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  1. Was not posted 2/91/ States was opened then. Posted to the credit reports 1/2006. I already disputed that i did not open an account with verizon in 1991. Never heard of airtouch.
  2. Sorry, I posted all that but edited it out. Not comfortable posting all that info. I can read how it is reporting and it states opened in 2/91. My question is not how to dispute it based on info being reported - it is what else could I be doing that I haven't already to get rid of this tradeline.
  3. Verizon is on all 3 of my reports. They put it there in January. Says I closed the account in May, but charged off in Nov 2004. ( or last activity - forget which and I can't check right now cos this is about the only web site working for me right now, computer seems to be acting up). The account is reporting that I opened it in February 1991. Couldn't have. Got married in May 01 and no utilities were opened in my name until late April. I have requested verification, but just received a letter back refering me to statements I don't have. I called them, but it was a waste of time. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and sent a letter through planet feedback. I also faxed a letter offering to pay for deletion. Have I missed anything? I need this off fast so I can apply for a mortgage. This one tanked my score by 50 points!
  4. Check the TU report. Might be reporting under a different name, or a combo like NCO/Verizon. TU reps are just dumb enough to not make the connection. And next time you sneak in here after being gone for months, say hi, lol. We didn't even have time to put snacks out tried to check the tu report - but it won't let me get a credit report. don't know why - maybe my past history with them. Pulled a three credit report - and it is verizon across the board. I haven't been gone - I would glance at the boards almost daily - but just never have the time to write. Working full time is killing me! I kept checking for snacks - but never found any. Toss me some popcorn when you get a chance - extra butter! good to see you stll around radi8
  5. No, wanted the fico scores. If it is showing up on myfico it must be on their reports somewhere.
  6. I never received a call from NCO - never any calls from Verizon until yesterday. I sent a pay for delete letter to them. They gave me a number and name to call, but when I asked for the name they didn't know who it was. I just received an updated report from equifax and it still reports as verizon and has a phone number now. I just called the phone number and it answers with verizon. I did file a complaint with the BBB earlier in the week. I am also going to call TU today to ask them why they say it isn't on my reports when it is. Never called a CRA before, but I don't know what else to do. I can dispute it all I want, but I will just keep gettting letters back saying it isn't on there.
  7. I disputed a tradeline on all 3 reports - verizon. I have sent verizon letters requesting verification and jsut receive letters back refering me to my statements, which I don't have and never had. I called verizon yesterday and spoke to both collections and regular department. Both said they did not report to the CRAs and to check with the collection agency. No collection agency is listed on my reports - it just says verizon. I did ask who the collection agency was and they said NCO. Now - when I have disputed this tradeline with TU they sent me a letter back saying they don't have verizon on my reports - yet it says verizon on the report. I don't know what to make of that one. I sent them a copy of the page from myfico where it says verizon and I received the same letter again - not on your report.
  8. thanks. I think what is wrong is that the dll files are associated with a wrong program? Looks like a picture viewer icon is next to them in the windows directory. I do know that the problem started when we installed a kodak program for a camera. I am going now to uninstall that program to see what happens
  9. Any good programs to fix errors with these files?
  10. I buy 2 to 3 sunday papers just for the coupons now. It is worth the money to get all the coupons. It won't end up costing you more. Just one or two items will save you the cost of the papers.
  11. Yeah, I used to hate it also for the same reasons. It takes me half the time now cos i just bring the list and coupons with me. I am going to have to turn the job of cutting the coupons out to someone else, cos that is just plain boring!
  12. Isn't it actually fun shopping now using the grocery game! Last week I spent $108 and came home with 23 bags of stuff. I saved about $600 during the month of april. You really do end up saving alot of money, and get more groceries for your money. Of course my girls watch me save and tell me now they can buy more clothes.
  13. Actually,that article can be good news for those looking to purchase. Now, maybe we won't have to compete with investors at lotteries. If the investors stop competing for the homes, the demand will go down.

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