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  1. Thank you sir! Makes me feel better, your excel calc showed balance at $23,921 currently, Santander shows it at $23,950-but.....I couldn't figure out how to do the loan start date different from the pmt start date-if you put in 6/14/17 as LSD-it makes your pmts start at 6/14-even though my LSD was 6/14 and 1st pmt was due 7/21-so I just used 7/21 as my LSD-so there's a 47 days of interest not calculated, so I'm good with the difference. Also confirmed that the $690 in Gap was applied now vs at the end where I'd be paying interest on it. I'll sleep better tonight .
  2. One last question and I'll figure it out-and I'm prolly not going to be able to find the calculator I'm looking for-but the closest on BR I found was Auto Loan Early Payoff calc (not in excel)-which would work, or atleast be close "if" I paid the same extra each mth as it asks you what extra you paid-but applies the same every mth vs allowing you put a different amount every mth (since I paid a diff amt each mth), and doesn't allow the date paid. Edit-just saw the above-THX A BUNCH!!!
  3. Thx for the info-I figured they were allowed to do the pmt every mth deal. I'm going to look at the BR.com for a good calculator. When I'm entering payments-would I enter my Gap ins refund on the date it was rec'd just as I would a mthly pmt, they told me it would go on the back end (don't understand) and it wouldn't count as a pmt (do understand). Thx!
  4. I searched for Santander here for info and found they are not looked too favorable on here (I already do not like them). I financed a car with Alphera last May (14 E-Series MB coming off lease). Alittle about my credit-got divorced in 06 with some late mortg. payments and CC pmts-waited it out buying cash cars and not using my credit. Went to buy car in 13 (all baddies were off) and had no score. Used a strong Co-signor with WF Dealer Serv to buy 10 STS with 2.9%-opened a $500 secured CC (my bank-Amegy), then a Discount Tire Card (since paid off but use if for gas from time to time), then a classic car (Medallion), then qualified for non-secured CC ($2500 w/ Amegy), then bought car through Alphera with 5.9% (no co-sign), didn't think that was bad since I only had 5 accounts (now 6-WF and Alphera are only closed ones-Santander hasn't showed yet) and average length of Credit was around 2 yrs (now 2.9)-CS was 760 to 800 with myfico (d/ship said it around 740). I have been paying $150 to $200 extra every payment since June-Alphera always showed I didn't have pmt due since I was atleast a cpl ahead, plus they showed interest rate, amortization, and a other info I liked. I sure liked the fact that I was a cpl pmts ahead (was doing it cause they financed it for 72 even though I wanted 60-it would of been $80 more for 60) for a "just in case" fact. But Santander wasn't showing that and I called them and although they agreed that they had to do same terms (interest rate and length), they said they don't do it that way (no matter how much extra you pay-you always have pmt due), which sux but I'm sure there's not anything I can do about it. Plus they don't list everything everything like Alphera did (basically just pmt history). And speaking of pmt history-it states all my pmts made were made in April '18 (cause that's when they took over-even my return from cancelling the gap) and my balance "now" seems pretty close to where it was with Alphera when I checked a cpl mths ago, I do not trust them. I guess my question is can they really do that with my pmts (pmt due every month even though you are ahead) and is there a amortization calculator I can plug in everything with date I made pmt (would have to use my bank records to get close as that info is gone-I couldn't log into Alphera way before Santander took over) to check their numbers (balance mainly)? Thx in advance.
  5. I received an email from MYFICO "Your new updated 3-bureau credit report & 28 FICO Scores are ready" and the collection and personal stmt is off-thx for the advice. Scores are 794 (EQ)- 764 (TU) and 788 Exp). No baddies but only 4 accts and not much credit available-going to do some more research here and find out best way to get some more credit for my situation. Edit-WHO-HOO as it's been 15 yrs (since I got married) for my scores to be above 650 (was in the 5's for a cpl yrs and when I tried to buy a car in 2013 I didn't even have a score).
  6. I was able to talk to my banker Fri-had to get the other three NSF fee's taken off. She came back on the phone and said the teller recorded it correctly (I also found my deposit slip that had the correct amount on it) but scanned incorrectly by the banks computer. She made it a point to keep bringing up that I didn't put the total on the deposit slip (put $4150 across from cash but forgot to total it at bottom) but she was crediting the fee's anyway-not sure if that was the reason for the incorrect scan or not (she seemed to think so)-so other than the embarrassment to my LL (he didn't charge me any fee's) and the fact that my account will still show atleast one unpaid NSF (I'll take the advice from above that states if they were paid it will not show the NSF's even if NSF's where charged-but then credited) I guess everything is ok now.
  7. To be honest-I'm not sure what their update schedule is but I've only got 2 CC's and I'm receiving alerts on them atleast once a mth that my balances have changed-so I would think it would be atleast mthly,
  8. I wrote my rent check Mon night and made the cash deposit first thing Tues. morning-my rent check went through Tues night and by the time I checked my account Thurs morning it was sent back and NSF charged-it was too late on that one (my banker has told me she has till 10am to pay or send back the next day after it went through that night). The 3 debits showed pending on my acc't yesterday and show payed today but $35 a pop fee was charged-I'm going to wait till my banker is back to get those credited and talk to her about the NSF's (especialy the one that was sent back as I do not want that showing on my acct), My bank reported to someone 4/5 yrs ago as I got a denial letter showing "too many recent NSF's" even though they were not written off-I do not know how that works to be honest. I didn't do either but will guarantee I will on any future deposits.
