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  1. Ummmm...your "business" name headlining in an FTC or CFPB press release, eventually. I have a feeling this is a Craigslist "business." Ahhh. Greensheet backpage "business."
  2. Ummmm...your "business" name headlining in an FTC or CFPB press release, eventually.
  3. I was told the same thing. Program begins at the start of your next billing cycle. At the end of 12 months, you will receive double cashback, provided the card is still open, not in default, etc. I asked specifically about the 5% categories and the Discover Deals and was told that yes, those will be doubled as well. If that is the case, this is a hell of a promo. 10% on the rotating categories, 2% everywhere else and double the cash back on the deals. I just cannot see how they could give a 100% bonus on the deals. Take Nordstrom. Its a 10% Disco Deal today. That means you'd really get 20% cash back. That's just non-sustainable. Yup!!! Just activated it on my account and spoke to a supervisor who clearly stated that it includes " All Regular purchase, including "Discover Deals and all Promotional categorys" I asked what's it in for them... She stated... People will spend more on Discover and end up paying finance charges, it gives Discover the name to put them on top and its advertising money. She said it was a Corporate decision and think that it will be very sucessful. Btw, she said the Promo to sign up ends the last day of July to sign up That's some brilliant insight right there. I thought a couple of CSR supervisors in a call center cooked this one up. I love your snark... Its what keeps me coming back. I can't decide if his snark or his drivel is more intoxicating.
  4. That's their sister company -- Navy-In-a-Jiffy.
  5. You are absolutely right. I was going in the right direction this time just last year! Life did happen...and I fell off I even successfully removed a medical collection off my report thanks to WhyChat! So now, I'm trying to figure out the next step to take. This is really the hardest part. Since my student debt is a big contribution to my low scores - should that be my first move? There are two schools of thought -- tackle the biggest challenge/obstacle first; or rack up a few smaller successes to boost your confidence. If you're prone to allowing yourself to get overwhelmed and run for cover, I'd go with the latter approach. But I would hop on over to the Student Loan Forum here on CB to read read read before I made that decision. If you have any medicals left, it's usually suggested to address those first with WhyChat's help. But it sounds like you've already done that. You've totally got what it takes to do this. It's a marathon...no sprinting (for the most part) going on around here.
  6. Mendie, I think I owe you a heap of cash for the funding you've arranged for me. Okay, so it was more like, "Hey HL -- do you already have the PonyPlasticCard?" Just send my invoice to Russ.
  7. You are going to be amazed by your progress next June if you'll do one thing: stop stopping. I looked at your posting history -- last June you were taking the bull by the horns. Then life happened. I totally understand that. The fact that you've paid off several of these COs is a testament to your moxie. Based on that alone, if I were a Doctor of Credit, I'd say the prognosis is VERY good. But you won't go far if you set your sights on the peak of what seems like a mountain and allow your hands and feet to be paralyzed. Keep your focus on the thing right in front of you and start crossing off successes...whether small or sizable. The momentum will be self perpetuating and you'll end up wondering HOW you came so far in such a SHORT time. There are countless examples of that very story on CB. You're not doomed; you're not a freak; you'd never be crowned CrapCredit PromQueen. I don't even think you'd get your own segment on an underground cable talk show about Credit Losers.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOUSTONLYNNE! And. GREAT JOB OP!!! :clapping: *Mine is June 7th. Thanks and if I have my head in the sand on the 7th...Happy You Day, Joseph!
  9. How does it feel to be -- ? A lot like it felt to be -- .
  10. Imagine her delight when she realized she was free to leave. HB, HL. Late and all. I was confusing it with The Hotel California. Trevor, it's been mentioned, but I'm guessing most folks took it with a grain of salt...me being female and quixotic and such.
  11. Thank you!!! I have a meeting tomorrow morning so I'd better crash.
  12. No Kidding. And don't wake the sleeping homeless people in the subway stations. All exceptional suggestions.
  13. That's my plan. I wanna be there for your visit, even if I have to come back to HOW-ston to move.
  14. It's really rough down there, I think Dallas is getting the worst of it. Saw a picture of a flooded road online that was captioned as I-45 in Houston but that doesn't look like the Gulf Freeway to me. Looked more like the Dallas North Tollway. Meyerland was underwater today. It was a lake. OHHHHH. Yeah. That. One never knows with Indy. And I've stayed indoors to get all of my birthday licks. All 43 accounted for. Do the mods need to change your name to GothamLynne yet?? Look for a change around November. ManhattanLynne.
  15. OHHHHH. Yeah. That. One never knows with Indy. And I've stayed indoors to get all of my birthday licks. All 43 accounted for.
  16. I don't think I wanna ask you to enlightening me on this...do I.
  17. Someone told me Bob was gonna pop out of a cake before midnight CDT. So I'll just wait here.
  18. According to (NOT CreditKarma) Gerri Detweiler, Credit.com’s director of consumer education: This settlement should help three sets of consumers in particular: those who have medical bills and are waiting for insurance to process them, consumers who may not even realize they have unpaid fines or tickets until their credit reports have been damaged by collection accounts, and consumers with collection accounts and don’t know why. But it won’t solve every consumer problem.
  19. No surprise here, you definitely earned this score! Doesn't it come as a bonus with his post count?
  20. NY settled separately in a one-on-one action in March of this year. They're speshul.
  21. No amex got mad and closed all of his accounts. He disappeared right before B* died, just before this became a M$ forum. Amex closed his accounts? I left for a few months, and all kinds of things changed. I miss BW, though! (And some folks, like HL, don't seem to post as much as before, either.) Don't fret -- I'm not too far away. I started a new job a few weeks ago. Consequently, I learned some employers actually expect a girl to WORK for her salary. Imagine my chagrin when I learned "Hang Out On CB" wasn't in my job description. HL! I distinctly remember you saying something along the lines of "hey, I'll get in touch with you tomorrow". That was over a week ago... CBPT. Does that mean what I think it does? lol I think it means I suck.
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