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  1. California has a department of Managed Managed Health Care and they have worked wonders for me in similar situations. I would file this complaint with them or similar agency in your state and they will most likely help you out or send you in a better direction. They are basically a witness in the process and they will punish the lab if they are doing something wrong, because they make money off the sanctions. They also have lawyers working there which is a better audience if you can get past the analyst, who are also very good considering how limited there time is.
  2. The word "Seizure" may not lead to the search results needed to better understand this topic, but the concept is correct. The due process for seizure is not needed if the consent was granted as the bank account was set up. The type of bank is important. Many Credit Unions have a cross-collaterize clause in their contract, which is required to establish an account. They use legal constructs such as set-off sometimes worded as an offset. This creates a collateral relationship with your direct deposit. The previous poster is correct in that there is a list of protected accounts that cannot be touched. The fast moving response and creation of this massive program may not have the wording built in to protect the consumer. Banks are fishing for untouchable direct deposit holders because this is their chance to get unprotected money from the otherwise judgement proof. If you owe the credit union money strange things may happen. Honey Do List: Contrast with terms of Commercial Banks such as Bank Of America or Chase Make a list of protected account to see if this payment would be protected Look up laws (expand this into categories) Make list of credit unions responses to issue Spread the word around about this thread!
  3. What do you know about the check cashing service? Do you own a check cashing business? Have you done business with a check cashing business in the past?
  4. CHOICE POINT will provides fraud risk information. CHOICE POINT DISCLOSURE You have to be very insistant to get your report. It took three requests go get mind but they are worth the time. Mine was 32 pages so you get alot for your trouble. It almost looks like this is all someone needs to start a backgroung investigation on someone. It has all your neighbors and even contains a part of their ss#. Scary because this means these people can get part of my social security number and I suspect one of my old neighbors is a family of alians. Anyhow This is what the first page of the report says. Dear Consumer: Thank you for requesting your personal information from ChoicePoint®. We believe it is important for people to understand how their information is being used and how it benefits them. We also believe you should have the right to review information about you to ensure it is accurate. Enclosed in this package is the information that ChoicePoint collects, maintains and uses to create consumer reports about you. We create reports at the request of companies with which you have an existing relationship or with whom you are attempting to establish one. If a search of our information systems did not uncover any information, or we have never created a report about you at the request of a customer, the search results will be listed as “No Record Found.†The following is a description of the categories of information or reports in this packet: Two CLUE. ® (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) reports (one for Auto insurance and one for Property insurance) each of which summarizes insurance loss history information provided to ChoicePoint by participating insurance companies. This information is used by insurance carriers when you apply for auto or home insurance coverage. We have also included a How to Read†guide, which explains the information in the report. • Two Current Carrier® reports (one for Auto insurance and one for Property insurance) each of which provides summaries of your historical personal automobile and homeowner insurance coverage that has been reported to us by contributing insurance companies. This information is used by insurance carriers to confirm that you currently have home and/or auto insurance coverage as well as indicate any gaps in insurance coverage. We have also included a “How to Read†guide, which explains the information in the report. • A pre-employment background report. You will only receive this report if you have worked or applied to work for a company that used ChoicePoint to create a background report during your employment or as part of the hiring process. This report may also include your personal credit information and your state driving record if the employer requested this information as part of the background check. • A copy of an Esteem® report, which lists circumstances in which you have admitted to, or have been convicted of, theft while visiting or working at a retail company. This information is contributed to ChoicePoint by certain retail customers for use by other retail contributors in their hiring process. • A copy of a ScreenNow® report, which displays the results of a ChoicePoint national criminal records search of your name and personal information. This information is used in the hiring and volunteer application process. • A Resident Data® resident history report that includes your personal credit information as well as a search of criminal records. You will only receive a Resident Data report if you have applied for a residence with a company that used ChoicePoint to create a background report on you as part of the resident screening process. • A Resident Data eviction report, which checks your name within our national eviction file. This information is used by many apartment communities in resident screening. • A public records search report that shows government records and public information about you such as real estate ownership records, bankruptcies, professional licenses and historical addresses, that ChoicePoint maintains. This information is used by customers as part of an effort to verify the assets, addresses, identity and credentials of a person as