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  1. A couple things. The items that are still showing as paid off: do they have any lates reporting? If so what sort and how many of each? Also, when your statements print for your 2 current cards, what percentage of the limit is outstanding? If you're using close to the limit and paying off after the statement prints then that could screw with your scores. Perhaps try paying down prior to your statement printing so the statement prints with no more than 20-30% of your limit outstanding. And perhaps also time to consider applying for an unsecured card, use it once to make sure it reports
  2. Oh Stu you're such a tease! I saw your name on here and giggled that you'd done another pull. LOL That's really bizarre the places your GF has been getting offers from! I have not received an unsolicited offer since rebuilding. Then again I've only been back in the unsecured credit world for a year now. A year this month, in fact! I've never even considered looking at the National Bank cards although I think they're the bank with the vertical card?
  3. I don't believe the pre-selector is available on the Canadian side, is it? Please let us know what happens if you decide to apply!
  4. The most important thing is to be to the point. Also, for the first dispute it's not necessary to go citing laws, etc. That generally doesn't start until you're at the 3rd and 4th letter stage. There are some links to provincial laws further down this page. I'd recommend getting familiar with the laws for your particular province. Once you have your letter written if you want to post it we'll be happy to give suggestions, if you like?
  5. I hope you told 'em not to call you and to please send it in writing? Grr grrr grrrr NCO can be a bunch of vultures. Do your best to stay off the phone with them, imho. I'd also recommend you pull your reports again asap. Wouldn't surprise me if NCO just bought the debt and they report it now even though RBC has never reported it. If they have DV it up the ying yang with reminders about your rights as a consumer in BC with regards to collections. Since it's less than 6 yrs old they can still legally collect on it in BC, but you have significant rights about how they can and cannot pro
  6. I thought you'd appreciate that. LOL I haven't done it yet. Kind of had it on the backburner since life has been a bit insane the last couple months culminating in having a new roommate moving in tomorrow. Should be interesting!
  7. Scotia pulled EQ for me via an online app.
  8. Found my own answer Apparently most of the card IS transparent! Since there's no annual fee I might just split my existing card for one of these just for pretties.
  9. Kind of a random question since I'm too lazy to sit on hold to ask such a silly question. Does anyone here have the Amex Blue Sky card? If so, is it transparent? I'm considering splitting up my current AMEX and for novelty sake I'm considering it LOL
  10. Sorry for the delay... You might want to call your local legal services office on this one. I've been reading through the Ontario Limitations Act on this and the SOL for it could be 2 yrs, but there are some specific circumstances where Ontario allows it to be 15 yrs!
  11. I've heard of people getting approved sub-700, but any reason why you don't want to wait to cross that threshold first?
  12. CIBC tends to lean toward the credit candy type of lending.
  13. Hey! Yip I've also seen a couple wehre the 4th stmt gives the bonus - usually if the first stmt has less than 25 cycle days on it is what seems to be the trigger. As for the compromise - when you said available credit at zero I knew that was what was going on lol Likely it was somewhere you used your card about 7-9 weeks ago. The fan out process from the merchants can often take that long. Your card number will remain the same likely until after your new card is activated. It may shift over today or tomorrow, but usually after the new card is activated. And as soon as there is co
  14. Depends on your provincial laws. Which province are you in? Which province were you in when you incurred the debt?
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