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  1. Thanks, WhyChat. It's non medical and I am going to answer. I already have a thread going in the appropriate forum, just wanted to make sure it wouldn't affect the HIPAA process I am following. Thank you!!
  2. I have just been served regarding a different account. Should I hold off on any medical debt removal until that is resolved or can they be worked in parallel?
  3. Yes, following the guides. I have opted out and will not be deleting old addresses because none of the medical debts are associated with them, only good TL's. Hang on, so you're supposed to print the form WITH the CONFIDENTIAL and background?? I just copied the format and entered my information, like in the sample. I also couldn't find a blue pen so hand wrote it in black ink.
  4. One other question... Do I need to include the FULL credit report or only the pages with the negative information that I've circled?
  5. I am handwriting the "initial dispute letter" for the hippa letter program but can't find a blue pen. Can I use black or will that adversely affect me?
  6. I am getting ready to send the initial credit report dispute form: http://whychat.5u.com/Credit%20Report%20Dispute%20Form.pdf Should I include paid/closed collections or only ones that are open?
  7. Thanks, adam550. I still need to know if I can go ahead and pay OC directly in the office with a money order that states for deposit to their account only. I guess I'm not sure what to do because I they're not reporting to the CRA's.
  8. Oh, like that. Yes, the CA's have her name listed correctly. I will go ahead and request removal of all variations of her name. Thank you!
  9. Or can I pay the OC in the office with a money order that say, "For deposit into XYZ's account only". Would that work?
  10. One other item to add. None of these accounts appear on either of our credit reports. My end goal is to pay them but I don't want to end up with paid collections in the long run.
  11. My current pediatrician has sent me to collections. I recently received a letter from a CA with the amounts owed, which match my EOB's. It also says, "The Financial Assistance Policy for XYZ Physicians is located on the website at xyz.com." Does this prove a current relationship with the OC? I need to pay these off ASAP because they won't provide me with my daughter's immunization records without me making a payment and I don't want to pay in the office because I fear they'll simply forward the money to the CA. Does the letter prove a current relationship and can I go ahead and pay the OC using the HIPAA letter or have we not yet established a current relationship? Thank you for your insight!
  12. I apologize for the silly question but how do I determine which name is associated with a TL? I see where the address identification number is associated but I don't see where the names tie back to the TL's? The names have ID's but I don't see them listed next to the TL like they are for addresses.
  13. She has 14 aliases on her credit reports. Her maiden name is two words so people/businesses have always changed the way they spell it which is why I believe there are so many. Can/should I ask the CRA's to remove them or does it matter? Do I still cite that I'm concerned with ID theft or just that I want them to only have the one correct name?
  14. Oh yeah, the whole situation is very strange, IMO. I will definitely report back for the inquiring minds
  15. I am excited if they aren't truly reporting, I'm just not convinced since they appear on her true/actual reports. I will add her to a zero balance card with no late payment and see what happens in a month. Thank you very much for your explanations!

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