part of an account set-up process or anti-fraud tooL Government agencies also use this information as part of an investigation of a known or suspected crime. You should also know that ChoicePoint is not a credit reporting agency and does not create credit reports. ChoicePoint will provide personal credit information obtained from a credit bureau as part of an employment history report or Resident Data report if requested by the company where you applied for a job or an apartment lease. Please take the time to carefully review your reports. If you find an error or have questions about the information you have received, there is a telephone number listed in each of the separate reports. Please call the phone number listed in the report in question so we can work with you to address your concern, including correcting the information if necessary. Thank you for contacting us. Sincerely, ChoicePoint Consumer Center Full File Disclosure P0 Box 105108 Atlanta, Ga. 30348
  5. Maximum delinquency of 90 or more days occurred in 05/2006 for $ 0 So does this mean I was late paying nothing off. Credit reports make no sense sometimes. Transunion already called me frivoulous. Could I use common interpretation of english to dispute this? Has anyone seen such notation before? Thanks
  6. Sunday I logged into my account TU account and found that I couldnt see the Check dispute status, dispute online, View dispute results. I called in on monday and was told that:"Maybe because there is a current dispute they will not let you see it." The represntative tells me to call another number as she is trying to get me off the phone. I tell her that I need my credit report NOW because I was denied credit for an automobile loan. She walks me though log in three times, until the system lets me in. I am assuming she is unlocking my account while we are talking, because now she realizes I have legal right to see my credit report immediatly. What I found was that they reinserted a balance that I had proven was paid off in a dispute. They are hidding information to buy themselves more time, they only get 5 days in this case. I believe they made two violations, can anyone come up with any more based on the deceptiveness used? What CB has helped me come up with thus far: If I do not get a letter in 5 days then they have violated the following: FCRA Section 611 15 USC 1681i (a) (5) ( (iii) Additional Information. As part of, or in addition to, the notice under clause (ii), a consumer reporting agency shall provide to a consumer in writing not later than 5 business days after the date or reinsertion (i) a statement that the disputed information has been reinserted (ii) the business name... etc... (iii) A notice that the consumer has the right to add a statement to the consumer's file disputing the accuracy or completeness of the disputed information. Does Transunion work on Sunday? Can I count Sunday? Do I give them mailing days if it arrives this week? Is there any special procedures for incoming mail to prove dates? Except for "Mr Mail man bring it back next week". Also: Since the TU was hidding this information from me this indicates violation of Sections 616, Civil liability for willful non-compliance and 617, Cilvil liability for negligent non-compliance. They are still hidding information, after my call I can see the dispute information it says: Investigation Details n/a Estimated Completion Date n/a Investigation Status n/a Status Updated n/a The representative confirmed a pending dispute. They are hidding something. What other cases pertain to my case?
  7. Remember Nursing School has alot to do with building your clinical skill set. You will be required to finish a prescribed amount of hours in a hospital and many hospitals use this as an opportunity to lure you into employment. Your current job will be your last priority in nursing school, some schools have made guidelines strongly discouraging students from working during school. I knew one person who left a 100k job once the community college nursing program totally consumed his schedule, sadly enough he left his job and then failed out of the program. You must fully shift into nursing school from the begining. The OP needs to realize an APN program is nothing like your bachelors degree program. Its an all or nothing situation. You will have to give up everything in your schedule to survive. On the other hand I have known some really smart students who have survived the program and a pregnancy, so I would not fully put it past a person to have other obligations, but I would nodd my head at them and applaud them at graduation. I would just advise you to plan very carefully before you begin. I would also recommend that you seek out a student who is a few classes away from the end of the program. Find out when the class meets and hang out in the hallway. Put yourself where they are and you will have a chance to ask a few questions. The information they can provide can save you from making the mistakes that cost so many people their nursing career. Remember every encounter you have with a nursing teachers and administrators is a test of your social, cognitive and physical skills. Your questions about the program must be super quick and to the point. There is such thing as a stupid question in a nursing program. Plan your face time with nursing staff as if you were interviewing for a job. I would recommend avoiding the teachers for small questions. Use the conselers or their marketing person at first, thats what they are there for, however you will at some point need the nursing staff, hopefully you need them to sign applications for funding, so map out what you need from them and then go and get it. I might have gotten a little off topic, but nursing school funding is very specific to the state you live in. I live in California. I would recommend the OP add a location to your post. There are alot of different programs in California to pay nursing students. http://www.oshpd.ca.gov/HPEF/ADN.html I would start by seeing what students at your school say about surviving the financial aspect of school. All nursing students struggle, plan for it.

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