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  1. Congrats it's always exciting to move to someplace new.. even if it's only 10-15 minutes.. good luck!
  2. I doubt it.. this is the credit agencies we're talking about here.. how many times have they been sued over and over for inaccuraces and have they changed at all? Nope..
  3. Using the "not mine" is a good way to get a fraud allert accross all three Cra's If they fall off in December you can try using obsolete.. which would be the better option. Transunion in the past has deleted obsolete accounts generally within six months Equifax in the past has also deleted obsolete accounts generally within six months Experian is usually around three
  4. Make me one of those people allergic to regular ordinary mold. But then I have other allergy issues besides mold. sigh Lab is there someone that you can call to do a free consultation to find out exactly what it is?
  5. First, check on-line court systems to make sure you don't have any default judgments sitting around from places you might have lived at. If by chance you do, then that's whole nother ball of wax so to speak to deal with. Once you've determined you don't have any default judgments, Google the # if you can (if you have Caller ID at work) and can trace the # and see if the # matches the name on the hard inquiry. Remember, a collection agency can pull your credit report if they feel they have permissable purpose. This could be a different collection agency all together. At this point we don't know. Once you've googled the # then send an unknown debt/FOAD letter Certified mail return receipt.
  6. Why would you use C&D for the bank? They are not collecting, unless you overdraft their account, then that's a different matter all together. C&D is for phone calls. You would have to write a Ach letter for the bank to stop the automatic payments one copy to the payday lender and one copy to the bank.
  7. If the Payday company is calling you directly, they are an original creditor, not a collector, and the FCRA applies, not the FDCPA. Secondly, the readers digest version of how to deal with payday lender once you've determined you've had enough is: a. Immediate Stop Payment and ACH block by your bank. It will cost $20 or so in fees. Do on the phone, follow with letter. It helps if you have a Credit Union or small bank, but it can be done with any bank. b. Immediate Cease and Desist to the lender. No contact. c. If you are dealing with any 3rd party collectors, immedaite C&D to them as well. No contact. This will stop the bleeding. You'll still owe the balances. When collections start, send a DV letter PLUS. Almost all internet payday lenders are: a. unlicensed and b. breaking state interest rate laws. In your letter, specicially ask for the interest rate of the original obligation, a break down of how each payment was applied including principal and interest, plus any fees, a copy of their Regulation Z notice, and a copy of the original note plus any terms/conditions. In most cases, this will be the end of it. They will not validate or attempt to validate. In the rest of the cases, they will attempt to validate without answering the interest rate quesition. After that, keep sending them a letter each time they send you a letter, or each time they call, asking what the interest rate is. If they report to the CRA without answering your basic question interest rate, immediately send an ITS, and then read up on small claims in your state. Already know this.. and 9 times out of ten you can't find a valid address for them. Been thre done that can write the book on it. Specially if the on-line payday lenders are overseas. Ditto on ITS good luck w/ that because most lawyers won't touch em because of them being overseas and not being able to collect their fees if they win.
  8. Uggh.. Why do I have a feeling this is going to be a bad year?
  9. Actually, it's in the Metro 2 coding manual (Unless they've updated it since 2009) that Ca's/OC's cant' do PFD's. That said.. I've always gone to exectives for PFD's. Never CSR's since they can't do anything 99.99999999999% of the time.
  10. Yup FP is pretty much usless as far as getting them to do anything. Midland you can probably get them on a few violations. Chances are if you post the TL(minus personal information such as account # etc)we help point out their violations. Some have gotten midland to delete with BBB complaints or other various agencies but you have to at least start the dispute process with the Cra first based on how the TL is reporting.
  11. No, I was curious to know how often this happens. Happens quite a bit. I've gotten a few over time. Depending on if it's within Sol or not depends on what type of action I take on it. As others said, just because they deleted, doesn't mean you are no longer liable. Just means either A the creditor/CA didn't respond to the dispute or told the cra to delete it .
  12. Sounds like they got a default judgment. Were you an authorized user or joint if you didn't sign anything, chances are you were an authorized user. Most CC companies if the Au makes purchases will make the Au responsible for those purchases regardless of who agrees to pay. Check your court records for where your grandmother lived most can be found on-line. If you find anything on line go in person and get copies of those court records. Once you check the court records come back and post what you found. If they got a default judgement, and depending on if they renewed it (judgments can last up to 20yrs depending on the state, and can be renewed) You also might want to talk to an attorney once you get the court records.
  13. Do you carry a balance on your other cards?
  14. If it's within the 7SOL goverened by FCRA yes. If it's outside the 7 yrs then no.
  15. I'd start w/ who ever is reporting the lates. I don't know how mortgage TL's are after it the account gets sold. If it's anything like Student loans the orginal TL will still be there w/ the lates, then the new company's Tl will be there. (if it's anything like student loan TL's) maybe someone with more knowledge in that area can chime in.

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