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  1. The kid will have a head start learning the alphabet. (I try to see the silver lining in everything)
  2. But the real questions are: How did the wedding pics come out? and how much did she charge? Um, for the wedding, not sex with the guest.
  3. https://oversight.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Equifax-Report.pdf Key Findings Entirely preventable. Equifax failed to fully appreciate and mitigate its cybersecurity risks. Had the company taken action to address its observable security issues, the data breach could have been prevented. Lack of accountability and management structure. Equifax failed to implement clear lines of authority within their internal IT management structure, leading to an execution gap between IT policy development and operation. Ultimately, the gap restricted the company’s ability to implement security initiatives in a comprehensive and timely manner. Complex and outdated IT systems. Equifax’s aggressive growth strategy and accumulation of data resulted in a complex IT environment. Both the complexity and antiquated nature of Equifax’s custom-built legacy systems made IT security especially challenging. Failure to implement responsible security measurements. Equifax allowed over 300 security certificates to expire, including 79 certificates for monitoring business critical domains. Failure to renew an expired digital certificate for 19 months left Equifax without visibility on the exfiltration of data during the time of the cyberattack. Unprepared to support affected consumers. After Equifax informed the public of the data breach, they were unprepared to identify, alert and support affected consumers. The breach website and call centers were immediately overwhelmed, resulting in affected consumers being unable to access information necessary to protect their identity. This is probably one of only a handful of things Congress does that is not laden with partisan bs.
  4. Not much for the most part but there are a few options but look into this: https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2018/12/what-do-students-do-when-their-profit-college-closes/577621/
  5. cashnocredit

    Upset with my bank and EWS reporting

    Wow. First I've heard of a consumer reporting agency that collections info on bank balances (not credit related) and transfers. Fascinating stuff. Read the comment section here: It's mind boggling what gets reported by some banks. Things like monthly ACH deposits, savings/checking balances. Unclear whether third parties get access to positive info, not just negative info. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/everything-youve-wanted-know-early-warning-services-ews/ https://www.gobankingrates.com/banking/banks/early-warning-services/ Your EWS report includes: Your name, address, phone number(s), date of birth and Social Security number Savings and checking account information, including bank names, account opening and closing dates, balances, account history and banking activity A list of companies that recently requested your EWS report
  6. cashnocredit

    Blispay Suspended New Funding Email

    Unfortunately, CSRs are the last ones to know. Their goal is to keep customers paying their bills. It's in the companies interest to keep them in the dark. I don't give high odds that Blispay will resume taking charges within a few weeks. Any equity infusion at this point will come at a much higher price than a month ago. They know that. Potential investors (equity injectors) know that. If it wasn't available before the shutdown, why would they do it now at a higher price? I don't believe their business model is viable in the current environment and I suspect investors will not either. But who knows for sure. Could be if the fed reverses hikes things could change. But if so that's likely months from now.
  7. cashnocredit


    And IT security is where the big bucks are. For both the White Hats and Black Hats.
  8. cashnocredit

    Sync/Cap1= Walmart

    https://www.americanbanker.com/articles/walmart-sues-synchrony-for-800-million-as-card-split-sours .
  9. Time is money. Being able to see what you type as you go speeds things up and more closely approximates speech but with an easily reviewed record. Imagine if you had to talk to someone by first recording your words then sending it in a block. Then wait for the other person to do the same. I've always assumed most "chat" boxes worked that way. It is called "Chat"
  10. Paying an offer like that on a collection account will not remove it from your credit report nor will it increase your scores. It will show as paid for less than the amount (settled) but the collection account will stay on your credit report for 7 years. Either way, you want it gone if you are concerned about your reports. This board is full of approaches people have taken to get these removed. Read about how people approach it by using the search bar using the word "deleted" or similar. Also look at the pinned topics for things that apply to you.
  11. cashnocredit

    CitiBank not reporting new balance - FICO 9

    No one. Aside from that, your other FICO scores may not be up to date. 110% utilization should hit all the FICO scores though some are more sensitive than others. Get your current mortgage scores.
  12. I'm surprised they propose using US credit reports/scores. There are CRAs in most countries and a potential immigrant would most likely have one from the home country. They differ somewhat because different things are allowed on CRs in each country. Not likely to be much of a factor though. The proposal, taken as a whole, seems pretty much what one would expect.
  13. I had a 40k medical bill over 10 years ago. After I got out of the hospital they (the hospital) called a few weeks later about the bill and offered about a 40% discount if I paid it immediately. I was prepared to pay the whole thing but they just started off with the discount offer. So I paid that and was done. Nothing ever on my credit reports. After researching it later, turns out medical insurance by agreement with providers only pays a fraction of the full "retail" bill. Those are inflated because they expect a very large percentage of people that get them will never pay since they have no insurance. The few that do pay inflated amounts which helps make up for the loss the hospital would otherwise have. So the whole thing is a game of sorts. When I was in the hospital the financial peeps would come around every day asking questions in the apparent effort to find someone/something that would cover the expenses. I told them I'd just write a check and please leave. They didn't appear to believe me. I later learned that they had pulled my credit which, at the time, would have been completely consistent with that of a homeless person. Zero accounts and a smattering of negatives. So perhaps that's why they started off with a big discount. Probably could have gotten more off if I'd countered but I had no idea what the game was back then, But there's Good News: As for the IRS, there is no tax issue because that only applies to imputed income. Canceled medical debt is not imputed income. https://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonynitti/2016/06/06/john-oliver-buys-and-forgives-15-million-in-medical-debt-but-is-the-forgiveness-taxable/?ss=taxes#11a38d6cb4f0
  14. cashnocredit

    Interest Rates on CC how it works?

    Yep, if you have a bottom feeder card pay as soon as you can after charging. Those cards really suck. You're right, I was trying to keep it simple. Not totally precise but will be quite close. Some months a little high some low. Tracking the balance daily is critical though and it can have a big effect when the balance varies a lot during the billing period.

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