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  1. My EQ and TU fluctuate on USAA all the time. My EX on USAA has been at 680 for the last year or so. EX FICO is really somewhere around 730.
  2. Why even bother DV'ing? He was on deployment..he was or is active duty. I would be willing to bet a phone call or email to the right person explaining the entire situation will completely resolve this whole thing. Do not underestimate the power of "using" the active duty/military card. Try it from that angle. Write a letter, show proof of military service, tell them your story, etc. BTW, I am active duty, so I speak from experience. I am just worried they will try and say I opened this account fraudulantly and go after me (legally) because of the amount. When we talked to them they kept asking if he knew me and things like that. M You had a POA...that gives you every right to open whatever you want to in his name(granted it was a general poa). So therefor, it's not fraudulent. Please just take my advice before you start DV'ing and dealing with a junk debt buyer. Have your husband contact Verizon, and straighten it out. I am 99 percent certain that they will handle it for you right away. Click the link in my sig, find some email addys for someone up the food chain, and start firing away. Don't take no for an answer. I played the same game with ATT once...a 20 minute phone call straightened everything out. CA called me, I laughed at them, called ATT, and it was done.
  3. Just don't use the check...it is time sensitive anyways. Think PenFed is 90 days, after that, you cant use the check anyways. I've got 4 preapproval checks sitting on my desk for my new car. I'm only going to use 1(from PenFed) since they had the lowest rate. Right. It's not an actual check, it's a draft. The loan would only be setup by Penfed if the draft was presented to the dealer and it was processed. Even after I entered all the details regarding the vehicle I am about to purchase? Think about it this way...PenFed has all the info, but the dealer has not cashed the check yet. Once the draft is presented to the dealer, they fill out the info and send it to PenFed, that's how the dealer gets paid. You put in all the info so that way the bank knows whether or not they will finance the vehicle you are buying or not, so they can determine the value of the vehicle relative to the loan amount. If you are buying X vehicle that is worth 20,000 dollars, but you ask to finance 30,000...see where I am going?
  4. Right after I posted this I went to Lexis Nexis and got the application to pull my report with them. I am going to do get it all done today to submit tomorrow. I am curious (and scared) with what is on there. But for now I am going to submit the background search and just be done with it. If I get the job woohoo, if not - well I have another interview today. Either way I will get a job. Megan I may be off base here...but I don't think that they can not hire you based solely on your credit report if it does not pertain to the job.
  5. Just don't use the check...it is time sensitive anyways. Think PenFed is 90 days, after that, you cant use the check anyways. I've got 4 preapproval checks sitting on my desk for my new car. I'm only going to use 1(from PenFed) since they had the lowest rate.
  6. Why even bother DV'ing? He was on deployment..he was or is active duty. I would be willing to bet a phone call or email to the right person explaining the entire situation will completely resolve this whole thing. Do not underestimate the power of "using" the active duty/military card. Try it from that angle. Write a letter, show proof of military service, tell them your story, etc. BTW, I am active duty, so I speak from experience.
  7. I had active duty and fraud alert on all three. Transunion, like you said you can remove from the website. The other two, I had to write letters to them stating to remove both alerts. I stuck a copy of my DL, a utility, and put my social on the letter, so there were no questions as to who I was.
  8. I heard you talking about this yesterday. Glad everything went ok for you. On a side note how did you take a creen shot with your IPhone? I just got one about a month ago. I actually noticed that I had taken one of my home screen in my camera. But don't have any idea how. lol Press the home and sleep buttons at the same time on the screen that you want to take the shot of. Only took me two years to figure out, I always had these weird screen shots in my photos folder.
  9. Amex Delta Reserve $3000 NFCU CLI from $1k to $17.5K craziness..guess they like me again. USAA CLI from $2k to $3.5K Chevron CLI from $950 to $1700 PSECU combo $10K to $20K
  10. Sorry for not replying, I just got back from deployment. If you still need info, PM me and I will get it to you. Or PM one of the other people that already got it fixed. I'm done rebuilding, so I don't frequent that often anymore.
