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  1. Thanks you guys. I think I will forgo the TA this time. I have to book on SouthWest for a credit and I know the area I want the hotel in so might as well just look on my own. I had never heard the term open jaw before now but I did that last month without realizing it.
  2. Howdy. I am finally to a stage in life where I can start to travel. Do people still use travel agents? What a the real advantages? Is there a downside to using one? Any real world experience you can give me would be great. Thanks!
  3. I am here although most people probably don't remember me. I used the name Dane for many years but it was confusing when Dang had so much going on so I changed my screen name to help out.
  4. Following up. You were correct. We let them run my husband's credit and even with a 835 FICO they only came back with 3.99% as the best rate. Forget that! I pulled out the check from NFCU for 2.39% and was on my way within 30 minutes. That was easy! I had no idea how much less paperwork you had to sign when you bring in your own financing.
  5. I already have the price set in writing, and they knew I was not going to do a trade in. So the only place they could ding me would be the interest rate. It sounds like I need to just go with my NFCU and do it. Thank you so very much!!!
  6. Hi, I have not been here for a long time but I thought I would check in to see if Marvbear is still doing credit assessments. I am getting ready to purchase a 2016 Transit Connect Wagon Titanium Edition. It is used with 12k miles on it. The dealership wants to run my credit and " can't" give me a ballpark rate of the interest rates I can expect. I have a FICO score of 828. Preapproved already through NFCU for 2.39% for 60 months Is there any way the dealership will be able to beat that rate? Do I risk making them mad by coming in and using my own financing? Thoughts?
  7. I had 2k in my savings account and applied for a card in October 2015. I expected an approval for a 5k credit limit. Instead, they gave me a 23k limit with 1.5% cash back. I was stunned.
  8. I helped a friend set hers up over the holiday and I think it would be far too complicated for the inlaws. Back to the drawing board. Thanks!
  9. I don't know anyone handing out loans that high. How bad is the interest rates on the cards? Do you have any BT for lower rates available?
  10. Hi ya'll- I am trying to bring my inlaws into the new ages. They still have flip cell phones and worry that internet shopping leads to FBI spying. At the same time though, they are intrigued by these new fangled phones that can get your email, work as a GPS when you get lost, and communicate without calling. I have explained to them that can get a tablet that runs on their house wifi to get recipes, watch videos etc. Or they can get smartphones that would work outside the home. I don't think they quite understand. I personally would prefer to get them on apple products because it's easier but I don't have the funds to invest in their start up. Someone suggested getting a $49 Fire Tablet to at least get them to try the mobility in the house. Do you have to have Amazon Prime to use a fire? Does it have to be hooked up to a credit card? We have prime ourselves but I am leary about adding a Fire to it that is not in my house..... Any thoughts or suggestions?
  11. Not sure if you are still looking to do this but I do zero balance budgeting in an excel sheet and Love it. We only get paid once a month so I pay everything in full on the 1st of the month and then I put the rest of my money in "envelopes" to keep track. I do not use real cash----I use an free app called goodbudget.com ( it used to be called EEBA) Anyways---- I put the amounts in envelopes in the app Food Eating Out Gas Fun Money Entertainment Travel Etc I also have an envelope called TO CITI. I use my citi card for everything and as I buy stuff I transfer the money in the virtual envelope ( from food to TO CITI) On Fridays, I make a payment to Citi with that amount. So basically, my money sits in my checking account, I have a budget on my phone that keeps me from over spending, and I earn cash back with citi. I also have an easy way to track all my expenses through citi bank and I am not worried about multiple cards in use for credit compromise. This system has been working for 30 months without fail. I can change my envelopes on the fly.
  12. I am all about running numbers and setting up the best plan but what sometimes moving and shifting things around makes things worse because it opens up the chance of a slip up. Are you trying to build your credit by utilization or are you trying to pay off your debt? If you are trying to pay off the debt--- I would hit those 2 cards at the 22.9% pronto. Use the power bill money to pay towards Walmart and see if you can pull together the funds to be done with that card totally. If you have to use it for utilization building make sure to pay it off in full each month-- as soon as interest charges you are back in the hole and it is so hard to get out. Is there any way to move the Cap 1 debt to the LOC so you have the lower interest rate? Good Luck!
  13. I am still around. 12 years. Changed my life too!!

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