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  1. The settlement document does not specify credit reporting. I had just ass(umed) that this OC would mark settled accounts like all the rest did. What it does say is "upon receipt of the final payment, we will consider the account settled for less than the full balance." My written dispute to the bureau(s) was that the account was settled and they must report it as "settled-less than legally owed". This OC refuses to do that. They cannot continue to report a "past due" when the settlement document clearly states "...settled for less than the full balance" regardless if the document mentions specific reporting. They are reporting it inaccurately.
  2. Thank you for the reply. The way it went down is this. I contacted corporate offices via email and plead my case for settlement. A manager called me back and faxed me a settlement offer. It was originally for the amount I paid over 24 months but I was free to pay it early. I used my bonus and paid it at once. When i called in to the number on the fax I told the woman taking the payment that I was electing to pay the entire settlement at once as opposed to over 24. I did and she congratulated me. It was silent on how I had to pay. I paid via ach debit. they sent me a settled in full letter releasing my obligation from the balance. they updated one bureau as the balance minus what I paid. I disputed it was verified despite me sending the proof (what they sent me) to the bureau. so here we are. I’m gonna send them a pre arbitration claim notice Monday and see what they say.
  3. I’m a little rusty after all these years. Here is my situation. I have an original creditor. I owed them several thousand dollars. We agreed to a settlement for 25 percent of the balance a few months back. I have it in writing that upon receipt of this amount the balance will be forgiven and I will be released from liability as to the balance. ok. I paid this to the OC. They then reported to the credit bureau that my new balance was what it was before minus this payment. Still charged off and no notation of settled less than legally owed. I initiated a written dispute to the cra. they verified the reporting and said the OC attested it was being reported correctly. I then applied for my visa to be increased at my Credit union. I was denied due to this and only this derog. They said if it had a 0. Balance or was marked settled they would have approved me for my request. since 2 cycles have already gone by and they are not reporting settled and they confirmed to the CRA that they were reporting correctly what is my recourse now. this OC has an arb clause in their card member agreement and a clause that If I am awarded any amount above a proposed pre arb settlement I automatically get 7500. thoughts?
  4. I did, it was $729.00. I don't even remember getting the calls..but they said my cell # was part of the settlement so I got the check about 2 months ago and cashed it and went on my merry way. My guess is it was such an obscure settlement that many people never filed claims, which explains why everyone's settlement was so high. This cements my belief that no matter what the class action is or how popular you think it may be, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS file a claim, you might be surprised. I sure was.
  5. SOFI appears to be very lenient on who they let in on their banking product. I defaulted on a 100k personal loan with them after a business failure and subsequently settled it when it went to collections at like 18k and I applied for their account when they were giving bonuses and they gave it to me.
  6. My suggestion, go elsewhere. I too have a federal felony for bank fraud from 2013 (lied on mortgage loans and defaulted back in the day) I kept most of my accounts and had a large restitution. However, I can tell you that certain banks not only run your background but that of everyone in your household. USAA and Chase come to mind. My wife who has various security clearances and squeaky clean background was shut down by Chase when they did a routine LN search on our address. They terminated her account b/c she was married to me. USAA also shut me down after I was indicted in 2013. Since release in 2017 I managed to open several new accounts for various bonuses etc. Credit Unions don't usually check and neither do the smaller regional banks. Even BOA opened an account for me (and they were one of my restitution payees). If you want a large bank, go to BOA, as long as CHEX is clean they will open you.
  7. Not sure where to post this but apparently I am getting a check over $600 for a TCPA class action settlement in the Abante Rooter and Plumbing Inc., et al vs Alarm.com Incorporated et al. I received a notice from the settlement administrator saying I need to fill out a W9 b/c my settlement was determined to be over $600 and if I didn't fill it out it would be reduced to $599. I filled it out in November and followed up today and no checks have been sent. The settlement administrator claims to not know payments and this money (which is supposed to be mailed early 2020) could really come in hand. Has anyone else filed a claim in that class action? Top Class Actions say the settlement is from 42 to 150 dollars but apparently alot of people are getting more than 600 (my guess is not many filed claims). The settlement was 28 mil so that leaves like 16 million to be distributed to the class members. It was kind of an obscure settlement so just wondering if anyone else participated.
