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    Discovery charge off rate jumped to almost 4%

    Many people with > 1M liquid assets also have a mortgage because of the low interest rates. But there are many that have zero or low liquid assets and high mortgage payments that go on after retirement. And that sucks.
  2. cashnocredit

    Adventures at the Calif. DMV

    The party's over. I've gotten used to renewing the DL by mail. DLs expire every 5 years but you can renew by mail twice. So you go in every 15 years for a new pic. When you turn 70 things change. You have to go in each time and pass a vision and written test as well. They have appointments but every DMV office was booked solid except for one and it was 2 1/2 months in the future. Lovely. So you do the walk in - no appointment. Takes about an hour more time standing in line. Then there's the "Real ID Act" which requires you bring in: 1. Proof of citizenship like a passport or Birth Cert.. 2. SS Card 3. Marriage dox if your name changed. 4. Proof of residency. Copies of bills mailed to you showing your name and physical address. Two are required. If you have a POB for mail then the two docs have to have your name, physical address and POB mailing address. Since the USPS does not deliver mail where I live I had to make sure the docs each had all three. I used a utility bill and prop. tax bill. I handed them to the clerk and pointed to where each piece of info was. She said "you must have been here before." I hadn't. I did notice lots of people seemed to have problems with what they brought. If they didn't have the stuff needed for the ReadlID mark, they then had the choice of coming back or opting for a DL that would be marked not good for federal ID purposes. There was an elderly couple trying to navigate the various lines and requirements with what appeared to be considerable difficulty. One nice young man was in front of me with his wife from the Philippines. They chattered about her need to update her passport. One fellow in a wheelchair was having trouble getting out the exit door. It was a single width door that seemed to have some sort of latch he was having difficulty with. The young man jumped out of the line and helped him through the door. Nice guy. Tracking ID is automated and linked to your thumbprint which is registered when you navigate the first line. From there on you use your thumbprint to verify you are the same person in each line. Even the written tests have to be activated by sticking your thumb on a scanner. Anytime you sign something you stick your thumb in the scanner. The "written" test is a series of 18 questions on a touch screen. After you answer each one you hit "submit" and if you get 15 right before the 18 questions are given it just announces you passed. Then on to the next test for a motorcycle endorsement. Thumb print again. The driving questions were pretty obvious. Common sense really. But they are chosen randomly so the ones I got might not be representative. It's scored in real time so you know if you passed or failed immediately. But you still have to wait in the line for the clerk to give you your temp. papers. You can take the test 3 times and if you still fail you have to come back in 30 days and repeat. There is some sort of appeal for people that can't pass the written but have developed (and retained) good driving habits. What was scary is that about half the people in the line were re-taking the test after failing. And you wait in line while the clerk helpfully advises the poor dude that failed twice that he might well be better off taking the driver pamphlet home to study and come back the next day. I found myself more consciously doing defensive driving coming home from the DMV.
  3. Here's another way some get an "edge" for their kids. https://slate.com/technology/2006/05/taking-the-sat-untimed.html A guy I worked with was onto this and had one of his kids diagnosed so he could take the SATs with extra time. First I've seen this in print though. BTW, Slate is owned by WaPo.
  4. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/feds-uncover-massive-college-entrance-exam-cheating-plot-n982136 Authorities said the FBI investigation, code-named Operation Varsity Blues, uncovered a network of wealthy parents who paid thousands of dollars to a California man who boosted their childrens' chances of gaining entrance into elite colleges, such as Yale University and Stanford University, by paying people to take tests for their children, bribing test administrators to allow it to happen, and bribing college coaches and administrators to identify the applicants as athletes. Rick, who ran the thing, got caught, pleaded guilty, then cooperated in the sting to get the parents and coaches, opines on how to get into college.
  5. This^. You have negative net worth right now not even considering taxes owed. Also, search out your options with the IRS based on insolvency. Keep your brother out of it. You may be adversely hurting your brother and yourself with the IRS. It's nice your brother is willing to help you out but let him do so after you've straightened things out.
  6. cashnocredit

    Surrounded by Painted Ladies

    Not at it's peak yet. Best time is end of March or first week or two in April. I love the flowering cacti more than the wild flowers though they make a nice carpet across the AZ desert.
  7. cashnocredit

    Surrounded by Painted Ladies

    Driving back from the DMV (crazy paperwork requirements for RealID) there were stretches of road swarming with Painted Ladies. Clouds of them. When I got home the gf was just coming in from outside saying "Did you see all the butterflies?" Probably the largest swarms I've ever seen! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanessa_cardui
  8. cashnocredit

    Surrounded by Painted Ladies

    Yep. Well worth a trip on I8 to see it. Incredibly beautiful.
  9. I learned early on when interviewing/hiring engineers and techs, that the college they went to, let alone their grades, had almost nothing to do with how productive they were. This was something of a shock to me! Some of my hires had engineering degrees from schools like Berkeley or UCSD but a few had no degree at all. OTOH, I've hired people I found while researching a topic at the local university and ran across a thesis that just shouted: "find this person." I love universities but I don't hire credentials.
  10. cashnocredit

