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  1. Trends in mortgages and scoring approaches is one of my interests. Here's some data on the distribution of FICO and Vantage Scores from the FHFA. They have rolled out a process to require both for mortgages. However, it's a multi-year program so don't expect Vantage Scores to show up for mortgages in the near future. FHFA Announces Validation of FICO 10T and VantageScore 4.0 for Use by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac | Federal Housing Finance Agency For the math geeks their study shows a .85 correlation coeficient between the scores. I would expect the average VS to be +- 40 points different. Half of consumers more, half less. See tables 3.1 and 3.2 for more details. Also, to get an idea of ow extensive the credit types available to the government, check out the GSA's contract but prepare to be overwhelmed. There's an amazing range of credit report info out there: https://www.gsaadvantage.gov/ref_text/GS23F0356P/GS23F0356P_online.htm
  2. Exactly so. I should have mentioned that. Seems there are two aspects to the scam. Somebusiness just pay invoives w/o much checking. in my case it was clearthey were also fishing. Claiming my computer was hacked and offering to help. No doubt they would go on to ask for access and probably plant malware. Didn't bite and just hung up. The "Paypal" rep that answered the phone was not Paypal. Be careful. Especially watch out for anyone trying to scare you into doing something quickly that involves you giving them any personal info, passwords, remote access, etc. Big red flag it's a scam..
  3. I also had bad credit. Collection accounts and paid tax lien. No lines of credit at all. Positive nor negative. I opened a Wells Fargo Secured card and a few months later a Citi secured card. both unsecured and returned my deposit about a year later. And both removed any indication on my credit reports that their cards had ever been secured. Within a year all the baddies fell off and I've since got high end cards and have charged as much as 60k in a month though I normally run under 5k-10k/mo. Highly recommend secured cards that unsecure and stay away from the low CL fee reapers crap cards.
  4. Well, I just got one of the better scam emails. An email direct from Paypal for an invoice I never authorized. And yet, it had my actual name and the originating address was paypal.com Don't be fooled. Like the guy in this article, I called the number on the email after first logging in and verifying the phony invoice was pending. It became obvious the guy I was talking to was feeding a line of crap designed to scare me while he had little info other than the ph. no. I used to call him. Hung up. So, a little searching and guess what. Found this: This PayPal invoice scam almost got me. Here's how to spot it - Elliott Report Pretty much an exact match! Annoying pieces of excrement.
  5. Nah. Not even close to pet rocks. Bitcoin can: Be a great way to gamble. Probably >90% of the uses. A way to pay ransoms when you've been attacked by ransomware. A way to wash currency. A way to pay for child porno. It does have one thing in common with pet rocks. Zero liquidation value. That is, no net value other than what you can trade it for.
  6. The block-fi CC halted. People can't get their bitcoin rewards but still have to make their payments: 'I Won't Pay If You Don't Pay First': Angry BlockFi Customers Refuse To Settle Their Credit Card Debt After Bankrupt Firm Freezes Their Funds (msn.com)
  7. Well, this is interesting. WF made my pre-existing CC a 2% "active" cashback card by just clicking on the accept button. No change in card no. just automatically works. I've used it and it is reporting charges under the new terms. So I was expecting to just use the same card until it expired. Then I got an email that they were sending a new "active cash card" in the mail. I mean why? What's the point? Just costs them money. Only thing I can figure that might matter is the physical card will say "signature." Does that have any meaning in the real world to me since WF already has it categorized as a siggy with links to the various goodies I never actually use?
  8. That's sure odd. Fraudster's generally buy stuff that's fungible. But clothing? wtf. But hey, the $2B powerball was won by someone in a small town that happened to be the first place I worked out of college. A friend working late there got in his truck and was approached by a random dude off the street asking if he wanted to by some jewels at 90% discount. Friend asked him if they were hot. He said, "sure, that's why so cheap" Too bad for the guy that the friend was also a deputy sheriff. Turned out the sob had only been out of jail a few days. There's all kinds of luck. Good, bad, and just plain bizarre.
  9. Man, that's unreal. Scratching my head trying to figure out how the fraud was done. Maybe some sort of software bug. See if you can get a time stamp for the charges.
  10. This is important. Cards that graduate keep their "opened on" date and they also drop the notation that the card is secured. Check the master list as Hege suggested. Also, the security deposit only affects credit limits and they do not affect FICO scores which are based on the fraction of credit used, not absolute amount. As for me, I opened both cards with the maximum deposit they allowed, WF:10k, Citi:25k. There's a reason my name here is cashnocredit. Now I have both.
  11. In my case,I started off with one secured card from WF. A few months later I added a Citi secured card. The Citi card was secured with a CD paying 4% APR. IIRC, the WF card unsecured after about 9 months. The Citi card after 1 year. It's well established that 2 CCs have significantly higher FICO scores than one but the main impact will be any remaining negatives. Even a single one.
  12. Best site chronacling the various issues crypto exchanges are having. It's Molly White's accumulation of news stories and links since the start of the year. Views the whole web3 thing as VC driven marketting hype. Say the word blockchain and they throw money at you. Web3 is Going Just Great (web3isgoinggreat.com)
  13. More counterparty risk in the crypto space than I thought. 'Only when the tide goes out that do you discover who's been swimming naked. ' - Warren Buffett.
  14. I screwed up by switching to using only checks, wires, and debit cards a few decades back. This resulted in my credit files dropping all my previous credit card activity. And I'd paid off my mortgage back in the 80's. So essentially a blank credit report that had a few negatives from a paid tax lien and cable box fees I hadn't known about when I moved back in 2003. Didn't even know anything about what was in credit reports until 2009 when I got annoyed enough at getting a song and dance about using a credit card instead of debit card when renting cars or hotel rooms. A bit of research opened up the whole world of credit I was ignorant of. First thing I did was open up a secured CC at Wells Fargo. Not a problem even with dings and no credit history as I'd banked there since the 70's. After another secured CC from Citi (that paid 4% on the deposit) and negatives removed over the next year, the cards unsecured. Then I added rewards cards. However, the WF card remained non-rewards but no AF so I just kept it (unused) since it was my oldest account. So, routinely logged onto WF to check my savings/checking accounts for accuracy and there was a notice at the top that my CC could be instantly converted to various rewards cards with no charge, no credit pulls, and the card I had (with the same number) would immediately be the new reward card. I picked the 2% cash back, no AF card. My guess is they got tired of WF being the only card I had that got no use.
  15. One of my biz partners had pet cougars. Full grown and "equipped" Used to wrestle with them. Worked because he got them as kittys so he was always leader.
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