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  1. Charles River Trout. (Boston). My old haunting grounds circa 1960 No, they aren't fish.
  2. Interesting coincidence? Today I got snail mail from Amex that offered 20,000 MR point for "activating" POT (Pay Over Time). Normally they send out 10k offers twice a year or so.
  3. My old paid mortgage fell off my reports about 2 months ago. FICOs dropped from typically 820 to 810 with my usual monthly balances (10% total util). However, they became much more sensitive to util changes. Had a temporary increase to about 20% and FICOs dropped to about 790. For similar changes when the paid mortgage reported drops were about half that almost never going below 800 unless I had 30% util or more. Out of curiousity I pulled my full reports to check softs and the drop seems to have triggered ARs from just about everyone. Normally ARs are at regular intervals of every
  4. Yes. a soft is one of the ways they locate their "customers" Debit or credit card makes no difference. I would skip the phone call and write a letter to the company outlining what probably happened and offering to pay for what they shipped you but also include the warnings I mentioned earlier. I have actually done that before when I bought a bunch of stuff from a company and they billed my credit card several thou too low. It's rare but it happens.
  5. Possible the orignal charge was approved but then not posted or possibly reversed as part of what the credit card company did when the card was compromised. So if their records are sloppy they might have some that indicate the charge was approved but on the back end it wasn't recorded. I would review everything that occurred when the card was compromised and see if this may have occurred. In any case since the bill was never posted to your monthly statements you should pay them. But you should also get a statement in writing that there was nothing you did wrong and that you will hold them res
  6. Yeah, I get the car's out of manuf. warrant calls almost every day. Amusing. My car's 12 yeas old. Obviously just massive cold calls that are simply scams. The calls about the condo are specific. Actual realtors that have worked the condos in the area (South of UCSD). Lots of buyers apparently. I haven't lived there in almost 20 years but it's a nice rental and I have great tenants. Give them a big break on rent since prop 13 keeps my property tax low on it. Happy tenants == happy landlord. Not sure how they track me down for the Texas property. It's in an LLC. It woul
  7. I've been getting cold calls every few days on a condo (San Diego) and an apartment complex (Texas) I own wanting to know if I'm willing to sell. I'm not but the numbers they are throwing out are ridiculously high. Something strange is going on out there.
  8. Not a problem! Just because the loan terms are 36 months doesn't mean you can't pay it off in 12 months. You can always pay more than the minimum just like on a credit card and any excess goes to the principal. So if you can afford to pay it off sooner you will pay even less overall.
  9. You indicated you would pay off the loan within a year. If so, then a 5% APR loan you pay off within a year with fixed payments each month will cost you less than a cash transfer fee of 3%. and a zero APR after that paid the same way. Run a spreadsheet. Just be careful if terms aren't met. Banks make a lot of money on deals that seem good but have triggers if terms aren't met.
  10. What! Debit cards less risky than credit cards. 🤣
  11. I gather you need cash that should have come from an emergency fund and not that you intend to use the cash to create an emergency fund. Consider taking out a personal loan instead. You could well get better interest rates than the overall cost of cash advances on a credit card. And it will look better on your credit reports than running up a large balance after a long record of low balances.
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