    The Widow Mrs. Silence Dogood

    From "her" first letter: At the time of my Birth, my Parents were on Ship-board in their Way from London to N. England. My Entrance into this troublesome World was attended with the Death of my Father, a Misfortune, which tho’ I was not then capable of knowing, I shall never be able to forget; for as he, poor Man, stood upon the Deck rejoycing at my Birth, a merciless Wave entred the Ship, and in one Moment carry’d him beyond Reprieve. Thus, was the first Day which I saw, the last that was seen by my Father; and thus was my disconsolate Mother at once made both a Parent and a Widow. The author was 16 y/o Benjamin Franklin secretly writing a series of letters under the pseudonym in order to get his older brother, publisher of the "New-England Courant," to print it. BTW, he was indentured to his older brother and later ran away. http://franklinpapers.org/framedVolumes.jsp?vol=1&page=008a Gotta love the internet.
  11. That hasn't been my experience and I also have a clean report. I did a specific experiment on individual card util and testing the NSPL of siggies about 3 years ago, pulling my full FICO panoply of scores. I ran my Chase card way (>CL+10k) up*. Not the same as only maxing out a card but keeping overall util low. All FICO scores dropped between 60 to 100+ points. However, the FICO 8 and mortgage FICOs dropped almost identically between 60 and 70 points. However, my overall util went up from 5-10% to around 50% while my Chase card balance zoomed 10k over the CL My main interest was testing NSPL. but there was no significant difference in the way the different FICOs responded. Except bankcard scores dropped the most. The largest drop was TU FICO Bankcard 9 which went down bigly to 689. *This was also when I discovered Chase's NPSL terms no longer required paying down to the CL on the next due date. Rather, they just use the same formula for minimum payment they use for any balance. No fees ore penalties or special payment request.
  12. There's a reason Caltech isn't in the list. They don't have set asides for athletes. But for some reason they do have sports teams that generally win a game every decade or so. And they got sanctioned by the NCAA for playing games in which many were academically ineligible. Highly amusing/ Caltech Gives New Meaning to ‘Academically Ineligible’
  13. cashnocredit

    Which new wallet should I keep?

  14. cashnocredit

    Cards That Still Have No Chip

    All my cards have had chips for quite a while. Except for a Starbucks gift card
  15. cashnocredit

    Krebs: myequifax com bypasses credit freeze pin

    Unbelievable! Apparently, EQ has a rather, uh, loose understanding of what 2FA is.
  16. Age old tension between restricting what people can do for their own good v letting people make their own decisions and live, and hopefully learn, from their actions.
  17. cashnocredit

    Kroger to Expand Non-Acceptance of Visa Credit Cards

    Hell will freeze over before that happens.
  18. cashnocredit

    Kroger to Expand Non-Acceptance of Visa Credit Cards

    Costco's the cheapest place I know for JW Blue. Love the large bags of green beans and peas.
  19. cashnocredit

    Received a renewal debit card. No activation needed.

    Most card fraud uses online databases of hacked card info. The risks of card fraud from misdirected mail, which was dominant >20 years ago, is now almost insignificant and mostly involves household members intercepting mail. That said, this raises questions of basic IT competence. Are there holes elsewhere? I would take my banking business elsewhere.
  20. cashnocredit

    why do you people need those high credit limits????

    For what it's worth, I view snippets of an article, especially snippets that convey enough info so you can decide to click through, is fair use. And I hate click bait. But I'm also a big fan of protecting IP and not stealing other people's work product.. Posting complete, or largely complete articles is beyond fair use. It's kinda how I would feel were I an owner of CB and saw large parts of it ripped off by MF. Snippets alone aren't good, but links combined with snippets, I have no problem with. It benefits the IP holder.
  21. Yep, this happens every business cycle. Early in the expansion, credit mostly goes to prime consumers. Late in the cycle, primes are slim pickings. Oddly, it's also exacerbated by better credit scoring algorithms which allow credit to be extended to more people previously ineligible with the less predictive scores.
  22. I've bought used motorcycles/scooters but never bought a used car. My first auto was a Mazda RX2 about 6 months after I started working in 1971. It was an impulse buy because I'd walked a long way to get a scooter replacement chain and the Mazda dealer was across the street, It had a 3 year loan as did my next car, a Honda Accord that I picked up around 1980. All the cars I've bought since then were for cash but I've never had a car less than 6 years and average close to 10 years between new ones. The last one was a LS 600H back around 2009. It still runs well and nothing's broken on it. It's like an old shoe. The problem with a 6 or 7 year car loan is that you are under water for a majority of the loan life so you have to front additional money to buy a car before it's paid off. OTOH, if you drive it longer than the loan life, it's not much of an issue.

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