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  1. I'm guessing the odds are in their favor. I've got a feeling that most users are not applying for Global Entry, or have no use for it. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Yup! For some reason I never warmed up to Kredit Carma.
  3. That's a great service and a brilliant idea. Let's hope all banks and credit card companies do the same.
  4. They deposited into my bank account in 1 business day. Good luck.
  5. What a heavy burden. 800's is too much for any man to handle. Hang in there buddy! Congratulations!
  6. Approximately six hours later, my bank account showed this: "ACH CREDIT AMEX EPAYMENT AMEX LOAN ON 03/22 25,000.00" How cool is that?
  7. WOW! 1,000,000? That's worth about $20,000.00 Congratulations!
  8. I'd recommend using a spreadsheet. I can't handle too many accounts. I keep track of the following: Opening Date Credit Line Ballance Last CLI Require HP for CLI BT offer end dates Annual Fees & Renewal Dates I keep a maximum of 6 Credit cards, to a total of 10 accounts, including Mortgage, car loans and bank accounts. Anything more than that I can't sleep at night
  9. International acceptance of Discover is the modern day equivalent of Schroedinger's cat. That has been my experience also.

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