  11. Not always true...it just takes a while, 4 years in my case.
  12. Whoa! I decided to to hit the button on my Cash rewards visa. Was at 1K, asked for 10k total...instant approval.
  13. Have you ever LOOKED at an LES??? Yes they give us $250 BAS BUT they take out $230 WHETHER OR NOT my husband is deployed. That leaves only an extra $20 a month for food, not much (and payments for dental eat that up anyways). We dont see a dime of the BAH and we spend WAY more on uniforms a year then we get in stipend from them (roughly double of what they give). And they only give you seperation pay IF you have been seperated for more than 60 consecutive days. You get that but it takes them forever to get it to you, so it is not something you can count on as you never know when it will start or end. They will usually bring them back in on the 59th day to avoid paying it or send them out and bring them back in all the time. I have only spent 65 days with my husband this year and not consecutively, the rest he has been gone. We have not seen a penny of seperation pay this year. You do NOT get a tax credit after you come back from deployment (unless Iraq deploys have different rules) and navy doesn't get hostel fire pay no matter where they go. I have never seen any extra pay from the navy that they didnt give grudgingly. It took them nearly a year to give us BAH after we were married and they never back payed us either. When my husband made second class, it took them 6 months to pay him the extra 200 a month and he was never back payed to the day he got promoted either. there are too many rules and red tape for them to do anything. 99.9% of all problems are not avoided by simple money management. You need to have a POA for a lot and most companies will not accept a general. Companies such as KAY's Jewelers require a specific POA for me to even talk to them about my husband's account. I had to find that out the hard way. It is sooo frustrating when you are the one dealing with it and you can not get anything done. And Navy federal, as wonderful as they are, have to see the POA everytime I try to do something in his name even though I am joint on the account. They will not make a copy of it and keep it on file. I have to go into a branch and literally show them the copy for them to discuss certain things. We keep seperate credit accounts and I can not talk to the companies without faxing them the POA, talking to legal, and figuring out what companies require a specific POA. It is a PITA. The only time we have had money issues on deployment has been when I pay the bills and my husband would look at our account and pull out whatever he wanted without knowing what bills I paid. So we had overdraft fees and all kinds of issues because HE spent the money while I was paying the bills. I am sure he told them it was all MY fault. That ended quickly because I put him on an allowance only giveing him so much allottment every month out of his paycheck. After he spent his money he had to call me and ask if there was enough in the account. This worked out better and never once have I had to turn him down for money. It really is more about the communication than the spending of the money. Once we worked out our goals and issues we began to grow more responsible financially. Web Bill pay is the best thing in the world! We have not missed a payment since we started using it. The Legal services office is really helpful when doing the credit repair stuff and NMCRS was so helpful with the layette profram and budgeting/financial help. Sometimes the FFSC is helpful also. I know this thread is like 4 years old, but I couldn't help replying. There are quite a few problems with your post, and I'd hate for people to read it and take it as truth. 1.BAS(Basic allowance for sustenance)This entitlement is for the SERVICE MEMBER ONLY. It is not meant to pay for diapers, pay for gas, etc, etc. This is what your husband gets so he, and he alone can eat. When deployed, more often than not, it is taken away because they are providing the meals(ie, on the ship, on deployment). 2.BAH: You aren't getting a dime because you live in base housing. They pay you, then take it out automatically. Move out on town, chose your own house, and you receive the full entitlement for your zip code. 3.FSA(family sep pay)Whoever told you about the 60 days thing is flat out wrong. If your husband is away on a deployment for more than 30 days, fsa kicks in at $250 a month. If you haven't been receiving it, it is up to your husband to find out why. 4.Hostile fire pay is not Army, Navy, Marine, etc specific. ALL services receive the same pay, same entitlements, same BAH(with the exception being clothing allowance). The Navy does receive hostile fire pay. I've gotten it many times, and will start getting it again in about a month. 5. The whole not getting paid for 6 months after making e-5..That is how the Navy advances. The Navy tells him on a certain day,"you are entitled to WEAR the next higher rank, but are not entitled to pay and allowances UNTIL advanced to the next pay grade. It's a waiting period. There's no back pay. Each time I have advanced, I have worn my new crows, but havent gotten paid for 6 months. It sucks, but thats the way the Navy advances. Bottom line: Each individual member of the military responsible for their pay. If you aren't getting what you think you are getting, go to the pay office EVERY SINGLE DAY until it is fixed. Military pay is very complicated, but know one is going to hold your hand. I know what I get paid every 2 weeks down to the dollar. If something is off, I'm at the pay office getting it straightened out. Things like this can be worked on with proper communication. Don't listen to the wive's club. Look it up for yourself. DFAS website will tell you all the pay and special pays out there. DOD per diem website is great for BAH, COLA, per diem rates. I use these as tools so I always know what I am entitled to, and what I am missing. Its great and all that you think you need to "correct" me, but you dont read well. 1) was in response to someone saying that we got money for food, (substanance), whie we did get BAS, it was not what people think when they hear, "oh we get an allowance for food". I never said the money was for "gas, dipers, etc". But people saying that we get "money for food" is not true, basically what he (the service member) got for food was 20 bucks a month, while attached to a ship, whether or not he was on deployment and wether or not he ate on the ship at all (which he did not eat on the ship when in port, he ate at home). 