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  1. Got letter from CA but asked for me to send payment to Original Creditor (11 years olds fyi) does not have correspondance address only address for original creditor, were to send dispute and sol letter? hmmmmmmmm, help please.
  2. Got a random call from Intergral Recoveries about an $106 Court fine for a traffic ticket I received way back in 1999. I thought I paid it. I am going to pay it frist then go all the way back to bank records becuase I think I already paid this and it's a court mistake. Can they put a collection on my credit report this old? Or even a paid collection record? or should I just dispute all together but supposedly they can still put "collection in dispute" on your credit reports but I think there SOL is way over due and really can't do much. What are your thoughts everyone?
  3. Yeah, and it's actually worse because once the card is closed its credit limit no longer factors in so your overall utilization (not just on that card) takes a big hit. I really would have to study this becuase I pulled the credit on 9/14 with the account showing the dli but still open the fico was 707 and today the account shows closed but a 737 very intereting.
  4. I have a BofA credit card and a Line of Credit that up until last week had $35K limit and $30K limit. We closed the credit card and left a balance on there which the said we would just need to pay off over monthly payments. When they decreased he credit limit it reported $100 over what I owed and looks maxed out but can the credt bureaus use that formula on a closed account? Max out open cards lower your score big time but do closed maxed out cards?
  5. If they break the rules, who do we complain to? Where are the "teeth" in the bill? Is there any enforcement oversight? What are the penalties if the servicer does not follow the lender's guidelines/MHA bill? We tried with both CW and BofA and no go, my wife went on bedrest and couldn't work so I called no help whatsoever not even a temporary foreberance.
  6. Which card(s) are you carrying the balance on? The Business AE has a $5000 balance with $5200 CL and the Blue has a $1800 balance with $3800 CL. It would be nice to get that blue back up to $10K and than I would be set.
  7. Today I asked AE to CLI both my Blue and Business cards after they were both CLD in Oct 08 they said i was eligible after 6 months. So they said it could take a week to 10 days and it will come by mail. Anyone have any luck with them? I just want the card to show under 33% balance to CL so it doesn't kill the Fico.
  8. I just want the most accurate reporting from all three bureaus I don't care about the scores. Is there a company out there that I can pull credit twice a month?
  9. I would like to sign up for a service that monitors my credit and provides reports and scores at least once a month, can someone recommend?
  10. I have a $993K 1st loan and with my wife not working becuase of pregnancy complications we simply cannot afford the payments any longer on just my income. Countrywide now Bank of America owns the note, does anyone know of some options? It would be nice to get a 6-12 month foreberance by that time my wife will be off Maternaity leave and back to work. It just doesn't seem like there is any help for the bigger mortgage notes out there.
  11. My loan has always been serviced by Countrywide but recently got a welcome letter from Bank of America stating they are taking over. Should I send letters to Countrywide or Bank of America or both? I am trying to get a 6-12 month forebarence to get back on track. My wife had to stop working from Bed rest and is on maternity leave until November so with only my income we can't pay our bills every month. Any suggestions? FYI our loan is over $729K 1st mortgage and i know a loan modification is not possible. We just need some delayed payments until we can get back on our feet.
  12. Good for you we closed both green and gold installment cards, wish I had money to close the other two like you did. Thats awesome i hate AE.
  13. First off, sorry to hear about this. Her consumer card, hilton, is completely maxed out. Expect them to chase the balance, which should keep it maxed out (unless you plan to pay it off immediately). The business card doesn't report to her personal report (thank goodness) or the damage could have been a lot worse. Your biz card also doesn't report to your personal report, so that's good. Pay the two personal card balances off as soon as you can. Thank goodness the Business cards don't show up on personal credit. We already paid in full the two monthly cards and closed them. T
  14. Whoa, that's a mighty drop. What kind of utilization does she have on her other cards? Sorry this happened to y'all. Other Cards were all less than 10% it's really too bad, I always paid the monthly due card day before there due and with the Hilton we paid $50 to $100 over the payment each time. Been 5 years of perfect payments.
  15. Wife : Gold and Green no longer "pre-set spending limit" have $1,500 limits Business Card slashed from $32,000 to $8,400 owe $8,300 Hilton Card slashed from $32,000 to $8,500 owe $8,400 Had 769 Fico now 698 Me: Business Card slashed $20,000 to $8,500 owe $8,300 Blue Card I am sure will be slashed soon too. Have a 714 Fico will see what Nov looks like on 17th Never late payment and always under 33% utilization, I am very dissapointed they would treat us this way. I shall pay them off when I can and write a Freedom Unlimited letter to them.
  16. Ahhh the saga continues. Each time I sign into my online account I see something different, well today on my Green and Gold cards there is now a limit! I have never had a spending limit restriction in all my years even when I bought my wife a $15K wedding ring did they give me a hard time. So becuase my green, gold and hilton have all been paid off I am going to call and cancel the cards, of course I will be sending a letter to Amex with my extreme displeasure with the way they treated me. All of this was becuase my Experian dropped to a 698 from the mid 700's becuase Chase Heloc reporte
  17. Called AMEX and went to battle, they claim that becuase the credit dipped below a 700 fico they took there CLD action. I argued that I am looking at all three bureus while on the phone and there has not been a late pay for over 6 years. They stand firmly and say that experian shows serious deliquency and maxed out Chase heloc account, I say not true so they ask me to fax a copy of report. Should I go through all of this BS? My biggest concern is that since Hilton AE is reporting $8,200 balance and with a new CL of $8,400 it will show almost 99% utilized! Wow once October reporting hit
  18. A 30 day card is short for an installment card. PIF card as Jorge put's it. We started out with a Green and than a Gold becuase benefits are better, than actual credit card from AE. If they want PIF cards than they should stick to that, they obvious issued credit cards for a reason like all the rest. So stick to pif cards and don't bother with blue cards and all that others, they already slashed the benefits so what's the point. I think I am going to just close them all and tell them to F-OFF
  19. Another American Express Downgraded Customer. I have been a customer of AE for over 5 years and have two 30 day cards and one business card with a $32K limit and a Hilton Honors Card with a $32K limit or used to be before Sept 12th. Never a late pay and always paid the monthly payment with at least $50 on top and of course stayed under 30% well guess what happens? they sent me a letter downgrading my card from a CL of $32K to $8400 !!!! OMG I owe $8K so I am going to call them and tell them to either raise to $20K or I will close the accounts in fact all of them. Pure BS
  20. I have been out of the game for a while but obviously the first is the DV correct? They are trying to get me to settle and account there client had which is a CA from ATT So the first step is to opt out again and than send over a certified DV that I got from Whychat
  21. If you have an outstanding Collection Effort from say Palisades which you ignored and they never reported on the CR than they sold it to say another CO and that CO didn't do anything than sold to yet another CO and now there writing letter to me offering settlement. So what we have is an 6 year old account that has gone through 3 collection companies and there offering a settlement now. Freaking insane. Drama over now my question is this can this new CO make these threats of adding negative information to the CR's ? is there any time limit since obviously this is such and old account. I will d
  22. Man your a tuff cookie on us board members! 7 years for a negatived to come off got it, 3rd Party Collectors can add to CR got it! Sir yes Sir. Thankfully I will be sending the dispute letters from My own personal Attorney (wife) and we will see how nasty they want to take it. I am going to have her send a modified DV at first and see what happens. Thanks for the info. It looks like about a 20 to 25 point drop if it goes on my CR.
  23. I guess the serach feature just doesn't like me! Please chime in for some reasonable responses. For late pays of 30-60-90 days is there an SOL or are they permanent? Can third party collections companies report to your CR ?
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