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  1. Does anyone know if they finance for 84 months?
  2. I'm preparing to refinance my house and thought it would be a good time to try the boost. If I can get a few points that could potentially save me thousands of dollars, why not! I went from a 727 to 741, which gets me to a better rate. I plan to turn of the boost when my refinance is completed. 14 point jump is pretty sweet
  3. I have been looking at some of my state's homebuyer assistance programs and it defines a new homebuyer as someone whol hasn't owned a home in 3 years. This is where the details get cloudy. My ex and I filed BK in December 2010 and did not reaffirm the mortgage. The lender closed the loan as of 02/2011 per my CR, however I stayed in my house paying the mortgage for another 18 months before selling it and making the payoff and last payment as of 11/2012. Do I have a "closed loan" as of 2011 or will I need to wait a few more months? Thanks in advance HRS
  4. Upgrade your Capital One Platinum card to Quicksilver w/ no credit pull - keep your existing account number! I searched and couldn't find any mention of this, but it may be helpful to some. I received an email from Capital One: "Trade up: Same account, better features. Start earning unlimited 1.5% cash back with your existing account. It's super quick and easy! There's no need to reapply, and you'll keep your existing account. Your credit score won't be affected. Enjoy these new rewards with no annual fee. EARN UNLIMITED 1.5% CASH BACK on every purchase, every day. NO ROTATING CATEGORIES OR SIGN-UPS needed to earn cash rewards. REDEEM YOUR CASH BACK for any amount, any time-it won't expire. Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back with your existing account!" If you're not seeing the upgrade option on your online account ("modify your features" under the accounts tab), simply call Capital One at 1-877-513-9959 and they'll process the upgrade in a matter of minutes.
  5. Reasons for denial with a score of 688?!?!? I think most people have been out of BK over 2 years
  6. Decided to apply and received a $5000 credit limit, my highest so far.
  7. Success! My BK on EQ has been removed. If I was denied by Discover over a year ago for BK, can I try again or would that be too risky?
  8. Would this work if I filed jointly with my now ex?
  9. Call and tell them that you would like to downgrade your plan because you can't afford it any longer. They will most likely offer you a monthly credit for 6 months then remind you to call in again when the 6 months is up to reapply the credits. I've done this for 1 1/2 years now and saves me $30 a month on TV & Internet (have since dropped phone).

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