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  1. Unless they've stopped giving APR reductions, your pattern of usage would be associated with very low risk. So go for it.
  2. My favorite coat is an old, dark green, military surplus, lined long coat with large buttons and belt in the middle. Must weigh about 15 pounds. Huge pockets inside and out. I think I paid $10 for it at a Salvation Army back in college. It was really great for MC riding. And dates riding in the back could stuff their hands deep in the pockets. Couldn't afford leathers.
  3. He's wearing a Tie! That's rare. Most people used to dress up 50 years ago when they flew but ties are few and far between these days.
  4. I would expect auto CLIs are less common these days as we are near peak economy. As the corona virus supply chain impact ripples through, shortages and concomitant price increases will stress consumers that are carrying significant balances.
  5. https://www.cdiaonline.org/ This org establishes the industry format. Any software vendor will have to comply. You also have to sign up with the CRAs as a legit consumer credit extending biz.
  6. This is one of the problems with social media. It encourages people to find others with similar views. Anti-vax peeps all get together and re-enforce their beliefs. Anything to the contrary is just a conspiracy by big pharma. And this occurs on a wide range of nutty ideas. Like birds of a feather, nuts flock together. And it's way easier for them to find each other.
  7. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/02/14/asia/coronavirus-work-from-home-intl-hnk-scli/index.html In major hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore, shops are shuttered, public facilities are closed, and there are few people wandering the usually-bustling financial districts. Instead, millions of people are holed up in their apartments, in what may be the world's biggest work-from-home experiment.
  8. You have an offer in writing. Unless they have withdrawn the offer in writing or it's limited in time just accept the offer. Return the instrument, pay them the arrears, and hold them to the offer. BTW, it's not blackmail. There's a very specific legal meaning to blackmail and that ain't it. Absent the offer, they have no obligation to remove the dings but you have an obligation to return the instrument and pay what's due.
  9. StuffFromDennis, Could you provide a bit of info that might help the folks here familiar with probate/bk law in your state. When did your grandmom die? Was your mom paying the mortgages in the grandmom's name? What are the monthly payments and how late is each? I presume the mortgages were both taken out by the grandmom. Sounds like the will was essentially the same as what happens without a will (intestate). Many states allow a very simplified, DIY, probate when the amounts are this low.
  10. I'm so disappointed. When I saw the "Special Surveillance" alert I thought it might be something juicy. But no, Just a bunch of thoughtful and or funny comments.
  11. He's been a favorite of shorts for at least a decade. And it's cost them a very large pile.
  12. Nothing to close. I am Syn Free and pray for swirled peas.
  13. "More than 1 in 3 Americans — or 91 million people — say they’re afraid they’ll max out their credit card when making a large purchase." I'm one of them except I didn't fear maxing out a CC. I did it on purpose to test the so-called NPSL of flex-pay cards where you can go beyond your CL. And it worked great! That is even the point of issuers providing flex cards. The thing to fear is carrying a balance. Using them to make occasional large purchases that you pay the next month and collect rewards on is one of the reasons God invented CCs.
  14. Far out man. Finally a subject where the students will do homework.

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