  8. no, no recorded evidence, but when I called in one time to their internal recovery unit at Citi, I managed to get a US based manager and she said on a recorded call her ID and read over the notes and clearly saw where the Mumbai India call center rep offered the 25 and the cardholder response was accepted as long as other account could be settled at the 25% as well. That's when the rep switched over to get the 25% approval on the other account and by the time it was approved the original account was sent to T&H. I was advised to send a settlement dispute via fax to their internal recovery unit and I transcribed this call and did what the sup said. The fact the other account was settled 25% and noted that I would settle both should be proof enough in their internal notes. Citi never sent the agreement b/c the rep coded it wrong. If T&H/Citi pays the $5000 initial arb fee, then I will subpoena the call records and cause them the largest fight of their life. I don't care if they pay $100,000 in arb fees bc they cant be shifted per their contract as they will the one initiating arb not me...fees cannot be shifted. They are in the wrong, the notes clearly show that but they are just hard headed. To top it off, T&H violated the cease and desist by their collector calling me yesterday saying this was an attempt to collect a debt..yada yada yada then proceeding to tell me my settlement was rejected and they will follow through with arbitration. That call violated my cease and desist they acknowledged (it was in my CFPB complaint). Their only option after my C&D was to file arb..not call me and tell me my settlement was rejected and then tell me the balance was due in full. A counter against T&H.
  9. I had 2 charge offs from Home Depot/Citi last year. While working with Citi to settle them one was approved at 25% and the other was approved at 40%. I was dealing with Citi's Mumbai, India call center at all times. I had a 9k that had a 25% settlement and a 17k that had a 40%. I told the rep I would agree to the 25% on the 9k and then I wanted to work on settling the 17k at the same amount. The rep incorrectly coded the 9k account as settlement not accepted. A few weeks later I found this out while settling the 17k at the 25%. After this was accomplished, the rep switched to the 9k account to settle it and said it was transferred to T&H. They refuse to honor the 25% that if they pull the phone recording will show that I agreed to the 25%. I filed CFPB and emailed the partners numerous times. I demanded ARB through the AAA and the other day I got a notice that they reported to the CFPB that they will honor my ARB request. It makes no sense to me that when all is said and done it is obvious that I agreed to a 25% settlement and they are willing to pay almost $5000 to go to ARB when the evidence will show that they are in the wrong. They are the most hard-headed, stubborn group of people I've ever come across. They make Zwicker look like angels. Any suggestions? I am waiting for them to file arbitration. Maybe they wont. They even have a blog on their site about arbitration and the expense....maybe they are just bilking their client. I merely want to honor the settlement that their Indian call center rep screwed up. Suggestions?
  10. I simply told them I was not going to put up with their shenanigans and they were free to sue me and I'd arbitrate and didn't GAF what it cost them in the end even if it were upwards of 100k and I would make their lives miserable. I didn't care if they won in the end as I'd be able to BK by then. They still pushed back and I finally made it to the head director of legal operations (below Zwicker) and he agreed that it would be in their best interest in accepting the below blanket settlement. I got the letter and paid the settlement and we parted ways. I also pointed them to a threat on CIC about ones 2 year journey through arb and even though amex won on that one, it was not before they paid over 120k in fees they couldn't shift to the consumer.
  11. Yeah, that is great. The problem is I would like to refi in a few years out of my ridiculously high mortgage. Even if I do all that, the debt will still be on the CR and I will have to PIF at time of closing. I know that PRA now deletes once settled, they say so on their website. I spoke with them again to day and reiterated the 15% that Synchrony offered prior to selling the debt and they argued with me and said Synch never does that even though I have it in writing. I think I can force the issue with them. But they are hard headed. I told them via CMRRR today that I elected binding arbitration per the contract but offered this one time 15% settlement. We will see where it goes.
