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  1. As always, thanks WhyChat. I really appreciate you giving me step by step info. It's been a HUGE help right now with all the things I've got going on. As much as I want all this done "yesterday" I'll be lucky if I can squeeze in preparing the letter before next week. So all your help is making it go that much quicker for me. Appreciate that!
  2. Experian never fails to disappoint and frustrate me. Got the results back from the follow-up dispute to them. Here are the results: For #1 the dental baddie that came back with an invalid street address, I asked EX to give me an updated address or to delete it from the report. They left it on the CR, didn't give me an addy, still have it as "disputed," and said that they've already investigated it so they will not verify it again, as I've asked. Um, did they NOT read the FREAKIN' letter I sent that stated there was NO WAY to contact the CA? For #2 the emergency room baddie, this was taken off his CR since I sent a copy of the CA letter stating they would do so. For #3-9 the remaining seven local hospital baddies, these are all with the same CA. I've STILL heard nothing from them. EX STILL has them as unpaid, though they were paid well before I ever found CB, so HOW is EX verifying them as correct? Next step is to file with the FTC and with my state's HIPPA office, correct? Can I file with HIPPA in TX since EX is there and violating the law there too? Anyone else I should file with? And does anyone have the mailing or web address to file my complaints on hand? If not, I'll look it up but if I can save a step or two, I'd appreciate the extra time it'd save. Also, should I write EX back, let them know they did not accurately verify the information or provide the correct contact information I requested and pretty much ignored my letter and I'll be filing with the FTC and/or continuing with a lawsuit? I'd rather not sue but I'll be more than willing to do so, though I figure I have to wait and see what happens with the last two non-med baddies that are on his CR that are either incorrect or I have no freakin' idea who the OC is. Thanks much!
  3. Ok thanks. Though I'm more confused now than before since they didn't follow federal law.
  4. I'm in NY and a friend of mine has gone to school then stopped then gone back and stopped, whenever she was able since she's a single mom. Whenever she was enrolled in school, she was entitled to a deferrment that would end three months (I think) after she stopped going to school or she graduated. I don't know the laws like others here and I just started reading this forum but if you're enrolled in school again, you should get an automatic deferrment. I'd think you should let your lenders know about your continuing education and go from there.
  5. I'm guessing the amount of time you have to miss a payment and make it up depends on the CA? I had issues with GC Services. Forgot to make a payment. Made it two weeks late, then they wouldn't let me make the next payment for Dec. right away. They wanted me to pay it on Dec. 23 instead and I knew I'd forget then. It had something to do with being 20 days apart or counting as one payment. Of course I did forget and didn't remember until the end of January. But somehow I managed to squeeze in all the required payments (nine plus one extra) and thankfully didn't have to start over. So was that because I still made the payments within the 10 months? They said something to that effect but I didn't get everything they said and I could make payment dates with one person to squeeze in extra payments and then another tell me I couldn't do that. I don't expect to go into default again and all my little payments from other SLs paid off. Just the one big fat one through the US Dept. of Ed. But it's still good info to know.
  6. I agree with Direred. It certainly CAN help improve your credit. Seems many smile upon SLs in good standing but don't take the loans for granted. Take out a small loan if you want. You said you qualify for $5K? Take that out for this semester but don't take any more out. Before you know it, you could easily have $40K or more owed for student loans you didn't need. Then if you find yourself with an illness or on hard financial times for whatever reason, unpaid student loans will be the death of your credit worthiness.
  7. I recently got mine out of rehab and what happened for me before it was rehabbed was the loan was listed in full as one TL and then each freakin' individual loan was listed as a different TL so it looked like I owed $50K instead of the $25K. They finally took it out of rehab after I had to get on them for not doing it when it should've been done and the one for $25K is listed in good standing, no lates. The other individual ones are completely gone off my report. Don't know if it's like that for everyone but that was my situation. HTH
  8. Actually, just thought of a quick question. Should I use the same colored font and personal stationary paper or just send it regular typed on white paper? I don't trust EX to take a look at it if I send it on white, even if it's a follow-up but wanna check. Thanks.
