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    what marleting genious came up with this phone name? KY-O1L

    Oh, I thought it was about this: https://www.ogj.com/articles/print/volume-88/issue-45/in-this-issue/drilling/kentucky-well-yields-100000-bbl-in-5-weeks.html
  2. cashnocredit

    Poverty Tax

    You can't win if you don't play! OTOH, you could get killed driving to the place to buy a ticket and I think that's actually more likely than winning. But there is a solution of sorts that improves your odds compared to getting killed in traffic. Buy lots of tickets in a single trip. I try to be helpful
  3. cashnocredit

    Need a loan modification to stave off bankruptcy

    What kind of "software engineering" are you looking to go into? What do you find interesting in that field? There's a huge need for developers, coders, programmers, etc. The title doesn't much matter. Even better, most don't care whether you have a college degree or not. Many of the best coders don't have one and some didn't even bother with a high school diploma. This mostly happens when a student discovers programming and falls in love with it spending nights and days learning and exploring programming. In a way it's a power trip. There are few limits to what one can do - highly creative - not like you follow a recipe. However, peeps that go into it, and succeed, generally live and breath programming. They spend their spare time getting into things like is why is functional programming so much better for expandable, multithreaded apps? Also embedded coding has a high demand but you will need to learn C and possibly C++ to get the best jobs there. I would highly recommend studying lots of online, free, stuff of which there is more than enough in any coding area to keep you busy for months. After you have a clear sense of direction, interest, and passion, then you might consider formal education I computer science. But don't throw money at some school until you have already determined it's what you like and will want to do. Programming is fun unlike anything else I've ever done, but it isn't for everyone and you may find there are things you would enjoy more (or at all) and still get paid for. Most people that get paid well like what they do and put a lot of time into getting better at it.
  4. Yeah, I wasn't listing them all. But she has none of them with her physical address on it. And those would work fine for most. Especially if they had name and street address w/o a POB. But, when using a POB only, the usual mailing address, some of them would show both a mailing address (POB) and physical address like utility bills tied to the physical. The ones she has all have only her POB, not residence address. And that includes Vehicle Registration and other stuff in the list. Just POBs. She could, I suppose, change one of the items so that it's sent to the USPO recommended format, when FEDEX or USPS is possible, of physical address and #nnnn on the next line. But, unlike a utility or tax bill tied to the property, it doesn't prove physical addresses because one can put any address on the mail. It's only for UPS, FEDEX, etc. The post office just ignores the address and sticks it in the #NNNN box. I think if she has the IRS send a tax transcript that would have her POB as well as physical address. It's required for filing so it should be part of the transcript. Maybe a FEDEX shipping label would work? Or not. Specifically, the Calif. requirement is: Proof of a physical address is required. A PO Box can be used as the mailing address to receive your REAL ID, but your residency document must display a PO Box and physical address.
  5. cashnocredit

    Poverty Tax

    I saw a site that calculated the ROI. It was around .6 in these super large jackpots, IIRC. It actually can be around .9 if too many people don't pile on but as they get super large so many more buyers dilutes the value of the pot from prior losses and usually keeps the ROI from increasing. And then there are taxes. Federal only in Calif. but higher in those states that tax lottery wins. That drops it more. BTW, I'm kind of a statistics geek but not a lottery player. I've bought a total of maybe $20 of lottery tickets in my life.
  6. cashnocredit

    I'll Drink to That!

    My town. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/tourism/sd-fi-sandiego-booziest-cities-20181020-story.html San Diegans apparently have an outsized fondness for beer, wine and spirits, helping lift the metro area to the top of a new list of the booziest cities in America.
  7. General Delivery? Do they still have that? Funny thing is that this is needed for a DL that meets the "Real ID Act" otherwise the DL is not valid for flying. Yet her passport, which doesn't require any residence info, is just fine for flying. Otherwise, if she just renews her license w/o the info she can use her passport. J typically use my passport card when flying. Also oddly, PayPal is insisting that she update her residence info but her account is still in operation. Maybe the Patriot Act just makes them ask but she can ignore it? https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/realid California residency, such as home utility bill that lists your name and physical address (a P.O. Box can be used as the mailing address to receive your REAL ID, but your residency document must display a P.O. Box and physical address). Hmm. I wonder if getting the "Federal Limits Apply" version might get you out of jury duty. At least with the Feds.
  8. Our USPO requests that we put our home physical address followed by the pob using only "#NNNN" on a new line. So we now don't have too much a problem with mail or buying things where they could ship UPS, FEDEX as well as USPS. Except that the physical address sometimes gets rejected because it doesn't show up in their database of streets. Not a big problem though. The big problem she has is the new DL. and PayPal. The state requires proof of both citizenship (passport, birth cert.) AND proof of residence which has to be something like a utility bill or tax bill that shows the address. She doesn't get any of those addressed to her.
  9. This works for buying stuff but not for verification of residence. She doesn't reside at the Post Office's street address. She has to show something with the actual street address she resides at. The DMV requires the same for their new True ID License though you can still get a license w/o providing it. Just can't use it for air travel after the waiver expires. Fortunately she has a passport. So the problem is really just Paypal at this point. They want a residence on a utility/tax bill and have rejected the few things she has that shows the address. I'm curious what they will come up with. As an aside, the POB suggests not using their street address but rather your residential address followed by #nnnn (the POB number). Anything addressed this way is properly delivered to the POB or, if FEDEXed or UPSed, is delivered to the residence. But this sometimes fails with smaller merchants that run the address through a verification program which tells them the ZIP does not have the physical address. It's generally a mess and interesting to read the various employee's ways of working around the continuing problem.
  10. Here's some interesting views from postal employees. https://forum.federalsoup.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=62888#post722713
  11. Interesting. Might work for her. Thanks. Will look into it. One possible issue is that Calif. DLs need a physical address where you reside for the new licenses. Do they accept that? BTW, had a new neighbor move in next door after the bank foreclosed on the guy that's going to trial next month. He had no idea USPS didn't deliver mail to the street address here either so I filled him in. At least he won't be wondering why in hell he isn't getting mail like I did for quite a while when I was new.
  12. How does that work? USPS doesn't deliver mail to our street address. In any case what does she do now for PayPal? She doesn't have a thing that identifies our street address. She has had to provide it to banks when opening accounts but it was only verbal and doesn't show up on any written documentation. Maybe she'll find out tomorrow when she can talk to a hoo-man, as Quark might say.
  13. So she comes over and tells me this and isn't sure what to do? I immediately think scam. Turns out it wasn't. They want copies of ID and, because we only have POBs on DLs, a copy of a utility bill showing the street service address along with the POB mailing address in her name. She has a passport too but absolutely nothing with a physical address on it. The utilities we get here , prop. tax, etc., are all in my name. What an effing mess. Then it occurs to me that when her DL is up for renewal she will need the same stuff because of the "Real ID Act" which Calif. will have to cut in over the next few years. This is nuts.
  14. cashnocredit

    Hey Peeps, should I have reported this to HR?

    I ran across a guy like that hit on every female in sight or so it seemed. He was in sales and so was used to being told "not interested." So perhaps that partially explains it. But even I found him creepy and I'm pretty easy going.

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