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  1. Ah thanks. As long I get a single higher limit one, and increase the attached "savings account", then I can increase the individual balance later with a phone call or on the portal, I think 🤔. Like self.ai but without their low monthly limits. I'm going for 6 months to a year, not two months like the people who buy au tradelines on Facebook.
  2. Thanks for replying. Another question, is there one which lets me open it at a certain limit, and deposit more to reach a higher limit?
  3. Looking for a some secured credit cards with high limits. My fecal 8 score is 630 per Experian.com and it has been hovering between 590 and 630 for a year. I recently did a cli on my 8 years open Discover recently, from 700 to 2200, and they did not do a hard pull. I've been paying off a capital one card that defaulted to collections with Midland credit mgmt and is currently paid on time for 14 months @ 50$ per month. I also have a chase credit card that defaulted, 6000$ current balance (I paid off 3000$ before hitting a rough patch), and I haven't paid anything on it since 2019. I recently purchased a car with a 6000$ secured loan to myself through my credit union. Might have been a waste since interest is overall 500$ no matter how quickly I pay it off. I fully expect to only be able to get lower limit secured credit cards, which is fine by me, and I will have them set up on automatic bank payments. Also can a mod here change my handle? I want to be nintendo1889. Thanks for your support all these years. you guys are fantastic!
  4. I just tried the apple card. Their website swears that "they won't do a pull". I get this message (credit tends to turn to crap after living in a tent, long story) At that point I withdrew the app, I knew where it was going. But my equifax was frozen at the time, which could explain the above message.
  5. The fact that 74 college professors signed off on this idea is troubling. The commie media probably didn't ask the 10,000 law professors who were, IMHO, against this idea: https://www.creditslips.org/creditslips/2020/12/74-law-professors-sign-letter-in-support-of-the-consumer-bankruptcy-reform-act.html I want to learn more about the demos think-tank who suggested the idea to Biden. Sent from my LM-K500 using Tapatalk
  6. The only thing that could be considered racist is the zip code for the type or names of stores where you have store cards, which is used for credit scores. My last name is jewish, but it has not helped my credit score. I could see this turning into china's credit shaming system, if it's public to everyone rather than just finance companies. Sent from my LM-K500 using Tapatalk
  7. So I can see all three CUs. But I see your point, no lenders even use VS IMHO. What are the FAKOs? I thought vantage score was the FAKO score. When my score was higher, I noticed there was a wide variance between FICO and vantage scores, with VS usually +30, so I could estimate the FICO since it was always 20 or 30 points lower. Now that I have a lower score (less than 600), the difference is smaller. Or perhaps that's just my unique credit profile.
  8. Can anyone confirm if the Wallethub Credit Score Simulator is reasonably accurate, say to +/- 10 points? Their FAQ says that they use vantageScore 3.0 with Transunion data. I have attached a screenshot of their FAQ, since they won't let you copy the text and it's not in their public FAQ. I'm still trying to understand how to use @BobWang's fico spreadsheet. imghost
  9. I did see some cells with sum and average, is that where they are?
  10. Here's the spreadsheet format that I use to track my scores and the actions to improve the score. I realize that some are redundant, but since these are all free services, I can get a new score every 3 days by checking one of the scores below (example, creditkarma updates every five days, so 2-3 days later after checking creditkarma, I can check creditsesame for a new TU score). How do you track your score (for free)? Or am I watching the score too closely? Should I check on the same day each month? date FICO FICO Score 8 (Discover) Experian FICO Score 9 (Wells Fargo) Transunion VantageScore 3.0) (Capital One creditwise) Transunion VantageScore 3.0 (Credit Karma) Equifax VantageScore 3.0 (Credit Karma) Equifax VantageScore 3.0 (my.equifax.com) Transunion VantageScore 3.0 (Credit Sesame) Credit Sesame Monitoring Alerts Events Transunion (Capital One) (TU New Account Model*) Cards payment due statement date Discover Delta Chase rows 6 to 24 are FICO Bankcard Score 2 - Experian Data (Wells Fargo) capital one wells fargo paid tradeline wells fargo Account: WELLS FARGO Credit Limit of Tradeline: 600 Opened new Discover It card July 7 648 FICO experian [from discover card application] $750 credit from tires plus. froze EQ and EXP. rows 28 and below are FICO Score 9 - Experian Data (Wells Fargo) paid 600 on discover. Score only went up 5 pts target piggybacking
  11. If it powers on, Recuva will work, but use the deep scan option. I think it's called "scan all sectors". Testdisk works too but is more technical.
  12. While the thread below is good, could someone make a youtube video on how to use it? Where are the formulas stored? I don't want to change them, I just want to learn from them. cc @BobWang
  13. Also use Gethuman.com to locate the best number for reaching a person at any company. They used to have a feature where they would dial the number tree and then wait on hold for you, but it doesn't seem to work anymore.
  14. One more question, we purchased an amex tradeline that reports on the 9th. How long will it take to show up?
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