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  1. cashnocredit

    What Is a VantageScore Used For?

    God, I hate marketing BS. Reminds me of the old question: What's the difference between committed and involved. For a bacon and eggs breakfast, the chicken was involved, while the pig was committed.
  2. cashnocredit

    Our Species is Doomed!

    Time to reconsider by subscription. https://www.wsj.com/articles/failing-at-love-maybe-its-time-for-classes-11550253394 Ms. Lee wasn’t hoping for a date—she was gunning for grades at Dongguk University’s “An Introduction to Dating.” The course, one of several dozen now offered at South Korean universities, teaches the basics of love in a country that’s convinced more schooling can solve many of life’s problems. Birds do it, Bees do it, even educated Flees do it. Like Flees they need to be edumacated. And sometimes they flunk the class. ??????
  3. It's all about data. http://johnthemathguy.blogspot.com/2019/02/international-day-of-women-and-girls-in.html And then there's the argument over whether it's turquoise or teal. http://johnthemathguy.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-color-name-conundrum.html Funny dude.
  4. cashnocredit

    Will Credit Repair work for me?

    You should have been notified that the student loan note had been transferred. And they should have made payment arrangement changes at that time. What happened? You should have gotten notice of the change and received bills from the new owner. Did that happen? Did you not notice payments were not being taken out? Depending on the situation you might have a claim or at a minimum, a reasonable basis for a good will removal.
  5. cashnocredit


    This is really old news. Maybe Utah peeps are behind the times. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2018/07/sextortion-scam-uses-recipients-hacked-passwords/
  6. cashnocredit

    Blispay Suspended New Funding Email

    Their business model, with a 6 month float/no interest, made a bet that at the end of the 6 months people would be making payments. The float was funded by their underwriting bank and additionally collateralized by Blispays assets. The profit pitch was a healthy vig from the sales made by retailers on the 6mo plan. The problem is that the profit/loss projection flips if interest rates go up even moderately and/or even a small decrease in the numbers repaying at the end of 6 months. The former happened and the latter probably happened too as lenders generally have been increasingly mining subprime borrowers. Wouldn't surprise me if a larger percent of folks started to default after the 6 months than FICO scores would project since the 6 month, no payments is going to be particularly attractive to the financially stressed and it takes a while for that to show up in scores. There's still bunches of smaller retailers and websites that haven't updated and still advertise Blispay stressing the 6 month/no payments deal. They are toast. I don't think there is anyone interested in picking up any of the pieces.
  7. cashnocredit

    Roaches, fleas, and bedbugs oh my

    Wow! What a mess. Last year I had a water leak that was also inside the walls. It was on the hot water side of the line leading to the shower but it was small and only happened when the shower was running. There was no visual sign of the leak at all. I discovered it by accident using a FLIR camera/imager to look for ducting breaks and insulation voids in the HVAC. There was a large, 6' long, 4' high, region where the wall temp was around 0.5 to 1.5F lower than elsewhere. Very distinctive from other walls with mostly regular patterns from wall studs. Caught it before there was any damage to the wood but some mold was starting to grow and it would have been a real mess after another year or so. FLIRs are really handy for detecting all sorts of things that are otherwise not easy to check.
  8. cashnocredit

    Need advice on Citibank asking for income verification

    My income last year was negative 6 figures due to a convertible loan going south. Such is the nature of investment risk. Offset by unrealized cap gains elsewhere but, since they are unrealized, they don't count. Yet. First time I've had a loss in 20 years. If a bank asked me for my income last year I'd have to give them a large negative number. But no one's asked.
  9. A regular tyro. Sheesh.
  10. cashnocredit

    Blispay Suspended New Funding Email

    Kat, it's virtually certain it wasn't their choice to suspend issuing credit. But it was their choice to say it was to "catch up with growth." And that's pretty much just BS unless the "growth" they were referring to was bad debt growth. Little doubt their underwriting bank pulled the plug. Their dilemma is how to present this publicly so that the current Blispay debtors will continue to pay their bills. Many don't understand that if a creditor goes under debts owed to them remain valid. And even for those that understand, the inclination is to pay them last. If at all.
  11. cashnocredit

    Cc compenys income Verification

    Given that stated income itself is sufficient, modeling may even be more accurate. Especially since those spending more than their income are likely to report income more, um, "optimistically." This is a regulatory minimum, not a limit on what issuers can do.
  12. Paying CC worked OK for me a few hrs ago.
  13. cashnocredit

    Need advice on Citibank asking for income verification

    I'm not aware of any ongoing requirement that creditors must update income info. The only creditor I have that has ever done so is Walmart's MC issuer and it's been quite some time since they did that. However, it's normal for issuers to pull credit for account review purposes and increasing balances together with minimum payments is a sort of red flag. There was a period over 5 years ago where most issuers reported not only balances but payments made and this provided a much clearer view of a consumer's cash flow. For some reason, perhaps related to competitive advantage, this practice has faded considerably and few continue to do it. If they get too nervous they just suspend your account and request whatever they deem necessary. Amex, in particular, is famous for this.
  14. Shades of a decade ago when WF debit cards and ATM was down on Sunday when I was trying to buy something at Fry's. I had enough backup cash but it was pretty weird to stop at an ATM and get an out of service notification. No idea about CCs as I didn't have any then.

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