a PURE GEM!!! Seriously, for someone that was mentally stressed and sick to her stomach, THIS FORUM honestly calmed my nerves and gave me the encouragement I needed to get my credit on track. I appreciate all of the moderators and members. This forum kicks flowers. I see alot of FB groups that do mention this group and many bypass their comments, but this FORUM is on the map in many ways than one. I would do anything to help give back b/c you all have been a blessing to me!
  7. I have the bill of particulars how do I upload them? Is it only thru computer?
  8. This very THREAD is FULL of steps that worked in early 2000 and some remixed it to get results all over again. Read up and get going!
  9. Medical Service 2 patients at time (birth) Admitted into hospital Aug 10th 2012 for me and child born that night but stayed he stayed 1.5wks for his release. Ok I haven't done anything yet. Waiting on their Bill of Particulars from attorney, so I get guidance here. I was nervous that day after Court and got antsy. Thanks!
  10. Ok. I posted on the other thread. I went to court on April 6th, on the continued Affidavit To sum it up i was just there to deny that I owed the charge. Judge setup Bill of Particulars for atty to send to me by June 1st, my Answers due July 1 Return to Court August 1st. I'm pretty nervous at this point and want to avoid having a judgment on my credit reports more than anything! My BK is due to fall off soon and would love to see my credit score shoot up for us to refinance our home. Hell at this point I'm willing to pay $1500. *No response to medical dispute letter by attorney. At any point can I settle this out of Court? ANy advise?
  11. Before attempting the script for Experian, I called all my old closed positive accounts and updated address on fact I work for govt and apart of largest breach, I wanted to update everything to protect myself. Done deal with those closed positive accts. I'll wait a few weeks for it to report to Bureaus before I dispute negative accts with that 1 address that is my nemesis l. May the odds be in my favor ✌
  12. Doesn't mean you have to make it easy for them. Haha that is very true Plan of attack starts in the a.m.
  13. Oye' the firm can since they are in business of collection company even as a firm. Shucks!

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