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  1. Along somewhat related subjects, check out "The Craft of Power" by R. G. H. Siu One of the book's goals, "Fortify yourself against the likes of you." Good read along with the classic: Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" That isn't me by a long shot but I've run across a few operatives and it's good to know their schtick. If you can't avoid them, know their techniques to subvert their moves. Useful against some of the scum in the collections biz.
  2. "Google’s app store for Android devices has barred lenders of high-interest payday loans; low-income households are more likely to use an Android phone than an iPhone." Oh, darn, I have an 'droid phone. No Payday Loans for Poor Me! Just realized they'd never lend to me anyway. I haven't had a job in 15 years. No payday, no loans.
  3. What's MySpace? What's FaceBook? "The Well" was my thing. Seriously, check out some of the crossover books on psychological persuasion (Cialdini, et al) and enjoy watching the FB circus at a safe distance. BTW, the Valley's techies all hate FB.
  4. This is why we have written contracts. The terms can always be changed, but ONLY WITH THE CONSENT OF ALL THE PARTIES. But I would read the contract closely. They may have an out if they couldn't get financing. Look for contingencies. Not uncommon for dealers since dealers often farm out financing but still rare since dealers don't like to sell you a car they have to take back. Expensive for them. But I think Hege is right. It's just a disclosure or they'd be asking you to turn in the car.
  5. Oct 14 was listed as the first day to set up a new, online Capital One account for Walmart cards. So I went to their setup site: capitalone.com/Walmart. Simple let us find your account form. Enter Last name, SS#, and Date of Birth. What could go wrong? When I got to the date of birth it showed a drop down menu with Jan-Dec listed. I selected the month, as well as the day and year in the adjacent pull downs. ILLEGAL Month, Please enter the correct month. Tried again. Same result. I did the obvious thing and switched from the Windows 10 default browser (Edge) to Chrome. Worked fine. Should be SOP to check your websites against at least the top 5 browsers. Hope this isn't some indication of their coding security. Good chance this will be fixed pronto.
  6. Many aren't aware of this but FICO scores usually differ. Even with the same FICO model and pulled at exactly the same date from different CRAs on reports that have identical data, The reason is that each CRA's FICO score is tuned for that CRA and so the algorithms that its computer uses will almost always generate different scores from those of other CRAs.
  7. What's your cash advance limit on the 300k of available credit? While a few have financed start up business on a shoestring using credit cards they use the cards to purchase goods and services required for the business. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. There have been posts here by peeps where it didn't. "Investment" opportunities that involve front end cash are often scams themselves. So be careful. Beyond cash advances, you can always buy gold /jewelry that can be pawned. Pretty steep discount but that's the only legit way. There have been merchants that will cut you a discounted check for a straw "purchase." That is, of course, fraud. On the part of the merchant and consumer. I'd run, not walk, away. But that's me and I've made quite a bit of money from my own business and a bit from investments with spare cash. But for the latter some worked, some didn't. And I've walked away from a lot of deals that were too good to be true. You pay's your money and you takes your chances...
  8. You're going to be OK. This stuff happens. Just make sure you follow up as needed. They may send you a form to verify the account isn't yours. If they don't make sure you write them that the account isn't yours. They have to cover their butts too. Lots of peeps try to get out of paying their actual debts so diligence requires that they investigate. It's usually abundantly clear when a fraudulent account is opened so don't lose sleep over it.
  9. Cautionary Tale. My wife has a Cap One card and so she got the 2 years free monitoring offer from the CRA hack. I've long been encouraging her to monitor her credit. Her response has been usually "what's that?" and why should I?. I get it. I was like that once too. So she finally got her letter out and signed up for the two year deal. All her accounts were current but one was newly opened and she had no idea what it was. Had a $700 balance opened in Sept. and not yet due or reported late. She called the number on the account: It was from Wayfair furniture which goes through Fortiva. She has never done business with Wayfair let alone opened an account. Account closed and fraud investigation initiated. Pure luck she didn't find out from getting dunning notices or places closing her accounts. I've been telling her forever that she should be monitoring her credit. Now she's a believer. Update: the CSR and Fraud Dept. of Fortiva (the company that finances Wayfair) was quite professional. Always good to deal with competent peeps. Sending out a fraud affidavit and closed the account. Exactly what they should do.
  10. This video is a Q&A by a woman that got interested in computers as a kid and likes to make things with them. She has an unusual background in both the software and hardware side and exudes enthusiasm. Lots of references to places to get up to speed on all kinds of geeky stuff. Reminds me of my early days. If you know someone that might be interested in making cool stuff have them watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYhbBKhQzI4
  11. Credit One Prefers my Member. My Member doesn't Prefer Credit One.
  12. Might be a good match! Seriously though, Synchrony focuses on the, um, muddy bottom end of the pond. This is also an area VS purports to score more consumers. Some percentage, small that it be, may be worth them extending credit. Their choices otherwise would be to just lower the threshold on FICO scores. Rock meet hard place. So it's an interesting jump into the muddy end of the pool. The larger risk for Synchrony is if the economy tanks. They will have less info on VS4 than FICO history to plug into their risk model. Boy would I love to be a fly-on-the-wall in the Risk VP's Office.
  13. This is not correct. I have a Real ID DL acquired a few months ago. It required multiple pieces of documentation with both my mailing address (POB) and physical address on the same documents. However, Only my POB is on my license.
  14. The chart was made using the FICO simulator. I believe the numbers after 7 years reflect longer history, not negatives. Notice how things converge at year 7. in any case the simulator is only an approximation but does show the difference in numbers of cards.

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