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  1. Outside of a BK, or the company being sold to some other entity, the company may also go private. The shares still exist but can only be sold to accredited or exempted investors/entities. They may become completely illiquid. However shareholders are owners and still have shareholder rights to elect directors among other things which vary by state. Corporations also have to file with the state they are in and many failed companies simply don't file and at some point cease to exist. Prepackaged BKs are also common if the business has something of value to another. This at least can preserve some jobs though equity and usually all the debts are wiped out.
  2. Your PayPal account is Under Review. -Blah, Blah, Blah Phishing is unethical, illegal, and probably fattening. But when the phisher bulk emails with a visible CC list of 20+ addresses, all in alphabetical order, and all starting with the same first 3 letters you gotta just wonder. Has to be a million plus email database. And all the usual tells too.
  3. I don't recall the EIT or PE ever even coming up at my school. I ran across an article on it in some trade publication after I started working. Seemed like a good idea so I took the EIT. It was interesting. Covered a broad area of engineering. To get the EE PE, I had to wait until I had the required year or so of work experience. It was a full day test on EE related topics. Fun too as it makes you think a bit.
  4. Totally agree with your DH! Nothing like it. A lot of coding types these day put their stuff on GitHub and make it public domain. Usually comes from some sort of focus, either academic, or some niche commercially. Then you think, "darn, I could make this thingy that lots of other people could use." Lots of people do this on the side just for grins while working at a normal job for groceries and rent. But then, when the realization that you could actually make serious moolah becomes apparent, things change. In some ways it's a thrill too. In other ways a PITA. Creating a culture that encourages employee growth is hard. By definition, when you are an employee you are paid less than you are worth. If you are paid the same or more why the heck would they want to keep you? But the most leverage is when your value is materially more than your cost. The cool thing as an that employee is that you have flexibility because management is loath to get rid of you. That gives you license. Done properly you can direct your growth along paths you find interesting. And then magic happens. You do great and unexpected stuff and you get great raises. Everybody wins. The most destructive thing I've seen companies do is not maintaining fairness and ethical standards. Especially allowing top execs to do things like padding expense reports or favoring someone. You want to encourage participation by anyone interested in all levels in company decisions. It's really amazing how many people offer high quality input if they are involved in company planning/decisioning. Lots of good distributed knowledge. But this gets harder as a company grows. It's really one of the special traits/advantages small companies have. I've often thought that the biggest piece of luck I had out of college was getting hired by a small company (90 employees). It provided insight into the way each of the parts and people contributed to the whole. Had I gone to work for HP or Intel (College advisor pushed Intel) I likely would have been just a happy engineer w/o a larger view of things.
  5. The current biotech DIY garage hackers is very cool. It really reminds me of the early days in the pre-IBM "PC" craziness. Influence was a combo of the counterculture influence and creative juices running amuck. I had bought an IMSAI kit from John French in the back of some dusty warehouse. Took about 6 months to get it working (beyond getting it to blink lights) and find suitable cards to hook it up to a teletype KSR-33. This was on my own dime and time and later used it to solve some engineering math problems used to design computer hardware for my employer. Great fun. Nice raises came out of it. Then a tech walked into my office and suggested the two of us start a company. On a shoe string. Sounded good to me so I quit and we set up shop in half of the tool shed portion of his garage. Back then us DIY hackers were not in it for money. It was not perceived by "real" businesses as significant. It was just crazy fun for would be hippies with a technical bent. Trying to bring computer power to the masses. And companies had the craziest names. One local company was "Fly By Night Computers." Not exactly the name to choose to attract VC money or business loans. Another guy I was working with to solve a problem we both had informed me late one night, as we were working over a hot soldering iron, that he had defected from the Eastern Block with a Soviet MIG-21 years earlier. It was true. He was in some sort of "witness protection." He went public soon afterwards apparently when the govt. felt he no longer had a death warrant out on him. Crazy days that many years later became lucrative. At the time it was just great, all consuming, fun.
  6. Thanks! This thread just prompted me to take a look at my cards and I redeemed almost $800 in cash back on my Freedom card. Probably been a couple years since I last redeemed the card. Now I need to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with 600k Amex MR points. Not real useful currently.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if enterprising scammers aren't hard at work emailing "refund" notes. Just enter the CC info you bought your ticket with and they promise to post a credit to your CC account. Scum.
  8. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/05/25/the-rogue-experimenters
  9. When I was a 6 y/o kid on my aunt's farm we didn't have TP. But the outhouse was well stocked with corn cobs. They were amazingly effective.
  10. I'm a fan of Costco's vanilla infused coffee beans. A quick grind and great coffee. I like to add half and half and a dash of maple syrup. Delicious. Great way to start the morning.
  11. Photoshop is a beast. It's accrued features over 30+ years. It can do darn near anything image related and there's usually 10 different ways to do any of them. Really powerful though and can get your creative juices going. As CV noted, Youtube is the goto for getting the most out of it.
  12. Who you gonna call? https://dnyuz.com/2020/05/14/haunted-house-these-people-are-in-isolation-with-ghosts/ There;s something about about stress that brings something out of people.....

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