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  1. I called in May and Transunion tock it of in April, for right now it's only Transunion . I never paid the bill, at this time I had no insurance. the collection is coming of in 10/2017
  2. Disputed a collection from 2012 an Transunion tock it of in April , now the collection just pop up again, What can I do, just disputed again??
  3. called today Customer care and to an analyst ,have send in DL,SS card. and power bill
  4. got e-mail denied. letter is coming in the mail
  5. applied for a Barclay reward card and got a 30 day message. is that a denied Walmart fico 778 karma transunion 755 karma equifax 720 expirian 734 my bank pulled
  6. eaglesilas


    thanks will try in a couple month
  7. eaglesilas


    Macys will not remove my late payment (30-60) late payment was in June 2014,closed the card August 2014. called there and wrote a goodwill letter. The answer no. What I can do next. Thanks for your help.
  8. need to delete my macy's account. closed the account in 2014.Macys will not take my late payment off. I deleted a account years ago, but can not remember how I did.
  9. hard or soft pull for a credit increase ?
  10. You opted out?? YES You deleted old addresses?? YES You sent each CRA the initial dispute letter?? YES You sent the reporting CAs the medical DVs?? yes You sent the CRAs copies of the medical DVs with the follow up disputes?? YES The HIPAA letter program will work for you ONLY if you follow all the instructions: http://www.whychat.5u.com/GUIDEBOOK.html http://www.whychat.5u.com/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html Were you offered financial assistance at the time?? Did you fill out any paperwork for financial assistance?? yes,denied
  11. Had no insurance at this time. The bill is $ 5000,00 and I can not find anything . I think it's from 2010. The another bill is $ 260,00 this one I will pay of. This one is on Experian
  12. Account showed nothing. Checked both today,still on report
  13. followed all your steps. real reports yes I don't see any original post from you so I am assuming that this is your first post on the subject in this forum. You are working from REAL reports?? YES You followed the initial steps?? Yes http://www.whychat.5u.com/GUIDEBOOK.html You sent the initial dispute letter to TU and Ex?? Eq was not reporting any medical accounts?? Yes ,nothing on Eq http://whychat.5u.com/hipaadisp.html They both verified?? Yes You followed the HIPAA program and sent the medical DV to the reporting CA, one for each CRA? Yes http://whychat.5u.com/ltrcavalhipaa.html nothing back from CA You sent copies of each medical DV along with a copy of proof of receipt to each CRA with the follow up dispute? yes http://whychat.5u.com/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE Both CRAs again verified?? Yes What was the date of the medical service?? TU 2010 or 2011 an report 01.2013 Hospital have no more info. EX 2011 on report 11.20012 Dr. in Hospital Was it from a hospital or from some other health care provider http://www.whychat.5u.com/GUIDE%20HIPAA%20PROGRAM.html

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