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  1. Some close sooner than others. And some are just inexplicable. I got a Discover card back in the 80's at Sears. It would expire every now and then and they would mail a new one. Eventually they didn't automatically renew it sometime in the early 2000's. No surprise, right? Except that I never used the card at all. They just kept sending me new ones.
  2. Since one can get free credit reports from the 3 biggies every week until April 2022, what's the point of spending money on monitoring?
  3. I have a 10 year old paid mortgage that's starting to fall off my reports. Will be interesting to see what impact it makes as it's the only term loan.
  4. Yeah. Good ideas. While WF couldn't automatically do either, they could make the offer. If the consumer accepted, their scores would not be impacted as much or could even be positive depending on the balances and LOC involved. The CC conversion might still have the bank on the hook for capital reserve requirements as it's credit risk so that may/or may not be viable. Need a banker to chime in.
  5. Holy crap! Glad to hear the Mrs. is recovering quickly. That sort of thing is going to be with both of you for a while. But don't let it impair the quality of the rest of your lives..
  6. #1: Converting to an installment loan showing initial LOC as the starting point would be good but it wouldn't be accurate. It was never an installment loan and calling it one now doesn't turn it into one. And if a debtor defaulted they could use the error to prevent/remove adverse reporting. As for CCs, if they can't justify the terms of a PLOC, CCs are even worse. Possibly they could offer a CC conversion with a higher interest rate which might make it feasible. Lots of interesting biz. issues. Would be fun to be a fly on the wall when they went over all the options other than closing the P
  7. Getting a lot of coverage along the lines of how can WF not only do this but damage credit scores as if they had any control over it. Very weird. Elizabeth Warren says WF needs to make it right. Sure, it's not fair but WF has no control over CRAs and FICO scores. And, knowing her background, she well knows that. So what does she think WF could possibly do? They are pretty much forced into closing all of these because they are under strict capital controls from prior misbehavior.
  8. Maybe he was afraid he'd miss and damage something like nice furniture. Seriously, if it were me I would only shoot if one was too near, was armed, or didn't scoot. The guy did say something along the lines of "get out of here or I'll blow your effing head off" and they took him up on the suggestion.
  9. Wife was at a luncheon with a couple of her friends. An ex of one who lives alone in a large home went to bed early (so no lights were on) and was startled by a noise. A review of security camera footage showed 3 men had broke in though a window (suction cup/glass cutter). Dressed in black with masks/hoodies, they roamed around the place a bit before going into his room. One had a bat. He had a Glock. They left. Quickly. It was in a gated (but not manned) community. The guys came in through an adjoining canyon.
  10. Wife had an interesting thing happen at WF a few days ago. They wouldn't accept an Treasury (IRS refund) check made out to both of us. It was all a return of excess payments she had made. We had both signed it but they wouldn't accept it to deposit in her account because we didn't have a joint account. Background: We have had individual accounts with WF for over 3 decades with over 6 figures for the last 10 years. But no joint account. She was going to just deposit it, no cash back, but they wouldn't take it unless I came in to sign it in person. Banks ar
  11. Turns out I got helicopter money too!. Haven't sold any appreciated assets in the last two years and so my taxable income dropped below the threshold. Got a couple checks and one helicopter deposit in the account SS# gets deposited. Pure timing luck. First ever "welfare" money. I feel a bit guilty.
  12. An antibody test can be used to determine a prior infection if it uses the "N" antigen. CDC: However, the EUA indications for currently authorized tests do not preclude the use of these tests on individuals who have received a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Vaccination may cause false-positive results for tests that utilize the S antigen or subunits like RBD, but not for tests that use the N antigen. You might consider filing a VAERS report online re your daughter. VAERS - FAQs (hhs.gov) Wife and I got the 2 Pfizer shots. Sore arm and I felt slightly off the
  13. I agree with both of the previous comments. But would add that after getting your emergency savings set up, that you try to pay 2x the minimum payments. This will reduce your credit risk as there is a strong association between paying the minimum and paying more than the minimum.
  14. Any suggestions on octopus dishes? Picked up some at Costco along with salmon, cod. and burgers. Am thinking of sliced up in a salad. those suckers have a lot of suckers. Might be good cooked with black eyed peas.
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