  12. So over the past 6 months I have been settling my debts b/c I had too much home equity to file bankruptcy. (don't worry the equity is protected by tenancy by entirety from creditors) but was recent enough that it might give a trustee pause. Fast forward to today, I have settled about 190k in charged off debt for about 38k. 20% basically. The last few I have were Sams Club and Paypal about 5k each which have recently been sold to PRA. I refuse to pay face value for these debts when I have been settling others at Synchrony for 15%. The contracts do have arbitration clause. I want to force PRA to settle when the accounts are loaded in their system. At least if I can settle they will be marked as $0 balance on the credit report so in a few years when I recover I can finance out of my 5% mortgage. PRA will be the first debt buyer I encounter with my charged off debt. All other debt was settled with the OC. Suggestions? I really don't want to arbitrate because I don't have any reason not to pay other than I went from 150k/yr to 75k a year and have a family of 8 and simply cannot. And selling the home is not an option. I've come this far to go back now. All suggestions and help appreciated.
  13. no, I had a platinum card that had 30k I settled with Zwicker for $5 and a Blue Cash Everyday that I settled for 4800 that had a balance of about 32k. I have a Bonvoy and Amex Every day charged off never sent to collections that owe about 3k. This is a business card that is the Gold card they offered the Optima on. Still under my SSN. I called them today and they said the offer was legit and they claim they will approve if I PIF This card, they said they don't care about the others settled for less than legally owed. Odd, b/c it appears to go against everything people say about the OASIS program. Although, when I called, everybody spoke with a thick accent from an overseas call center so who knows.
  14. Hello, I had 7 Amex cards which all charged off. Total owed Amex was about 60k over the 7 cards. I ended up settling most of them for like 18 cents on the dollar after they went to Zwicker for lawsuit and I elected arb. Anyway, on one of the business cards I just never did anything with, I got the email below. It says I can PIF and get the Optima card to rebuild with them and I will be approved unless I am in BK or have an active card or already received and accepted this offer from a CA. I am thinking about doing it b/c I can afford the 4k they are asking for, but know that I settled other accounts at a very low percentage. I thought you couldn't get into Amex unless you PIF all balances. The offer says nothing about it. I have no interest in Amex if I need to pay back the other 50k that was forgiven. I also have 2 small accounts that charged off (around 2k each) that never collected or settled. Thoughts? Below is the email I got. American Express understands that good people can fall on hard times and reestablishing credit is one of the challenges once things start to look better. We have your back! You have an opportunity to regain Card Membership American Express would like to offer you an opportunity to regain Card Membership. All you have to do is pay your balance in full on the account referenced above and you will receive an Optima® Card application. You can choose any of the flexible payment options below, call 866-205-4559 for details. Option #1 Option #2 Option #3 Number of Payment(s) 1 6 12 Monthly Payment Amount* $4,195.23 $699.21 $349.61 Your application will be approved unless you have an active bankruptcy at the time of your application, you have accepted another offer for an Optima Card account from us or a collection agency, you have an active American Express account and/or we determine that you do not have the financial capacity to make the minimum payment on this new Optima Card account. If regaining Card Membership doesn’t interest you, how about settling your account for less than the balance owed? Here are some offers available to settle your account and reduce the amount you repay. Option #4 Option #5 Option #6 Total Settlement Offer $2,307.38 $2,517.24 $2,727.12 Number of Payment(s) 1 12 24 Monthly Payment Amount* N/A $209.77 $113.63 You should understand and consider the terms of any settlement before agreeing to it. To accept one of these offers, or if you have any questions, call 866-205-4559 by 12/8/2019. We must speak with you to complete the acceptance process. Please be advised that American Express is not obligated to renew these offers. We hope to hear from you soon. American Express Global Collections
  15. But the FDCPA doesn't specify they can be misleading if the consumer "chose" not to pay, for whatever reason, not does it carve out an exemption for making misleading statements if two parties are haggling and one works on commission. How are their misleading statements not violations under 807 (10)?

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