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  1. I have our entire PM exchange, but at this point it's like searching the Library of Congress. That's what happens when we're lazy and don't do it properly right outta the gate. I'll take the first 50 pages, you take the next 50. If we work through nights and weekends, we can have each post Dewey Decimal categorized by the end of May.
  2. Me too, Paris...meeee too. Edit: Thanks, Trev. Now if I could see the siggy, things might really gel.
  3. I've PM'd you at least 3 links in recent months...scan early pages of our PM. Do we have "snarky" from TX-Bluebonnet among these already referenced?
  4. Is that supposed to be a newsflash? That's right up there with the cheesy reporter that's sitting in the parking lot at the post office right now, getting ready to break the news that some people procrastinate. Oh eff! Thanks for reminding me... Don't worry, it probably won't broadcast until 5, and they'll replay it if you miss it then. An hour into the conversation some static broke up the line a bit, and I thought to myself, "She much have accidentally ate part of the phone." I'm tellin' Liz on you. You're gonna wish you had a delete or escape button when she gets here.
  5. You've been a part of this journey in spirit and in name...we talk of you often! Talk to you tomorrow. You better.
  6. Don't fret, Capster...I'm sure you have your reasons. I'm not offended.
  7. You simply must make it a priority, dear lady. I'm dead serious. It's on the bucket list. I'm just not a big fan of airports, so most of my vacations are within driving distance Huston IS in driving distance however Well come on down before I change my name, girlfriend!
  8. You've been a part of this journey in spirit and in name...we talk of you often!
  9. You simply must make it a priority, dear lady. I'm dead serious.
  10. Ground Zero had to wait for the sequel. But Grand Central is just that. Grand.
  11. Uh oh. NOW you've done it. Oh please!!!! I'm a life long NY'er, you are only here visiting. I will excuse you this time. And if I change my name to ManhattanLynne...?! Then what.
  12. Dumba$$ Q: When you applied for grad school over 10 years after the fact - did they still judge you by your undergrad transcript or look more at your work experience since then? It's 20 years next month since I received my undergrad degree and I was a "high C - low B" student in undergrad. By the time I was through my 4th year (5th overall - I changed majors then went PT for a year) I was so burned out of education in general I wanted nothing more than to get out of the classroom and never step foot in school ever again. Hey Mr. Salt-n-Peppa, my lacklustre math skills indicate you recently overplayed the "I'm Old" card.
  13. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=532254&p=5081082 What is it about you? People go freaking nuts! Last night you drop five words and the credit forum was at a standstill... Effing hilarious! http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=532254&p=5081082 OMG I just read this for the first time. I'm in tears...... I'm not for everyone. I think the GDF might need a master thread of posts where someone has gone Bakersfield chimp on me. There are others, but unfortunately I didn't bookmark them. hilarious. That master thread should be a goal... I'm the Bakersfield Chimp Scroll Keeper. I have a list around here somewhere.
  14. I wouldn't know where to begin my rant, if I could be certain of the report's veracity.
  15. I refuse to answer a question from a post with a creepy emo.
  16. Nope. The correct answer is there is no such effing thing as The 800 Club. /thread
  17. Yes, debt collection is a permissible purpose for credit inquiries. If locating you was a challenge in the past, that's even more reason for them to keep pulling your file. It's one way they confirm they have the most current contact info on file.
  18. Woohoo!! G'night peeps....I had no idea it was so late. This thread sucked 2 hours of my life away tonight. Stay tuned for tomorrow when the ELITES release a secret source for B*. You heard it here first! (just kidding, it's a joke, this statement has no factual basis, I'm tired, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
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