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  1. I need to contact them too to get a late removed. But whether someone has or hasn't had success doesn't mean you will get the same results anyways. Even if 100 people had posted that they had no success, it doesn't cost anything to try for yourself.
  2. Finally got in on this. I thought I was going to be stuck at $1500 forever. They gave me an auto CLI to $2500 a few months ago. My statement cut yesterday (tried and was denied, tried again today and I got another $1500). I'm OK waiting every 90 days. It's better than what I had been getting.
  3. Others have reported going back and getting more when they got exactly what they requested.
  4. If you have the new interface they do counter and not flatly reject you. Online only worked with my JcPenney account. I got the 7-10 days on my Google Store and Walmart MC cards. I called underwriting for Walmart and was denied. So I'm not going to bother on the Google Store account. It's only a month old anyway. Amazon has the old interface and I was denied. I called into underwriting and was upped. Paypal SmartConnect has no option to request it online. Called CSR and was denied but then she transferred me to underwriting and went up. They aren't totally bonkers. It's just like t
  5. Yeah I don't understand why someone can get a CLI within a few days of opening a card and others who wait 3 months before applying are told it's too new.
  6. I'm down to lates reporting from 2 years ago. I've read through PsycDoc's who recommends contacting the OC. But more recent posts are people stating that GW should be a last resort. All my current lates are on open accounts. They are with Chase, Barclays and Synchrony. Any recommendations with these specific creditors? TIA.
  7. I applied online but got sent an email a day later to fill out the paper application and include a pic of my government issued ID and a copy of the welcome letter from SD Navy League. Still waiting on a decision since providing that info.
  8. If all you want is the AMEX name also think about the Dillards American Express card issued by GEMB. In my experience it was easier to be approved by GEMB than it was for Barclays/Juniper. But be careful because if you don't qualify for the AMEX they will issue you a Dillards only Card.
  9. Orchard 2% Visa. No luv. I'm at $1500 and have been there for over a year.
  10. I applied for an HSBC 2% card(http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=471453&st=0&p=4505323&fromsearch=1entry4505323) back in July. Well I was given a $300 CL so I closed it same day I applied and it never hit my credit reports.
  11. If it requires a hard pull to get your 'free' FICO it isn't really free IMHO
  12. Is this a hidden tradeline? Or am I confusing this with UMB branded cards?
  13. Walmart DC has been good to me. I received an auto increase ($850 - $1350) in the 3rd month. And then less than 6 months later I requested a CLI and was bumped to $3850. I had a regular Walmart card since that's all I could qualify originally and instead of waiting to receive an invite to upgrade I just bit the bullet and cold apped. I had paid off an iPad 2 on it about 2 months ago (love the 12 months 0% for purchases higher than $299). So that might have helped with the big credit line jump. I'm happy with it so far. Good luck with yours!
  14. CFNA was the very first company that every gave me credit after rebuilding. I was totally surprised they started me at $1,000. And this was before I started cleaning up my reports. I'm now up to $2400 with them. I'd try again after your BK is discharged. They are a good rebuilder in my opinion.
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