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  1. I had a consultation with a nutritionist on Thursday. She gave me the speech about only aiming for two pounds a week and then showed me her program. To make a long story short she wanted $3000. she said the first visit would be the longest because she had to weigh me, take my measurements and help me start my food diary and exercise progam. I said ok, I will call you. Yeah, right... $3,000??? Anyway, i got online and printed out a food diary and the site even told my how many calories i would need to lose a pound a week with and without exercise. I have been sticking within the calories they recommended and also excercisng to Cathe Friedrich on fit tv. I weighed in today and lost 2lbs. Not bad for 5 days, I guess. 2 down 73 to go.
  2. I called and asked the same question about when this automatic review might take place. I was told its random, so i said... ok, so it could be tomorrow or it could be never??? she said, well i wouldnt say never... she said i will notate your account to let them know that is what you want when they do the review (yeah, right... whatever)
  3. I am in a similar situation. I had anticipated getting a couple thousand from my boss. just based on previous years and what i had been told by his previous assistants. Ofcourse I was going to use it to shop for my children. I just found out that my boss is in Atlanta for the holidays and wont be back until next week. I guess I have learned my lesson about counting my chickens...
  4. last year I got $1800 from the company, that was acutally a fiscal year end bonus not really for christmas although we got it in December. From my boss out of his own pocket i got a car and $5,000. this year i got $2,000 from the company and nothing from my boss yet.
  5. He caught me off guard.. No caller id at work. he said he was calling to what kind of arrangements i would be making regarding the deficiency balance. I think i should have hung up on him, but as i said he caught me off guard. So I asked him where the car was now and he said it was sold for $532 and I owe $5182.. I said oh really, how do i know what happened to the car, he said we sent you a letter in October of 2001 telling you we were going to sell it at an auction. I asked him where he sent the letter, he gave me my current address where i have only been living since 2004. I told him to send me a copy of the letter... now what do i do. there is no way he sent a letter to my address three years before i moved there. supposedly he is going to send me a copy of the original letter.
  6. Mines came off after 7 years, although it is still a valid judgment.
  7. ok, so do i need to specifically have in writing that they will vacate? What else should I know before I pay?
  8. I posted a while back about this judgment that has been haunting me since 1997. the short story is I have a balance of $22K. I called today because my payment is late and I spoke to someone that is covering for the person that handles my account. I told her that this is killing me and asked what the lowest amount would be for a settlement. She said $10k and she told me that when I come up with it call and ask for her only and she will present the offer to the attorney handling the case. She said I had to ask for her only because the other person would be back in January and she likes to play hard ball. That is true she does like to do that. It would be a miracle if I could come up with it but maybe between my year end bonus, my xmas gift from my boss and my income tax i can come close.
  9. thank you. that was extremely helpful. I will do what you suggested. I can fund the EF with my tax return.
  10. I have 3 credit cards that are all maxed out. In December I will have about $3000. Should I pay off all the cards first and then worry about baddies that are still within SOL? some of my baddies were deleted but most came back verified. I was thinking I would take $1000 and start that emergency fund and then put the other $2000 on the cards. The cards have a total balance of $2289. or should I just get the cards under 20% and start working on the paying off some of the baddies within SOL? the interest rates on two cards are 19.9% and the other is 15.9%
  11. Didnt LaToya say Janet had a child? She also leaked the marriage but since she was acting crazy, I guess no one believed her.
  12. how about a yogurt smoothie and a banana or some other piece of fruit? I am taking a fitness/nutrition class at the ymca and breakfast is very important, it gets the metabolism moving.
  13. I have a friend that worked for the local phone company through a temp agency and on payday her old phone bill was taken out of her check without warning! I would rather they tell me to pay it or you cant work here.
  14. At the end of June my purse was stolen and I reported my cards and had my bank account frozen. I was unable to pay my bill on time due to this. I had this card for a year now and I have never been late. I did a search and I see that I am going to lose a lot of points. My scores are in the 500s as it is... The card that i was late on was already maxed out and the late fee also took me over the limit. I plan to pay this card off in December when I get my bonus. Will that help me regain the points I will lose due to the 30 day late. I am so bummed because I was doing so well.
  15. Technically once the card has been approved, entered into the system to generate an account number then sent to your address..it is activated. Calling for activation just lets them know that you received the card. Keep calling until you get a rep that will tell you the limit. Cap one is known for toy limits so they're probably not over zealous in letting the customer know right away. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah, they congratulated me for my $300 limit this weekend...

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