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  1. You should have given him an outraged look and retorted, "Mrs. Neapolitan is suffering from a seasonal hormone imbalance."
  2. When it's on the cat we call it fur. But the instant it's on anything else -- furniture, clothing, tongue -- it becomes cat hair. Think about it. We don't say, "OMG...look at all this cat fur on my black pants!" Nope. It's hair. Why is this?* *Please refer to parenthetical thread title.
  3. Love your attention to detail. Love your attention to detail. Thank you. Thank you.
  4. The phrame is a nice touch. What can I say. It's a gift.
  5. Give it time -- some data furnishers submit their changes to the CRAs in 30-day cycles. It may certainly happen sooner, but personal experience has taught me to wait at least 30 days before trying a "next plan" to force a change. And great work on the impending deletion!
  6. Thanks for this. I gathered it was a typo, but I went the wrong direction.
  7. Where the hell have you been? In you-know-who's basement. Just a guess. Oh c'mon, fellas. Shifter is fully reformed and no longer in the hostage-taking biz.
  8. HoustonLynne

    TU R*

    Also in CO. Any other reports that CO didn't have R* earlier this year? I know it's over now, but wondering if the "experts" missed that CO may have still been enjoying B* along with TX the last 6 months. 20 points for losing inq's? lol The "experts" miss a lot of things. You will notice that most of the "experts" are new to the game. Most of the true "experts" have already been run off this board. B* is still viable since you can at least drop some inquiries before applying for credit. This can make a difference of up to 20 points on your FICO score depending on other factors. How about a list of all the true experts who have been run off this site? Still waiting. I'm patient.
  9. *Free to Good Home* Anyone need an RSVP code for Amex Biz Plat w/100k MR points? One expires 8/21 and the other 9/18. If you're holding out for more, perhaps I'll get another one for 150k -- the one I found in the mailbox had expired July 10th.
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