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  1. Finally! After 3 months of battle, Arrow Financial Services is off of all three of my credit reports!!!! I'm so happy :-) It finally feels like all my research and time is getting me somewhere! Just in case anyone is curious, here is the story: Had a vehicle repo charge-off that was taken over by Arrow in 2006. We had it settled in full by 9/2007. In July of this year, pulled all three CRs and it showed $868 still due and the account as current and deragatory. July 25, 2009 I disputed with all three CRA's. The account was corrected on TU, and verified on EQ and EX. Augu
  2. I disputed with all 3 CRA's two months ago and sent a modified DV letter to AFS requesting proof that I say that I owe what they are reporting. Sent that in August. AFS has not responded. Yesterday (60 days after sending initial letter) I ended up sending a follow up including copies of the letter I previously sent, copy of signed green card, copy of ALW trying to collect after I specifically told them not to resell alleged account without providing proof, told them that this debt has been settled, and they WILL fix this or I will be contacting an attorney. If they don't fix, I will be sen
  3. have you been turned down for a mortgage? UNABLE TO GET PREAPPROVED AT THIS TIME (MID SCORE IS 612) is this the only negative on your report? NO do you have anything form the lender stating that they are going to charge you a higher interest rate becasue of the reporting by AFS? NO what is the difference between your scoring with the CRA's because of it? NOT EXACTLY SURE BUT IS REPORTING CURRENTLY DELINQUENT INSTEAD OF PAID 2 YEARS AGO SO SUSPECT THIS IS GREATLY HARMING MY SCORE These JDB's subscribe to a service that alerts them to any changes to an persons' credit file.
  4. OK, here's the deal. Arrow Financial Services (AFS) took over my debt to Wells Fargo after a repossession in 2006. We paid AFS over $8000 (over a year) to settle the account, received a letter dated September of 2007 that the account was settled in full. Fast forward to earlier this year. Pulled the big 3 credit reports, AFS showing that I still owe them $868.92 which was the difference between what was originally owed and the final settlement. I DO NOT OWE them this money. Sent AFS a DV letter in August, haven't received any response. October 2009, trying to get preapproved for a mo
  5. My DH has a 5 year old CO for a First Premier CC that was charged off 5/2004. It's been sold to Arrow and arrow is still reporting open. I'm going after Arrow to get them off his report but is there any reason to mess with the oroginal CO? Is is possible to get them off the report? How much is it really affecting his credit? (It's outside the SOL). As a side note, 1st Premier CC was a $300 limit, they CO'd $478 and Arrow's claiming I owe them $876.
  6. Thanks WhyChat...I will do that when my current (non-medical)dispute has been resolved(or not).
  7. Just to add (as an edit to the above post)...OC is a local hospital. CA was paid approx $50 of $900 owed. Last date of report was in 7/2007. I know it is well within the SOL, am willing and able to pay. After spending a couple of weeks reading I have a couple questions regarding this situation...since I have paid the CA in the past on this debt, is the HIPAA series unusable? Should I treat them like any other reporting CA? DV the CRA, 1-2 punch, PFD? What would you do to obtain a deletion of this TL? Is it possible?
  8. Hello, I have a medical collection account that I started paying the CA on a couple years ago, and had to stop due to losing my job. I am now in the position to take care of it, but just want to confirm my research.....I am no longer able to settle this account with the OC since I started making payments to the CA correct? Is a PFD the best way to approach the CA for this collection? TIA!
  9. I've only been here at CreditBoards for a couple of weeks and I am sooooo excited about the information here! I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed (and continues to contribute) their knowledge and expertise so those of us not well informed of our rights as a consumer can learn how to stand up for ourselves! I've spent 3-4 hours a day, the last couple of weeks, just reading through old posts and stickies trying to fit together the information and how it relates to my personal situation. Before stumbling across this board I had no idea what a tradeline was and that it
  10. I also wanted to add that I don't know what might apply to you since yours was a voluntary surrender......
  11. Why Chat can explain it much better than I can, here's his website... http://whychat.5u.com/ Also make sure to check the repo laws in your state. Im in California and I don't know what the repo requirements are in AZ
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