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  1. Yeah over the phone. Maybe CC is handled different from LOC though?
  2. I just joined and app'd for the Visa, and I was told it would be two seperate pulls, which it was, both Equifax on the same day. To me, that's pretty ridiculous, but whatever. The good news is that they seemed to have loosened up on the $5k limit; I asked for $6k and got it.
  3. It was prob the same people! My lady wouldn't tell me the name of her company (?!) but my friend google told me its RTH group or Rotech holdings. Apparently it's been happening to a lot of people
  4. Ugh, I've been dealing with the same thing since Feb. They have to clear previous orders or some such nonsense. Got it fixed two days ago, and it happened AGAIN today
  5. Also, I'm pretty sure a real process server wouldn't tell you to call the "plaintiff;" their job is to serve you, not to try to settle the lawsuit.
  6. Ha. I can almost guarantee that's fake. I got a call just yesterday from someone saying the same thing with a fake case number and everything. I called the person back and asked them where the case was filed because I could not find any case against me and any place I have ever live. I kind of feel bad for the girl I spoke with because she seemed a little uncomfortable when I confronted her about the issue; she basically admitted she had no idea if a case existed or not. Naturally, I filed several complaints with the FTC and my states AG for FDCPA violations.
  7. Hey sorry I didn't update! The inquiry actually bumped off...I guess it was next in the TU line. The did respond to my letter saying they would remove the inquiry, but it was after it was already gone. Never heard anything again...
  8. You guys are too much. Some poor soul is going to spend time and money actually trying to get this to work... I have the *guaranteed* way to bump inquiries off Ex! Wait 730 (or 731 this year) days from the time you apped, and POOF! They will be gone!
  9. IF being the prime word here. It very well could buy him a lifetime of stress and financial woe. Maybe you misread his post, but it certainly doesn't sound like the money is there, he has already financed 10K, and is talking about financing more...for one day. That one day will not be worth several(or many) years of worry and financial trouble. Your situation($300 a plate) sounds very different. +THIS. I am engaged, and I always dreamed of the huge wedding with the awesome dress and all the trimmings. Neither sets of parents are able to contribute financially, however, so it's all on my future husband and I. Although we both have very well-paying jobs, I just can't being myself to have a big wedding now. All I keep thinking is, if we spend $15k-$20k on the wedding, that's around $3-$4k AN HOUR. I never thought I would be a practical bride to be, but I am. Like another poster said, why do you have to dig yourself into further debt and not your soon to be wife? Honestly, I would rather have a husband with less debt, and therefore probably better credit in the future, than one who is still struggling to pay for the wedding and honeymoon years later. Really not trying to be mean or make this sound bad, but...if she is so concerned with having an expensive wedding despite the fact that neither of you can afford it, and she is willing to let you borrow and go into debt while she does nothing...maybe you should think really hard about this. As a girly girl, I understand the desire for a big wedding, but I would never personally make/ask my fiancé to do what you are doing. Marriage isn't about a five hour party. PS - we decided to totally do a courthouse wedding ~ $100, and use part of the money saved for a trip to Florence, and part for a down payment in a house. No borrowing.
  10. PFB is a website where you can make comments or ask questions of all different kinds of companies. Instead of a person searching for the correct individual at a company to complain/compliment, PFB routes the message for you. If you go on the site, I usually click that I have a "question", then it will ask you for the name of the company. I typed in "Nordstrom", and chose Nordstrom, inc. (I think-whatever the other one is besides Nordstrom.com). You then type a letter stating your case why you feel your app should be reconsidered. From there, they send it to Nordstrom's CS for you. You can definitely call Nordstrom Bank and state your case; they are really super friendly and have great service. I only suggest PFB because it personally worked for me and my fiancé. Good luck! They do have good perks and is one of the better store cards, IMO.
  11. 1000% recon!!!! I was denied by Nordies when I first seriously started rebuilding my credit back in June. I read about Nordies recon on here, and someone suggested PFB. I sent a recon request online through them, and received a store card about ten days later Last month, my fiancé was denied a Nordstrom store card due to an old foreclosure. I told him about PFB, he sent a recon request through them as well, and he received his card about a week after the request. I haven't really had any other luck with planetfeedback.com with anything else, but Nordstrom recon definitely works through them, and fairly quickly.
  12. I don't know from experience, as I have 5 months til I start paying my law school loans back, but from what I heard from someone else, their FICO actually got a little bump when their grace period ended and they began repayment. Fingers crossed for us that's what happens!
  13. If I came across as unjustifiably mean earlier, I apologize. Perhaps I misread HillShooter's attitude. To me, it came across literally as his wrote it, "why should I care?", not "what does this mean?" Thanks Mike for sticking up for me; I guess I find "that time of the month" comments pretty immature and inappropriate, but I suppose I am in the minority. Not YOU, the other one. Thanks Bob - I feel special that you even read something I wrote! You're like a living CB legend

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