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  1. https://twitter.com/eyeofastronomy This gets my geek on.
  2. Keep in mind that that "survey" was done by an underwear company. What clued me into that was the weird idea of throwing out underwear after 6 months. That's nuts. Assuming you cycle through them and do wash once a week, that's about 7 pieces. The idea you should only wear them 26 times then toss them is beyond nuts. But certainly works well for makers of underwear. I always have a spare pack that I use to replace ones that are getting ragged or have a deteriorating elastic band. I just toss out the worn out ones and replace with one of the new ones. I don't date them. They each last a couple years on average. As for peeps having germ fetishes, Madison avenue has been quite successful. There's some evidence that people, especially kids, benefit from being exposed to a variety of bugs. Theory being that it helps train the immune system. It's somewhat of a fringe area research wise. No significant source of money for grants to examine the premise. May well be the case though. BTW, that old kid's encyclopedia also said that it might not be healthy to bathe daily. No explanation as to why but pretty much the only people that did that in those days were quite well off. The 1% of their times.
  3. When I as a kid, my parents bought an old home in the burbs. Two stories plus a large attic and basement. Was built in the 1800's. Lots of boxes full of stuff in the attic and one had a set of encyclopedia type books for children/young adults. Lot of cool stuff in there like knot tying and stuff to make with virtuall no money needed. I recall a section that was purporting to teach proper hygiene. The recommendation was bathing twice a week if you could but once a week in any case with Saturday afternoon/night as the preferred time. Being a kid, I remember showing it to my mom. She didn't buy it. It also had some cool stories from Gulliver's travels and the rather weird "Pilgrim's Progress." Published in the late 1800's if IIRC. Shortly afterwards my folks took me down to get a library card.
  4. Pretty sure opening an Amex savings helps just like having a savings/banking relationship with any other bank helps getting credit. They have access to all account info you have with them. Congratulations.
  5. Aside from Marv's comments, a 15 point change is not material. A 15 point change on Vantage score is even less significant. You might have seen an increase in FICO. Do any of your cards supply a free FICO score. Many do these days.
  6. Strong trade/craft unions? Tends to quality but efficiency? Not so much. But then this was over 10 years ago. Hollywood has seen a lot of tech impact since then and it's accelerating. It's a lot cheaper to make shows these days.
  7. $40,000 a Month! Dude! https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/08/mike-tyson-says-he-smokes-around-40k-worth-of-weed-a-month-at-his-ranch
  8. FDCPA doesn't apply to business debt. However, there may be state laws that do so you should check the laws in your state.
  9. They set up, measure stuff and then bring in the cast needed for the shot. The cast is in and out in just a few minutes if the cut is good. My impression watching them was that there was some sort of detective work going on and people were an assortment of bad, but influential guys Mars was trying to bring down. I didn't have enough interest to try to see the show when it aired.
  10. SDG&E does. They give you a 48 hr notice posted on your door then just come over and shut the electricity/gas off if you don't pay. At least they used to but they relaxed the rules back in 2010 or so. Been there done that.
  11. Dawn is a well known Financial Radio talk show host and penned articles for multiple outlets. In 2009 she was listed by Barron's as a top woman financial advisor. She penned some reasonable stuff. Here's a snippet from "Party Like It's 1999" https://www.wealthmanagement.com/viewpoints/party-it-s-1999-not-your-investments What Ben Bernanke did by not tapering this past week was to expose the fragility of the U.S. economy and U.S. financial markets for all to see. His inactions were proof that the U.S. economy is not capable of sustaining any reduction in the $85 billion per month of Fed stimulus – free monopoly money. Bernanke has proved that the U.S. is not the strongest country in the world and has exposed the fallacy of the economic data we have been fed by the U.S. government the last few years. Meanwhile, the markets continue to dance the night away… I don’t think this is going to end well.: It didn't. She was just sentenced to 20 years in club fed for running a Ponzi and bilking investors of 10's of millions of dollars. https://www.financial-planning.com/news/hoodoo-advisor-dawn-bennet-gets-20-years-prison Be careful who you invest with.
  12. 500 logins? Use a password manager. No need to remember anything. As for duplicate pw's, they are low risk so long as duplicates don't exist on financial sites. OTOH, just using a password manager makes life simpler and safer. Being lazy, I like that. One thing that used to be widely recommended was changing your password every 30 days. Complete waste of time and probably causes more ID theft than it prevents. The only time I change passwords is after a trip. I change them on any financial site I visit while traveling and using local wifi w/o a vpn.

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