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  1. What application did you fill out where you dont PG. Every app I have tried to do asks for primary owners info which includes social and DOB. Thanks
  2. Congrats on the amex approval
  3. So synch has a site that you can manage all your accounts with them? Does anyone have the link to it. I have 4 personal accounts with them and it is very hard to keep up with them all
  4. Thats about the quickest auto increase i have ever seen. Congrats
  5. Thanks for all the info guys. I did put together a response citing the FDCPA. They dont have to respond to my dispute and probably wont so I dont know how much good it will do. Any recommendations on the next steps or do you think I should just wait and see. Thanks again
  6. Thats great. Its a card on my want list but i still have a little ways to go. Congrata
  7. Yeah, they are great. A lot better than Chrysler to deal with with when first getting started building credit. I wish they would finance utility trailers. Do you know of anyone that will do utility trailer loans in the business name only. I need another 40 foot equipment trailer.
  8. What are yalls trans scores when getting these approvals? I would love to have a synch card that isnt a store card
  9. What did you have to put down on the ally loan? I didnt have to put down anything. It was approved with zero down
  10. Got ya. So should i file another cfpb complaint or respond to the one already going. The reason i ask is that i have seen once they respond, if you dont agree, nothing else happens. Thanks
  11. I havent touched base on this thread in a while so i figured i would update where i am at after following BRBiz's instruction. I formed the LLC in November of 2015. Started with the starter accounts. Then was approved for amazon and newegg net 55 accounts. Got a BJs card with a $1600 limit. At the end of last month, i had 5 accounts in d and b, 6 accounts on exp, and 5 accounts on equifax. I decided to go for a few more advanced accounts and was approved for a amazon revolver for $5000, lowes revolver for $1500, and i aplplied for a sams mastercard but was given the sams store card with a $15,000 limit. I also was approved for a $55,000 auto loan with ally finance. All this since november. This goes to show that if you read this thread and follow the steps that have been laid out, you can get your business credit going fairly quickly. It takes a little time, patience, reading, and of course a little money to buy things to get those starter accounts. Thanks BRB for all the info and time you have put in here.
  12. A lot of great approvals and cli's. Congrats everyone
  13. Congrats on the deletions. This will be great if it is a loopholr that works all the time.
  14. Wow, thats a great day. Congrats on all the increases
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