  9. hope talked to your landlord about it, and do you have a deposit receipt that shows the 4150? get the bank Mgr to write a letter for your landlord, he's going to hit you with check fees too. your bank should pay those. Texted my LL a copy of my online dep slip showing the mistake first thing yesterday morning-he's an individual and a friend of mine-he said no biggie and I paid him cash last night=he said if his bank charged him a significant fee for a returned check (he's never had one) he said he'd lmk to include on next mths rent-but yea-if I was in an apt complex or similar that charged a cpl hundred for this it would be different and I would be asking for those fees.
  10. I agree with the careless mistake-and I made one too as I can't find my deposit slip so I sure was happy that they called me back right away and found the mistake. My online account info showed the deposit slip I filled out showing $4150 that I wrote in but the typing that their machine puts on the slip showed $41,50. And yes-this situation made me feel like an salamander as I did neither check my deposit slip nor keep my deposit slip (I think its at my office which I haven't been to yet but since the mistake was found its a null deal-but could of been a very major deal if they hadn't found the mistake although I am assuming it shows $41.50, Thx for the info on the CRA check reporting-I did not know that and either did my bank when I brought the letter from the creditor to them from the creditor I was applying to,
  11. This may be a toughie for answering but I deposited $4150 in cash at my bank Tues-I checked my balance y/day and it was negative and showing they only credited $41.50 for my deposit. Called them this morning and they found the mistake and corrected it. However-my rent check was returned y/day and today I had several debits that were paid but charged the $35 NSF fee 4 times. My bank said they would credit the $35 charges but in addition-I am concerned that my acct is will still show that I had 4 NSF items. For 2 reasons-one is I applied for a car loan about 4 yrs ago and rec'd a declination that I have too many NSF's at my bank (had 5 in one day that were paid but still charged the NSF fee)-my banker said she had no idea how a finance co is able to find that out but I do not want that to happen again-especially when I have had no NSF's (except due to my bank mistake this week) in 5 yrs. 2-I have CC from my bank with a $1000 limit for 3 yrs and all my baddies are gone and my CR is exc so I was about to ask for a limit increase. I know they look at my bank account and will see the 4 NSF's from this week. My bank told me not to worry about it but I feel they should do something in addition to crediting the NSF fee's for those not to show on my bank acct. I'm not sure that is even possible but wanted to see if anyone has any experience or advise for that situation. Thx in advance.
  12. Thx for the info-I sent both CRA's (EQ and TU) that Credit Prot Assc reported this debt to letters back in June to delete as it was paid to the OC-and also a letter to TU to remove my consumer stmt. I rec'd a letter from TU dated July 6 under "Investigation Results" that CPA (item) was deleted (results) and Personal Information (item) it states NEW INFORMATION BELOW (under results)-I'm assuming that applies to my consumer stmt on TU as it's under Investigation results. The next page is Personal Information with all my addresses and phone #'s and Employment Data-the statement is not on there. I've rec'd nothing from EQ. However-I keep checking MYFICO and CPA is not deleted on either EQ or TU (never was on Exp) and the consumer stmt is still on TU-although I've received numerous alerts for balance changes on my CC's in the last cpl weeks. Shouldn't MYFICO be updated on CPA and my stmt as well? FYI-on Credit Karma it shows CPA was deleted 7/30 for both CRA's.
  13. Quick Synopsis is I got a divorce in 05 and had some bad credit and decided to wait it out and pay cash for everything. Went to buy a car in 13 and didnt have a credit score so did a joint account with my mother to purchase. I also got a $500 secured card from my bank in 2014. Dec 15 I qualified for a Disc Tire card. Besides an old Cap 1 CC (shows 15 yrs on EQ and Exp for age of credit except its not on TU so it shows 2 yrs). Thats all thats on my CR and all paid exc except the below neg. A cable bill from 7/10 for $138 that was listed unpaid by Credit Prot Assc (recently-shows assigned 12/15) but I paid the OC directly 1 mth ago and now showing paid (EQ) and paid after co/collection (TU) and not reported on Exp. Scores are 678 (EQ) 642 (TU) 761 (EXP) Ive read different opinions but Im assuming best thing to do is send the 2 CRAs this account has been closed and return to OC. Then send to CA. Also-last time Ive had a neg was over 10 yrs ago but have CONSUMER STATES IN REFERENCE TO CIVIL JUDGEMENT DISPUTES PAID IN FULL on my TU only but it doesnt reference an acct. I do not remember doing that (pretty sure I didnt) but Im assuming that would be simple to remove if its hurting me. Thx in advance for any advice.
  14. Do I dispute with the CRA's first or send the letter to the CA first? Thx!
  15. Was reading another thread where the member had kinda the same deal with the same CA and paid the OC and it was off his report a cpl weeks later so I was hoping for the same as I was able to pay the OC. Unfortunately it didn't go the same way for me as it's been reported on my Credit Karma report by the CA (never reported by the OC) as paid and closed. It did up my Credit Karma score from 680 (eq) and 660 (tu) to 730 and 717 so I thought it went off till I went to closed collections and it's there. Just conforming I am correct from what I read is the C-Karma does Vantage that does not include closed acc't like standard scores would so I need to get if off with that letter to the CA because it's paid to the OC and they do not have any ownership of the debt to report. I'm assuming since they reported as payed as they have no intention of deleting it even though I only paid about a month ago. C-Karma is showing no derogatory factors so I didn't find it till I searched around for closed collections. Thx!
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