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  1. I had 3 brothers and a sister and we all left home as soon as we were able which was sometime between 18 and 19 y/o. But that was in the 60's and 70's. Back then the idea you would live or be supported by your parents was pretty weird. Empty nest syndrome was often talked about but helicopter parenting was unknown. Funny how things change.
  2. My sense is, based on following coder jobs/trends, that this has become a major player in Wall Street trading amongst the larger investment banks. Formal SEC filings are still useful, but this stuff adds a kind of legal insider info you do analytics against with the historical Edgar filings to get an edge.
  3. Personally, I find telephone/cell calls way more annoying that spam text or email. The latter can be rather amusing because it doesn't interrupt anything I'm doing unlike an incoming call. They are impersonal and you don't feel the pressure of someone demanding this or that. I suspect that debt collectors will be sadly disappointed if they think this will be an effective collection technique.
  4. Kind of like "Knock her up in the morning" My first boss hated the term motherboard insisting it should be called masterboard. But no one did.
  5. if you get your full reports they can show multiple addresses. For instance various addresses appear on my files from an old mortgage I was joint on but didn't live there to various permutations of my street address and POB. All list my POB. but not all list my street address. I believe the top address is whatever the last creditor reported.
  6. The quoted section applies only to bank execs and doesn't apply to the OP. Failure to pay for contracted utility services can be sent to collections.
  7. Interesting how the meaning of words vary with context or even one's background. "Router" means something completely different to a carpenter or IT worker. And there is no similarity in usage As for "SOBs," to pilots, the FAA,, and NTSB it automatically means "Souls on Board" but it would seem somewhat correlated with the more common use.
  8. Interestingly, the big problem is education debt. Credit card debt comes in much lower. A few of the ugly details: The average loan balance for those graduating with student debt is $36,888, or a $371 monthly payment over 10 years, according to Age Wave calculations. The average credit card balance is $3,700 among those with card debt, and more than half are struggling to pay it off, according to the Survey of Consumer Finances. If over half are struggling to pay off the CCs, what about the education loans? In forbearance? Who knows. No paywall: https://www.heraldmailmedia.com/news/usa_today/millennials-still-lean-on-parents-for-money-but-want-financial/article_4b36cd39-c9f1-5377-9fe7-e69835a80edd.html https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/04/18/millennial-money-why-young-adults-still-need-support-parents/3500346002/
  9. The article makes a different point. Some places are now accepting returns for other retailers. That's pretty new and it's an effort to increase foot traffic in their own, brick and mortar stores. Really kind of weird and, imo, desperate.
  10. I think LC's problem is that they have been making crappy loans and are currently underperforming. Saying they are being caution about the future is just an excuse. A poor one.
  11. That's wild. Brick and mortar stores are trying to get more foot traffic doing this? So people returning stuff just might by on impulse? Just smacks of desperation.
  12. Yeah, fishy as hell story. Her FA charged a few million to place her money is what that pays essentially zero interest. You don't need a FA to figure that out. But I don't see any fraud on the face of it. Just marginal judgment. A lot worse has happened with some big winners. Is there a third party egging her on?
  13. Yeah. Good point. I only know of one, a friend of my gf. The mom is very new age, anti-vaxer, etc. When the gf was visiting, she waved a crystal over some fish that was more than a few days old and declared it safe. Fortunately her husband is not and their grandkids were vaccinated, much to the mom's distress. Apparently her children listened to the dad. And she was upper middle class.
  14. The point of Hege's post is the nuttiness of using a debit card. The whack job is telling the person who wrote in the question that she needs to set up another bank account with a debit card attached and initially add $500! This is insane on multiple levels. 1. As noted by other posters, the billing cycle on a credit card is long enough to get reimbursed. 2. A debit card with $500 in the bank is not going to cover much travel/hotel expenses. Really! Just completely insane advice. She should just get a second (at least) credit card only for travel expenses and get on with his/her life. But what can you expect from DR? He only has a hammer and everything looks like a nail.
  15. This is true. Front end devops is not something that the nerdiest coders go into and they often aren't very good at it. And there are more women coders doing front end work. I suspect because they are more social and tend to have better intuition about what appeals to others. Complete nerds, almost always male, given their druthers would code to appeal to themselves in their narrow universe. The trick for managers is getting all these differently skilled people in their happy place while optimizing the result. No mean feat.

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