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  1. Steven85

    Captive leasing

    I’d like to lease a new car and have a question regarding captive leasing. My FICO’s are in the 630-640 range, my wife’s are 660-670 range. I have always had a feeling the dealers spiked the interest/lease rates to grab more money than what the captive banks offered. Would it make sense to complete credit application at manufacture web site such as Nissan’s or Mazda’s to get approved prior to negotiating with the dealer? Would this method block dealers from spiking the rates? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Steven85


    I'm willing to finance, I can put $2500 down. What lenders are easier for an approval. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Steven85


    My credit score of 600ish (Credit Karma) is rather week with several late's on student loans. Which auto lenders are more forgiving for an approval? I prefer Hyundai, Ford or Kia but am open to most any brand of vehicle. My wife has a score of 635
  4. Steven85

    Kia/Hyundai Financing

    I'm in the market for a new car, my credit issue is high utilization and my credit union won't approve me for an auto loan. I heard Toyota is easier than most on approvals, but I'm not a fan of there cars... any one know how Hyundai/Kia are on approvals?
  5. Steven85

    Student loan Past Due 120 Days

    Are you sure if the deferment is backdated the late's will get deleted?
  6. Steven85

    Amex Prepaid CC

    The easiest approval is the Zync charge card. Is this card looked at favorably by other creditors?
  7. Steven85

    Amex Prepaid CC

    Not new to credit at all. My Avg age is 9 yrs.... I was looking to add an Amex card to the stable. I currently have about 12 CC
  8. Steven85

    Approved for Amazon Store Card!

    I was approved this week with a CL of $1800 with FAKO scores in the 630's
  9. Steven85

    Amex Prepaid CC

    Hi I was recently denied an Amex rewards card, they counter offered with a prepaid card. Are these cards worthy? Would this help to eventually get an unsecured card from Amex?
  10. Steven85


    Hi, I'm looking to get a two credit card charge off's off of my CR. Is Bank of America kind to these requests?
  11. Steven85

    EQ FICO score jumped from 602 to 636 within a week!

    Can someone please PM the email address, I have 3 CO I'd like deleted as well..... Thank you.
  12. Steven85

    Barclays Apple Auto CLI

    I received my card in May 2012. $1500.00 limit, I purchased an iMac for 1449.00 with 12 month no interest. So I'm paying it at a clip of 125/month. Lets see if they offer me an increase.....
  13. Steven85

    Paypal GE MC approved for $5000

    Who does GTE work with?
  14. Steven85

    Savings accounts

    Would having a savings or checking account with Chase, Capital One or Citibank increase your chances of being approved for a credit card with any of these lenders?

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