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  1. We did not apply for any loan in this case. There was no written consent for a refinance. These points were made clear in my original post. We are only require to refinance or make the ballon payment at the end of 1 year of the mortgage. The loan officer went behind us to do the credit pull and apply for re-finance without our consent. That itself is a violation, since we may decide to make the ballon payment by other means without necessarily doing a refinance. I am yet to check the loan documents if there is any clause allowing the lender to make a hard pull on our credit wi
  2. That's an odd little product. What can you do in a year? Flip perhaps? I would check your loan papers and see if it says they can pull your credit since you only have 12 months to pay it off. You may have signed without knowing. Yea! It's odd. Our qualification was boderline and we were only offered a portfolio loan from the Bank's own asset. It's a small bank and could not hold over $200 K in her portfolio for more than a year. I will check the mortgage documents if we sign anything like that.
  3. The credit pull was done through a third party named FA CREDCO. I am hoping they could delete them since it was unauthorized. I am not sure why someone will damage your innocent reputation and then come around and tell you they could not remedy the damage.
  4. First, the credit pull for mortgage refinance was made by our current lender. We have a 1 year ballon mortgage that comes due by the end of the year, but our loan officer pulled our credits (All 3 beurea EX, EQ and TU) few months ago. The loan officer went as far as applying for a refinance without our consent and the refinance was denied and we receive a denial letter to that effect. Right now, we have instructed the loan officer to let us know in advance before any other credit pull. Unfortunately, one of us got a collection reported on the acoount early this year. The reson cited
  5. We are about to get a Mortgage and once it reports on my credit it will put me close to 100% DTI which will make getting any type of credit difficult for me. I need credit to finance my business and without the car payment of over $700 on my credit, the DTI looks better. Since car payment is fixed, even if the loan is pay to within $5000,the monthly payment remains the same and will continue to kill my DTI. My wife's income is able to absorb the loan without even denting her DTI over 35%.
  6. So with 95% LTV. What can one expect for interest rate with excellent credit 750+ FICO. We are looking at joining Alliance as their interest rate seems low enoughto justify the re-finance. It does not make financial sense to pay interest on an existing interest free loan, but it make economic sense to pay the small interest and have the loan off my credit report.
  7. I have a joint account with my wife on an auto loan for 2013 model with Toyota Motor credit at 0% financing for 60 months. The car has negative equity at the moment. For economic reason, it is better to have the loan on my wife's credit alone as it put too much burden on my own credit. I called Toyota Motor credit for a possible re-financing in my wife's name alone and they decline stating that she did not qualify alone, except if I re-finance with a different lender or pay it in full. My question is this; Are we require to pay the loan to at least the car value or positive equity bef
  8. Thanks Melikey! Just wanted to cover all bases. Loosing a 6 months interest free would be a blow.
  9. I might have use a wrong terminology here. The booking is refundable with a small penalty charge (about $20), but I will still come out $80 less if I use another hotel. It just happen to be my first transaction on BML and I am not sure how they perceive cancellations and refund.
  10. I made an hotel booking and pay for it with BML. This will be my first charge on BML and it has 6 months interest free on the deal. I was able to get another deal for about $80 cheaper elsewhere and need to cancel the previous booking. I would like to know from BML customer's out here how they perceive this kind of chargeback. This is also dicey as it is my first payment ever since I open the accont.
  11. winner, Thanks for the head-up. I appreciate your insight. As for others with humor to share. I like it. Sometimes, that is exactly what I need.
  12. What are you other CL tradelines showing on your CR? Do you show other cards with $25k+ limits. In addition you will likely need to call backdoor underwriter to ask for an increase the same day after applying online. My average CL showing on my CR before applying was $6k at the time I applied for Amazon and I called and they CLI the same day after approval to $4k so about 67% of my average line, however my Util was under 10%. I'm not sure what Amazon's GECRB Store card max CL is? You may be better off with the Amazon Corporate Card (if you have a business), or perhaps the Amazon Rewards V
  13. Based on OP a bump over 10-15k is unlikely IMHO...20k--that's a lot of books Yeah It is to fulfill a book contract for a University Library. I am not sure what your basis are.
  14. I am planning to pull the triger on Amazon store card. The credit line is ging to be used to fill book order purchase of about $20,000. My credit profile is clean and my EQ FICo is 770, TransUnion CK is 756. I don't feel the need to spend another $15 just to pull the same report on myFICO. What is my chances for a getting a CLI to about $25K after the initial approval with 47% util. My income is more than double the asking $25K CL. If I have to lower the util, it will take anothr 2-3 months to get everything updated and I can not wait that long. Could anyone with similar C
  15. Dog, WHATEVER YOU DO, PLEASE DON'T ACT OUT IN EMOTION OR BE REACTIONARY. KEEP YOUR CALM. ONLY WITH PATIENT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SORT THIS OUT (1) Go somewhere outside the house, say your office and print all the credit statements out on paper. (2) Take your time to dig through all her statements in the last 12 months for all the accounts to know what items were purchased. (3) Take your time to scrutinize each merchant line by line if they happen to be online purchases. (4) Highlights questionable purchases that are not meant for the family benefit and keep them a
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