2) When i was typing i was mad and mistated the number of days. But my point is still the same. The ship would go out for 29 days, "come in to port" which often meant sitting off the coast and not actually coming on the shore, so the FSA would not kick in. Point of the story is still the same, you can not always count on them to pay you for separation. 3)My husband chased drug trafficers, was shot at, boarded other vessels while being shot at et al, and was still not considered hostile pay. Dont know what deployments you were on, but not one deployment we have been through in our nearly 12 years of military life has been "hostile enough" for hostile pay. So agian, point being that you should not count on certain things being given just because you are on a depolyment. 4) for the bah issue, we were not living on base housing, we were living in a house we chose on our own and were paying out of pocket for it. We did not recieve BAH for nearly a year. We should have been getting BAH in order to pay rent to the house we had. We were not. My husband could not "deal with it" because his ship never stayed in port long enough for him to contact all of the people he needed to contact. Like I said, i was with him for only 64 days out of a year and they were not consecutive. 5)The navy advancement does not work like you stated. no you do not get paid right away, but my point was you can not count on them paying you right away and you do not get back paid, so people who are "banking" on the fact that they will be making more money should not expect it fast or soon. So thanks for acting like you know everything. you obviously did not read my post. Since my point in most of it is that the military is difficult to deal with and you can not expect to be paid some things just because they are there, (as in the hosile and separation pay) This week i am dealing with Navy Medical, who has some how lost my daughter's entire medical record. They are saying that we never turned it in. I know they were turned in, we turned all 4 records in at the same time to the same place. So how is it they have 3 out of 4?? I hand carried all those records across the ocean myself. But instead of owning up to losing the record and working with us to come up with a solution, they are basically saying they can do nothing. So now i am having them make a copy of the other 3 just in case they try to say the same about the others when we pcs. The past 3 years has been pretty good financially since we have the money aspect straightend out. I am happy to say that this command has had less issues with getting paid, but the paperwork issue is always the same, slllooooowwwww. My point as always stands, dont count on getting all your money at the time you are entitled to it or request it. You have to watch your own back with them and being the spouse left behind to deal with it is not always easy. And i know I we are not the only family to have issues, and we are not all a "wives club". I know and work with plenty of men who are the dependant. And "proper communication" does not always work, especially when half the people you talk to either do not know what is going on or do not want to deal with it. You have no idea how many times i had to listen to them say "we can only deal with the service member", when i knew that to be a lie. Either way, I am an old hat at dealing with all this crap, i know what i am entitled to and when, and i know how to play this game, but the info is not always readily available to spouses and they are not always accommidating to the spouse. We had a heck of a time with that command and installation, and i am glad to say they are not all like that. 1. As I stated before, BAS is for the servicemember. BAS is not for him to feed you and your children. While you might see it as that, that is not what it is intended for. If he is deployed on a ship, they take it away, because he is eating in the galley. If he is in homeport, he should keep it, since he lives off base. 2. FSA is paid after being gone for 30 days. If he is gone for 29, he doesn't get it. Whether or not it is a conspiracy that they only keep him gone for 29 days instead of over 30 so they don't have to pay is up to you. 3. Hostile fire pay is something that is determined by our government. You could get shot at, but if it hasn't been determined that the area is entitled to HFP/IDP, you won't get it. I just got back from Iraq, I got the pay. Deploying in the Pacific Ocean is not going to get you this pay. Link for your viewing: http://comptroller.defense.gov/fmr/07a/07a_10.pdf 4. If you were living off base, you should of been receiving BAH. It's a shame that it took them so long to fix it. 5. Please don't explain to me how the Navy advancement system works. I've only been playing this game for 11 years...One, you take a test. Two, you find out, usually about three months later. Three, if you "advanced", you get to get FROCKED to the next paygrade. Being frocked does not entitle you to the pay and allowances, only the responsibility and authority to wear the next higher paygrade. You are then paid, in increments determined by how far over the FMS you scored. If you were the farthest over the FMS, you get paid first. If you were last..you get paid last. For most, the waiting period is 6 months. If you advance off of the September exam, get frocked in Novemeber, the final date to get paid is 16 June..for March exam, the final pay date is 16 December.
  14. Paypal most of the time defaults to your bank account linked to the account(in my case, my savings). All you do, is when you get to that page, there is "change payment" option to click on. Click that, and change it to your CC. I do it every time I use Paypal.
  15. No. They will never remove lates. Never. Suck it up and move on. I gave up writing countless letters to them trying to get lates removed. Now, they are all so old, it doesn't even matter, and my scores are north of the 700 mark. Live and learn. Don't pay them late. Another bump for you. I find it interesting that whenever this gets posted, no one replies. Everyone drools over NFCU, but not much talk about paying them late goes on on this board. I'm assuming my previous post rings true with everyone else.

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