  9. As always, thanks WhyChat. Hope you and yours had a great Labor Day.
  10. I finally got back all the green cards from the CAs but one of the green cards came back with my letter attached and a "no forwarding address known" from the post office. I double-checked and the address I sent the DV to is the same one listed on dh's EX report. So that's got to be good news, right? If I'm unable to dispute it due to the CA reporting incorrect contact info, doesn't that invalidate their TL? I'm supposed to be able to contact them through the information provided on the CR, right? Of course I won't be opening the letter ever. That way I have it as proof if I have to go to court for some ridiculous reason. This CA is the one that I talked to on the phone. The arrogant guy who acted as if the debt HAS to be valid because it's on the CR and we MUST pay it because he's commanded it. HA HA HA HA! Couldn't have happened to a "better" CA, which was #1 baddie in my first post above. I also received a letter from the CA for baddie #2 above and they wrote: Dear Madam or Sir: We received and reviewed your letter regarding the above refereced account. The account has been closed and forwarded to our client. This account should be off credit report within 90 days. Our collection department can be reached at... Sincerely, Compliance Department So yay on that! WhyChat's process strikes again. Though why it should take 90 days for them to update with the CRAs, I dunno. I'm wondering if I should send this letter in when I send in the RRs for the other three CAs that are left on his report, just to speed deleting the bad TL up. Any thoughts?
  11. The number I have on my CR is different than what BonBon had. For Experian, I have 1-800-493-1058. That's also what dh has on his CR with Experian. So do they give out each number depending on what region you live in to help keep the call volume under control or is it something sneaky like the CAs would do? It makes me wonder, especially when EX pulls my report for their own records and lists "no known phone number" where they should have their phone number on the creditor contact information. Uh, yeah. By the way, I'm feeling ya on the $8K also. I read that they're most likely going to extend it and hope to do so. Well, with the corrections, we're cutting it close for us, too. Almost done with the med TLs but there are two other on dh's that need attention, though I don't expect a big fight (especially when one is purposely reporting incorrect information they've insisted is showing correct). Good luck with the house hunt and know you're not alone.
  12. A couple years ago I had to have my thyroid removed. The surgery was scheduled for the same day that my husband's new insurance was taking effect. The hospital pre-certified with the old insurance but not the new and they were aware of the situation. At first they said I owed the money for the hospital stay since the visit wasn't precertified with the correct insurance company. But the hospital is the one who does the precertification, not me. I called and talked to them and then they dismissed the charges because it was their mistake. I'm not sure why this isn't the case with your mom, either, since the doctor or nurses or whomever goofed when they didn't have their required notes accompany the precert request. I kinda understand the "it's your responsibility to precertify" but the patients aren't the ones who fill out the paperwork or submit it so when the hospital/doctors screw up, then the patient shouldn't have to eat the cost for their goof. I know this doesn't help you much but I thought I'd put it out there about how the hospital dropped the charges for when they goofed on the precert. Doing right can and does happen. Good luck!
  13. Thanks. I like going straight to the FTC and skipping over sending a second letter because I'm in no mood to play games. I haven't done anything yet so I'll wait. I also like the nickname you gave EX. I'll make sure not to use refer to EX as that when I write the FTC. LOL
  14. Well, talking to them on the phone was pretty much a waste of time it seems. They insisted I'd sent nothing despite me telling them I had proof. Finally, the woman took the CR number and the name of the person who signed for it (had to call post office for that). She said she'd pass it along to her supervisor but it was going to take ANOTHER 30 or 45 days to investigate, as permitted by law. At this point in the conversation that went nowhere, I got frustrated and told her that they already had the legal 30 days plus another 15 and I expected them to expedite the investigation since they did receive it and then lost it. I don't know if allowing them another 15 days is courtesy or required by law or if there is no law on how long they have (except for the 30/45) when they've already lost the first dispute. She put in the dispute again via phone, which I don't trust, and tried very hard to get me to admit the accounts were mine. I was thinking of sending a letter with the original giving them the 15 days from the date I spoke with them along with a printed copy of the proof of receipt, though they'll have to take my word on the name unless I get a copy from the post office.

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