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  1. When the AF posted to my Chase Sapphire Preferred, I forgot about it and it went a few months without being paid. Chase simply closed the card ("per consumer request") and zeroed-out the fee. No delinquency ever hit my reports. They were also able to reopen the card when I called Lending Services.
  2. 60s would be classified as "serious delinquency," correct me if I'm wrong. So I'd probably let the car go 30 and not let the cards go 60.
  3. Get that Walmart card increased by calling the magic number.
  4. Thanks, but I have a CO from Cap One still on my reports that's around 6 years old. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't approve me. You'd be surprised!
  5. Chase ASPCA Visa back in 2006. $500 CL, something like 19.99% rate. It became a Flexible Rewards card. Now it is a Freedom.
  6. The outcome of the charge back was in my favor. Thus why sprint has put the full $177.71 on my sprint bill that is now going to collections. I'm not sure if this is ethical or valid or not. Doesn't make sense but this is what Sprint has done. On the plus side I have my money back at this point, but on the down side, they are now threatening me with collections. As for going to a sprint store - I refuse. It took 90 minutes of waiting at the corporate store just to return the Iphone, plus 30 minutes with the representative. In the months waiting for for the $177 refund I spent another at least 2 hours on the phone trying to correct it, thus why last month I just called up my credit card company and did a charge back (15 minutes total). I may try calling the sprint corporate number tonight as someone suggested. Thanks! Sprint sucks. no one will deny that. But if you are refusing to go to a store (the easiest way to fix this) then you are slamming the door on the fastest way to correct the problem. Call the number iCarl posted and see if you can get what you want there. Otherwise you're going to have to find a store that is not to busy so your not stuck there all day. A store is the best way... I would know... I do this for a living haha. They have access to internal support groups that you can't access alone... who can fix this...
  7. Go to a Sprint Store (corporate, if you can - not a Preferred Retailer store) and have the rep search for the account by your social. I'm willing to bet that the refund never got processed properly and/or the lease/installment never got canceled. The rep will probably have to call NSS (National Sales Support) to fix it. Alternatively, the number for Finance at Sprint is 1-800-639-6111. But a store is the best bet.
  8. You should be fine with Community. I sent someone in with a VERY DIRTY Chex report and they were approved no issue.
  9. What benefit was there to having AU cards early in life vs 18 years old? If someone can point to one positive difference, I will change my stance on this. I don't believe there is any positive reason to do it until right before 18 years of age. It taught me responsible usage (until all of his accounts went sour)...I was given a card and had to "pay" for the things I wanted by saving and giving him the money and then using "my" card to pay for said things. It was also useful to have a card for emergency purposes as I often spent a lot of time away from home with family and such. Also, because of this, my AmEx member since date is very old - it's the year I turned 13, as that's when my father opened a Gold and added my mother and me onto the card. Even though backdated reporting is no longer a thing, it's still cool to see on my personal AmEx cards.
  10. I was an AU on several of my father's cards at 13. The cards all charged-off by the time I was 16. When I turned 18 and pulled my reports for the first time, most of the accounts were still there...reporting positively. Well, I mean, they were positive. They had stopped reporting years prior. I pulled my FICOs and they were all about 750. YMMV.
  11. Nope. Can't suggest Chime. They thought I was money-laundering because I was withdrawing from ATMs multiple times a day. I used it as my casino-stash account.
  12. My Firestone was at $3,000 (started at $800) but dropped down to $1,000 after a few years of non-use. My Firestone was at $3,000 (started at $800) but dropped down to $1,000 after a few years of non-use.
  13. Try it, their offers tend to be pretty solid and it's a good card.
  14. U said u wanted to App a new Cap 1 card they will only approve one new account every 6 months. And remember if u combine hit the Luv Button on each card before combining. Is this something new? I got a Venture in January, then a QS and a VentureOne in March.

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